Can't You Sleep, Little Bear? Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-09-19 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 97 user ratings

"No doubt every parent knows the feeling. You finally get cozy in your favorite chair with a great book in hand, only to be interrupted by a sleepless little one. This is exactly what happens to Big Bear, though he "bears" this trial with greater patience than I can often claim. "Can't you sleep, Little Bear?" he asks. It turns out that Little Bear is afraid of the dark, and no matter how many lanterns Big Bear uses to dispel the dark of the cave, there is still more darkness to be found outside.

Big Bear's tactic is to bring Little Bear out into the darkness of night. Though no lantern can help this situation, Big Bear offers something even better. "I've brought you the moon, Little Bear," he comforts. The picture captures the quiet beauty of a winter's night, and you can't help but recognize what a perfect frame darkness makes for the moon and stars. Soon Little Bear is asleep and they both snuggle into the chair where Big Bear can finally finish his book.

I'm not promising that this book will cure anyone's fear of the dark. It is, however, a cozy way to address the issue. Barbara Firth masterfully portrays every sleepless fidget and fright in this furry little bear, while somehow achieving a peaceful lull appropriate for a bedtime story. Where often books will use a mother in this role, I appreciate Martin Waddell's choice of a father figure. He presents a comforting blend of strength and gentleness. Whether there are any fears of the dark or not, I recommend you add this to your collection for 3 to 7 year olds.
" said.

" 4 Stars for being adorable, minus one star for being a somewhat tedious read-aloud at times because most of the book is the same 6 lines repeated (it's a Waddell signature to repeat certain lines/phrases, and this is taken to an extreme here). But the story is sweet, and I am a sucker for any book about bears. " said.

" This was a cute book, perfect for bedtime for our 3 year old. It was interesting from adult point of view as well as a childs. Little Bear is scared of the dark ( a reason we got the book for our son) and keeps interrupting Big Bear while he's reading a book ( a feeling parents may understand haha!). Loved the ending! " said.

" Sweetest, littles bedtime story of the century. Used to love it when my mum read it to me. Still love it today. " said.

" Charming story about a Baby Bear that's afraid of the dark and his father Big Bear. Just an adorable story that teaches children about familial relationships and sizes through repetitive language. " said.

" Nice to see a parent reading (for pleasure, for themselves).Little Bear is scared of the dark. Lanterns don't help. Cuddles outside with Big Bear while looking at the moon and the stars do. " said.

" I'm not sure if I love this book more from relating to big bear, or for the Game of Thrones level disturbing dialogue from little bear..."The darkness all around us."I mean cripes, the story is about how no matter what light big bear brings there is still darkness everywhere scaring little bear. Terrifying 10/10 " said.

" Ik was een keer met mijn moeder in een babywinkel op zoek naar een kraamcadeautje. Ik zag dit boek, sloeg het open op blz 1 en als een stortvloed aan herinneringen kende ik ineens het hele verhaal weer. Een echte klassieker waarvan ik erg blij ben dat mama er ter plekke eentje voor me gekocht heeft voor later :) " said.

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