The Elders (Foxcraft, Book 2) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-07-06 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 28 user ratings

" Talking animals! Arr! My bete noir. Not surprisingly, Iserles is one of the writers behind the Warriors books, and this series does well with fans of those books. " said.

" I loved it! It was a bit less exciting than the first book at first, but it made up for it! I loved the foxlore the characters told. I can't wait for the next book! " said.

" Good, like a cross between warriors and amulet " said.

" this book is like the last one...... IT WAS AWESOME! like my last review it had sooooo much action, i love this book it is one of my favorites! " said.

" Wondering what's going to happen as Isla journeys alone to the land of the wolves and disappointed there's no word yet as to when Book 3 will be out. Will be keeping tabs on the release date. Very well done series so far...I love the concept of Foxcraft! " said.

" This is a breathtaking book that makes people who hates foxes change their mind. Nobody can resist the temptation to stop after they have started to be honest. NOBODY. I really hope the next book will come soon as I'm DYING to know what happens next. Inbali Iserles, pls hurry up on the next book! ;) " said.

"The book starts with Ilsa running into another fox named Haiki. The two travel together and end up in a valley. They encounter the Taken and hunters as they travel to find the Elders. They end up staying with a fox skulk in a meadow. Eventually Siffrin returns in the form of a coyote, unknowingly bringing a pack of coyotes with him. Siffrin almost dies due to loss of Maa. Siffrin leaves to find the elders and the taken attack once again, this time driving Isla with three companions away from the meadow. They travel to find the elders.
The theme of this book is "Don't give up" because Isla never gives up on finding her brother, despite him trying to make her forget about him. Haiki also never gives up on trying to find his family, and is ready to go to drastic measures to get them back. I don't have the book with me to give textual evidence, but theres many sentences that support this.
I rated the novel 4 stars because I really liked the book, but it seemed a little sped up. I got the feeling that the story was a little too fast paced while reading. Other then that, the boom was great. It was a very good book to continue the series with.
I would recommend this book to people who like animals and magic. Though there is quite a bit of violence and fighting. This was book two in the series, so you would have to read the first book before this one to understand what was going on.
" said.

"Rating: 5 stars

Ohh, it is soo good to be back on a journey with Isla.

I really enjoyed this book. The beginning was a little tediously, though I think it's only my personal opinion, because I was waiting anxiously for Siffrin to return. Otherwise the whole book was a joyful read and I can't say enough how much I adore the magical elements - it fits foxes so well! I also love how family-centered this book is. Most of the motivation of characters are concerning their family members, which is adorable end refreshing.

The moment Siffrin came back, the story got my full attention.

When he (view spoiler)" said.

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