Edge of Extinction #1: The Ark Plan Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-04-16 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 32 user ratings

" I first heard about the Edge of Extinction series from Sarah Mackenzie of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast, and her recommendation did not disappoint! A fan of such dystopian literature as The Hunger Games trilogy, I love that author Laura Martin has done this genre in such a tasteful yet still gripping manner for younger readers. I will definitely be recommending The Ark Plan to my own middle grade students as I myself tear into book 2 of this series, Code Name Flood. " said.

" Sky knows there has to be more to the disappearance of her father, even if he is known as a traitor. So when her friend finds a note from him asking Sky to deliver something Topside, where the dinosaurs now roam, she decides to venture out despite the dangers and learn the truth! Martin delivers an excellent adventure full of heart and thrills sure to please readers. Get ready for a rocking time with some prehistoric beasts! " said.

"I read this to my children (ages 11, 9, 8, and 4). My two oldest enjoyed it the most, especially the 9yo who fancies himself a junior paleontologist. We have it a solid 4.5 stars. The world the author created was well-thought out and interesting. The scenes with the dinosaurs were gripping and we loved Sky, Shawn, and Todd. We took off half a star because, of course, there’s a second book in the series and very little resolution. Grrrrr. There were some sections that felt a bit like an info dump but otherwise, we enjoyed this read a lot and have already ordered book two." said.

"I started reading parts of the second book in this series and decided I should borrow this one from the library first. It's a fun futuristic series where people have brought the dinosaurs back to life - bigger and better than before - and the dinosaurs have then run rampant. The people living in underground bunkers have been taught that no humans survived anywhere else, but not everyone believes it. And so we have an adventure where a girl must try to follow her missing-presumed-dead father and 'escape'.

I think my grandson will enjoy these books.
" said.

"Good adventure story with interesting characters. Sky is looking for clues to find her father who disappeared 5 years ago. Her community, which lives underground in a compound and away from the deadly dinosaurs, thinks he was a traitor. Sky knows he wasn't. She and her friend Shawn escape to "topside" to look for him. There is danger, people who live in the trees, villains, and of course the dinosaurs that hunt the people. This book leaves you hanging and you have to read the second one to find out if they make it to her father or not." said.

"Jurassic Park meets Hunger Games in this middle-grade dystopian sci-fi. There's plenty of hooks along the way to keep readers engaged, although the book has a couple dry spells.

Some readers will have to suspend disbelief. I had no trouble accepting dinosaurs, but there were a few moments/situations that weren't believable. I did appreciate that marine/flying reptiles were not called dinosaurs (but the ancestor of the elephant, a mammal, was?). Still, not a hard sell for kids. A future where dinosaurs roam the earth, set in Indiana? They can get behind it.
" said.

"I listened to this audiobook while my 9 year old read it alone. We’ve had a great time talking about it together! It’s well written, intense, and exciting without any bad language, inappropriate violence or romantic sub-plots. It’s adventure and survival and dinosaurs and they do kill humans, so there is some killing involved, but not a lot and it was not too graphic, in my opinion. The protagonist is a girl but the other two main characters are boys so I think this book uniquely appeals to both genders as readers. It was a refreshing middle grade read without any objectionable content! We can’t wait to read the sequel. " said.

"This book was just fun! Set 150 years in the future - scientists have brought back the dinosaurs, but little did they know that dinosaurs would take over the planet and force people underground.

Language: None, it's a middle-grade novel.

Sexual content: None, squeaky clean.

Violence: A guy gets his leg bit off, people are attacked by dinosaurs and threatened with guns, one man is killed. Dinosaurs are killed and some of their meat eaten. I didn't feel that anything was too gruesome, but I wouldn't give it to a younger or sensitive child until they were ready.

Religious elements: This book does talk about "millions of years ago" and references animals "evolving" into this or that. As a young-earth creationist myself, I'd make sure my child was well grounded in a biblical worldview of these matters before handing them this book.

Overall though, this book was an interesting, quick read, with a fast-moving fascinating plot, and I am looking forward to picking up the next one!
" said.

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