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Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 184 user ratings

"Another recommendation from a student, I read this book in a day. There were aspects about the book I liked -- I was hooked in from the start and wanted to know what was going to happen all the way through -- but also parts that were just so, I don't know, fluffy??? Plus, I'm just really not a fan of most fantasy, so this one was going to be a hard sell for me right from the start. I didn't abandon it, so that's a pretty good rating from me right there. I'd recommend it to fantasy lovers, but I wouldn't read it again." said.

" I loved this book! It was a fun, fast read (just over 1 day for me) and I loved Piper. She was adventurous and not afraid to be true to herself. I loved that she insisted on doing the right thing, even when it was dangerous. The school that Piper goes to does remind you a little of X-Men, but there's no Professor Xavier in this book. This was Forester's first book and I hope she writes more. Kids would love this book as well as adults. " said.

" Akin to The Angel Experiment, The Girl with the Silver Eyes and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, The Girl Who Could Fly is a riveting fantasy with deep elements of friendship and freedom woven into the plot. " said.

"If your copy's like mine, there's a blurb from Stephenie Meyer about how this book is a mix between Little House and X-Men. Surprise, surprise, I disagree with Stephenie Meyer about something. This time, it's a matter of "close, but no cigar," Ms. Meyer. For the most part, the book reads at a similar level and with a similar feel as the first few Harry Potter books. Courageous kids, special abilities, boarding school, some real evil characters. The Little House bit of Meyer's comparison comes from the beginning portion, which I would argue is more Anne of Green Gables, because there's a gossipy village involved, which wasn't usually the case with Little House. It's the oddest part of the novel, since it feels transplanted from the 1800s/early 1900s--it wasn't till news traveled around the globe in 24 hours and film trucks arrived at the farm that I realized we were talking more contemporary. Once Piper arrives at school, there's no doubt that it's contemporary. Aside from the strange time-shifty feeling, it's a cute novel, sweet, but not saccharine. " said.

"This book starts out with a quote, "To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting." e.e. cummings. The characters in this book will stay with you. They face some tough issues. It's a testament to the human spirit. I think there will be some character in the book you will identify with. There's a boy that's given everything but love and it's meaningless junk to him. There's a quote that says something really profound, "There is a place deep, deep inside every person that is hidden and hard to find. If things get bad enough and life gets too hard, though, some people will go to that place and never come back from it. Certainly, all outward appearances will suggest otherwise. They will look as they always did. They may even act somewhat like their old selves, but the truth is, the real truth is that they are hiding in this place deep inside where no one can touch or hurt them again." Stephanie Myers said it well, "It's the oddest/sweetest mix of Little House on the Prarie and X-men. This book doesn't hide how evil people can be and how amazing they can be." said.

"OMG. I was practically hyperventilating when I was reading this.
Okay, to be truthful, I read this book like, what? 2 years ago?
My former BFF who lived in Canada sent me this.
I lived in Canada and then I moved to my home country so she sent me this as a present. (But now we're not in touch. :()
I was thrilled. I loved books then and I wasn't really that good at my home language so I was reading and rereading all of the books in my house. Well, English ones anyway. Which, I will tell you, is quite a lot.
This book was thrilling. I loved the cover. It was glossy, and kinda black and greyish cover but a rich black and greyish cover.
Piper, was honestly quite admirable. Her spirit and all that.
Loved the plot, and loved the fact that it was about superpowers but that it sounded so original.
The evil doctor lady, loved her.
She was evil, but kinda nice evil with a past. I just loved that the fact that she was the antagonist, but made me hate and love her at the same time.
I think I actually cried when the antagonist fell to her death.
Well, I was young then, don't blame me.
It had a kind of open ending, and I was STARVING for a sequel.
It didn't have one....kinda why I gave it a 4 star.
I just absolutely HATE open endings.
Just keep us wondering, won't ya?
I like a good, clear, happily ever after or a happily ever after with a dead protagonist.
" said.

"The Girl Who Could Fly. Forester, Victoria.

Rating: *****

Summary: Piper is a young girl who is special in her own way. Piper is able to fly. Her ma and pa tell her not to fly around where others can see her. One day she is so upset during a baseball game she uses her flying to catch a baseball out of reach to prove to the others she is able to play. However when everyone sees her, she gets in big trouble.
Dr. Hellion comes to visit Piper and her folks. The Dr. offers the McCloud family a place where Piper can go and be safe. Dr. Hellion tells her folks that the facility can cure Piper and then return her to being "normal." Once Piper gets to the facility, things are not as they appear. Conrad decides to pick on Piper for his own reasons. After Conrad and Piper have a falling out, things change. Piper comes to realize that Dr. Hellion is not really a friend. The rest of the book is full of adventures.

Main characters:
Piper McCloud is a young girl who believes in something when she sets her mind to it. She sees the good in everyone and everything. She never gives up hope.

Conrad is an intelligent child. He is able to figure out and implement brilliant plans. He puts up a front to get what he wants.
Dr. Hellion is the director of the special facility where kids who have special talents are taken. She is very sneaky and two faced. Her past experiences lead her to where she is today.

Key topics: personal differences, loyalty, family, imagination, forgiveness

Other related information: 2011-2012 Children's Choice, a must read
" said.

"This was an unusual book. It had a worthy theme as its premise: special talents should be encouraged and developed, but one also needs humility and friendship with others to be a happy person. Yet the book didn't flow evenly. It began in an American country town populated with God-fearing simple folk who didn't like anything that 'wasn't the way of things', so when Piper McCloud discovers she can fly she becomes the town curiosity. These first few chapters took some patience to get through because I wasn't expecting this story to have the feel of Dorothy in Kansas.

But then it takes you inside the I.N.S.A.N.E. institute where all special talents are 'normalised' in the captive patients. This place is evil, though it takes a while for Piper and her friends to discover that normalising means torturing and drugging and brainwashing. What started as a nice tale of a girl who was a little bit different soon has you on the edge of a cliff, and then pushes you over so that all is lost before it can be found. I wasn't expecting such dramatic swings of mood between confident hope, quaint complacency and very dramatic despair, and I found it quite disconcerting.

The theme came around nicely in the end, but I'm just not sure who would be the ideal reader for this book. It needs someone who can handle the quaint beginning but also the dramatic middle. It reminds me of the Mysterious Benedict Society, but I think that book has a much wider appeal. What I can't work out is why it is so highly recommended by Stephenie Meyer, this book has nothing to do with anything she has put her name to, which is probably in its favour. All the same, she was right about it being a cross between Little House on the Prairie and the X-Men, and I've discovered that's not my favourite combination. Yet I've given it four stars because it is a worthwhile read, even if I can't guarantee you'll like it.
" said.

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