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UPDATE TIME: 2016-07-18 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 184 user ratings

"I love it! I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys a wonderful, enticing, good book! Perfection at its finest! " said.

"I read this book with my 6 year old daughter and we each wrote a review.

Dad: If I was reviewing this book alone I would give it three stars. It wasn't a bad book. It kept my attention and my daughter loved it (the five stars rating is hers). From a parents perspective, I thought the book was a little intense for a 6 year old, but not as bad as some of the negative reviews make it out to be. The writing was unclear at times, and I had to stop and explain things to my daughter every once in awhile, but it was written for a slightly older audience so that was expected. The writer's vocabulary was a bit superfluous at times, but it provided opportunities to teach my daughter some new words. What I liked the most about this book was the strong female protagonist. Piper was a great character and my daughter connected with her. I think that is why she liked the book so much. She wrote the following:

Daughter: The Girl Who Could Fly was really interesting, and when we stopped I wanted to go farther. I loved the part when the school was a just a shack and turned out to be enormous. People should read the book because it involves magic, secret powers, and unexpected mysteries. It was a very good and interesting book and I enjoyed reading it with my daddy.
" said.

"this is a great book!!!Piper is a girl who can fly. she goes to
an institute for children with exceptional abilities.there,she
meets Conrad,boy-genius,Bella,who makes rainbows when
she twirls,Violet,who can shrink and grow (depending on her
mood),and other children with cool powers. when they find
out that the institute and its staff are trying to take away
their powers,they have to make an escape plan-fast!
" said.

"I like this book
I recommended it to you
I think the parts I disliked was how it got confusing towards the end.
I gave this rating because it was not the best book I read
" said.

"I have volunteered in my grandchildren's elementary school since I retired and read this book to two classes throughout a year and am now reading it as a book club selection with a small group at lunchtime. The classes loved it and couldn't wait for the next week when I read again. The small group is just as enthusiastic. Wonderful, exciting book for fifth graders!" said.

"This book is so good.
I LOVE the message it really shows you that you can do anything you want to do
" said.

"I very much enjoyed The Girl Who Could Fly, an adventure-filled novel about a girl named Piper who has been able to fly since birth. But things get out of hand when the whole town witnesses her flying. When her parents, Betty and Joe McCloud, send her to a special institute for kids with supernatural abilities like hers, she is positive that she's finally found her place, but she soon learns that nothing is as it seems.

This book, full of exhilarating twists and turns, is well thought out and has great character development. Victoria Forester lets you in on the characters' thoughts and feelings, which are very credible and contribute much to the story. There are some unique descriptions in this book such as this paragraph, describing a rainbow: "And not just any rainbow, but the brightest, most glowing stream of colors stretched out across the atrium not more than twenty feet away from them. It glimmered about the fountain, each color of the spectrum proudly shining forth as clear as a bell."

One thing that wasn't completely satisfactory about The Girl Who Could Fly was that the ending left some questions unanswered. "No, of course not. He said something about a place that was hidden. It's far away and secret. He said we'd belong there. Do you think we should go?" This question was never answered. I think Victoria Forester should write a sequel to The Girl Who Could Fly.

A recurring theme in the book was this phrase, "You can't keep a good girl down." This would mean something different for Piper than it would mean for you: Piper's parents didn't approve of her flying, and neither did the staff at the institute. But she kept on flying, indicating the truth in her favorite saying. During the course of the story, she also learned the most important thing was to defend and stick with her friends. Overall, I loved The Girl Who Could Fly and I recommend it to all kids who like read superhero or adventure books.
" said.

"This book is, in my opinion, even better than Harry Potter. It's good for about 9-13 year olds but will do perfect for a mature 8 year old. It is really captivating and I'm sure even if you're a shy reader will be hard to put down this book. The price is also quite reasonable. Out of 10, I'd give this book 20." said.

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