Can't You Sleep, Little Bear? Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-10-29 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 97 user ratings

""Big Bear settled in the Bear Chair and read his book by the light of the fire. But Little Bear could not get to sleep. He had the night, and he had darkness, but he did not have sleep.
'Can’t you sleep, Little Bear?' asked Big Bear, putting down his Bear Book (which was getting to the interesting part) and padding over to the bed.
'I’m scared,' said Little Bear.
'Why are you scared, Little Bear?' asked Big Bear.
'I don’t like the dark,' said Little Bear.
'What dark?' said Big Bear.
'The dark all around us,' said Little Bear.

I found this very sweet picture book and read it with Baby Adam on a rather scary trip to an A&E department at the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford. Just when I really felt like nothing could calm me down, this book set the perfect soothing tone. It was just what I needed in that moment.
This is the story of Little Bear, who is supposed to be going to bed, but can't sleep because he's afraid of the dark. Big Bear and Little Bear live in a charming homely cave filled with old-fashioned toys and lanterns from a bygone era. Every details from the open fire to the patchwork quilt is quaint and reassuring. Little Bear wriggles in the bed with all the same acrobatics as a human toddler until Big Bear naively brings him first a small lantern and then two larger ones in turn. In the end, Little Bear responds best to being carried out into the night, falling asleep in Big Bears arms as they look at the moon and learn that all the light of the twinkling stars is there to keep the dark from scaring him. It's a beautiful moment of bonding between a parent and child, Big Bear really gives Little Bear the sense that he has brought the moon into the sky with his love.
I have fuzzy memories of the Little Bear books as a child. I remember the illustrations, but not necessarily the stories. But I feel like a I have read this one before. I was never afraid of the dark as a child, but reading the story again as an adult I don't really think it is about the dark at all. It is about comfort and love, and the warm unconditional embrace that sends away all fear. I can't quite put into words what it was that made this story so apt when we read it together in the A&E waiting room, but it was just right. It helped me sleep tight in an uncomfortable place.
" said.

" Amazing story! Being an insomniac child, I reckon this little book saved my life, and my mother's! " said.

" Same old sappy, but I do like that this is a father and child. " said.

" The best of the Bear series IMHO, text and illustrations perfectly match. " said.

" This is a sweet story, and one that I can relate with. On countless nights, I have just settled down with a book when I hear, "Mama! I can't sleep!" or "Mama, I'm scared." This book does wonders for dispelling the fear of the dark as well as for encouraging the patience of parents everywhere. " said.

" Oh I remember reading this to the girls! It was sweet! Since I've always called my husband, "Bear", my oldest daughter was Little Bear before she was born. Her nursery was in teddy bears. Can I tell she still sleeps with her bear?! " said.

" Why does this book have such high ratings? The illustrations are cute, but otherwise, way too repetitive to not be boring, both my 5 yr old and preschoolers had a hard time staying engaged in this story. A cute idea, but falls short, since it's way too wordy for the younger crowd, even though the concept is geared toward them. " said.

" Looking for more dad books, as I believe this will be the first Father's Day theme I've done in storytime. I may have done one a few years ago, but nothing comes to mind. This story is adorable, especially the pictures. A little repetitive, but kids like that. I'm worried about the amount of text on some pages. I will have this on display for sure; if I can't find other things to use, then I will opt to read this one. " said.

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