Mama Africa!: How Miriam Makeba Spread Hope with Her Song Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-10-27 
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" 12/15/2017 ~~ Miriam Makeba was South African singer who gave voice to many in the anti-apartheid movement. She appeared with Martin Luther King, Jr. in the U.S. and spoke several times in front of the U.N. This stunningly illustrated book explores the ways artists can speak for social change and the costs that activists may have to pay; this book definitely deserves a place in any elementary library. " said.

" I loved the illustrations in this book, they way everything is painted but so life like. I found it interesting the way they portrayed the white class rulings and Makebas efforts to fight racism (white rulings in white text boxes and her actions in black text boxes). I enjoyed this read and actually learned about something I was not fully aware of before. I would definitely recommend this to someone. " said.

" I could almost hear Mama Africa sing as I read this beautifully illustrated picture book. Learning of the author, Kathryn Erskines’s own connection to this brave apartheid activist and singer touched me deeply. Such an important story to be told. And told so vividly and with such heart. Buying a copy for my local library so every child in our community can learn of the heroic journey of Miriam Makeba. " said.

" Beautifully illustrated and wonderfully told story of anti-apartheid movement singer and activist Miriam Makeba. I had no previous knowledge of this inspiring woman and wish my kids were young again so I could read this to them. Appropriate for K-3 and older kids who still like to listen to or read picture books, explaining what apartheid was will be necessary. Race relations unfortunately still a very current topic. " said.

" Important story that needs to be told. The illustration about the Soweto protest is particularly poignant (struggling/prone figures to barbed wire, to protest, to sheet music). The red words are a little jarring on the first read--meant to be critical vocabulary? On the second read, black backgound text boxes are about Miriam and from her perspective, white background is the culture of Apartheid--illustrations also have more detail the longer one looks. " said.

" Well, it turns out I knew almost nothing about apartheid. After I finished reading this I did some additional reading online and now I feel at least semi-knowledgeable. I never realized it went on as long as it did--basically until the 90s! I can't wait to listen to some of Miriam's music. This is a wonderful J biography. I would have given it 5 stars, but I thought more realistic illustrations would have served the book better. The paintings are lovely but a little too abstract. " said.

" I had never heard of Miriam Makeba and this book did an excellent job of providing me with a history of her life and why she was an important figure to ending apartheid. As soon as I finished the book I pulled up her music and goodness, it is EXCELLENT. I have been jamming out to it all week. Kids will really enjoy this if you provide some background information and integrate the music into the experience. " said.

"Loved this book and the story it told of how zenzila Miriam makeba used her voice and her gift of singing to fight for her people in South Africa during the time of the apartheid. It really bothered me how black people were treated, and how even innocent school children were killed.

One of my favorite quotes from her that stood out to me was,

if you wish for something and it doesn't happen, you must hang on for dear life until it does.

This is my 3rd Erskine book I've read, she didn't fail to disappoint :-)
" said.

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