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UPDATE TIME: 2018-04-18 
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""The first time I tried my hand at magic, I grew roses out of my nose."

Red is afraid of her own magic. It seems every time she tries a spell, something horrible goes wrong. Granny, who some people call the Witch of the Woods, is okay with Red's mistakes. "Some mistakes need to be made. Sometimes we have to fall down before we can stand up." Nevertheless, Red refuses to use her magic. But when Granny gets sick, Red must go on a quest to find the Curious Cure-all: pixie venom, tree nymph wings and 7 wolf hairs. Without magic, this could be very dangerous. But as long as she stays on the path that Granny has created for her, Red should be all right.

Who knew she was going to run into Goldie (Goldilocks), the most annoying companion ever? And, much to Red's chagrin, Goldie decides to tag along. As they are trying to gather the ingredients for the curious cure-all, they catch a dwarf by the beard, which of course means he has to do whatever you wish. Red thinks maybe there is something better than the Cure-all. Maybe there's something that would make Granny immortal. Surely a dwarf would know. "I could tell you of magic that could make you live forever" and he asks Red to choose: The Wine Well which will restore someone's youth; The Red Roses at the enchanted castle; or The Magic Heart.

Their choice leads them on an adventure full of twists and turns, encountering other fairy tale characters, including the wolf. Along the way, they confront danger, treachery, and deceit. But they also learn a few things: "When people are afraid of you, it makes you afraid of them, and it's the fear that makes you both dangerous."
" said.

"Liesl Shurtliff has the perfect name for writing fairy tales. It's as if her parents knew what she would be when she grew up and named her accordingly. Parents don't always get it right, for example, there's a woman running for office in my town and her name is Twinkle. Clearly her parents thought she'd be a stripper. But in any case there's something magical about Liesl Shurtliff's name and it translates into her books.

I've had the misfortune to not yet read her previous books Rump and Jack, but I count myself lucky not to have missed Red: The True Story of Red Riding Hood. Red is a coming-of-age story based on the story by Charles Perrault and Little Red Cap by the Grimm Brothers. However Shurtliff's version is quite different and well worth the read. So if you think you know Red's story, you're in for a surprise.

In this new adaptation, Red is no ordinary little girl. She's beloved by her grandmother, who is known as a witch. Red possesses the same talent as her grandmother, but a childhood accident has left her afraid of it. She tries to suppress her natural talents by not using magic. However, when her grandmother is taken ill, Red must find her courage and embrace her magic in order to save her grandmother. Along the way she faces danger, makes unlikely friends, and learns a thing or two about herself.

This book was a delight to read. I adore reading fairy tales and variations of fairy tales. There's something magical about them that speak to my inner child. I was impressed by the depth and history of this book as well. I fully intend to track down Rump and Jack and devour them just as I did this book. I'm so thrilled to have been given the chance to read this book and discover a new-to-me author.

" said.

"Fun read! I started reading it aloud to my kids, but my two oldest couldn't wait that long and so they finished it on their own. But then they wanted me to keep reading it aloud anyway! (Even my six-year-old who usually wants to just read non-fiction.) The only part I didn't like was in the beginning when Red was so annoyed at Goldie she thought to herself about chopping off her head with an ax. I thought that was a little macabre for a kid book. Even though she was joking. So I skipped that line when I read it aloud :). Very creative how all the fairy tales are woven together. " said.

" "Red" is my favorite so far. I love the humor, twists and turns along with ties into other fairy tales. Red has to accept, not be defined by, her fear that Granny will not live forever - something we all have to deal with. A very enjoyable read! " said.

" Wonderfully fresh twist on a fairy tale classic. Love how other fairy tales are interwoven throughout and especially loved how the friendship between Red and Goldie develops. " said.

" I love this book. It is full of fun and it never gets boring. The story moves quick and it's pretty unpredictable. It made me laugh out loud at some parts. It's really good " said.

" One of my fourth grade students told me this was a good book and the library aide told me it was very popular with the students. I loved it! It was exciting, sweet, and had wonderful themes. The writing was beautiful also. " said.

"This was a great take on the story of Red Riding Hood! I loved her friendships and relationships, and the fact that the story was about a strong girl who worked hard to achieve her goals. I appreciated her relationship with her grandmother, and found myself relating to it. Goldie was fun, and I appreciated seeing Rump and other characters mentioned. I also found myself liking Wolf, and was glad how things turned out for him. The writing style was refreshing and fun. Overall, I really loved this book. Kids and adults alike would enjoy it!" said.

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