How You Are Changing: For Girls Ages 10-12 and Parents (Learning about Sex) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-08-31 
Review Score: 3 out of 5 star From 7 user ratings

" Very helpful. Majors on basic biological information, with introductory comments about other issues. I found the "Why God Cares About Sex" series to be better, but both are helpful. " said.

" Very helpful. Majors on basic biological information, with introductory comments about other issues. I found the "Why God Cares About Sex" series to be better, but both are helpful. " said.

"I am disgusted with false pretenses and fake parents, with caring in disguise. I find this book inappropriately written; its content does not care about children age 10-12. Be proud of your sexuality??? what's next? be proud if some pedophile is showing interest to you, 10-year old girl? What do we really teach our children? To use condoms at 10 years old? To look at their classmate from a sexual point of view?? The dictionary given there is outrageous! And all these are written under religious umbrella!!! Shame on you! Every parent knows how to explain their child when the time is right. And every parent knows when the time is right: the child comes to his mom. The child does not need sexual propaganda; the child needs caring and protection. Please, please, revealing does not equal protection. Protection is a 24-hr duty of parent. Not a book to read. Let's not further sexualize our children and MORE, let's NOT write about it and make money off it. It will be ireversible one day." said.

"My 10 year old daughter is very naive and innocent. Waiting for her to ask the questions wasn't going to work, and I now know (based on what she said during our discussions about what her friends had brought up) that it was a good thing not to wait. She goes to a Catholic school and is in what I like to think of has a somewhat protected environment, but kids are kids and it's only natural to talk to friends.

Anyway, I read this book out loud to her and let her stop me to ask questions as we went along. I read the ENTIRE book out loud (ok, I might have skipped some the prayers in the boxes). I think it was important to do the reading myself. It made sure she didn't just skip to the 'good parts' if she read it by herself. I really appreciate how much more articulate the author was then what I probably would have stumbled over and how she gave me the words to frame the discussion in a way that we could discuss sex as a beautiful gift, that is very special and only for two adults in a very committed relationship. I probably would have fudged the flowery talk part of the conversation and just either stated everything too factually or too vaguely. There was plenty of faith-based language, but I didn't feel it got in the way of stating the facts. The book was clear and descriptive without going overboard.

Some of the bold terms (ejaculation) are a little alarming to be discussing after all the time we've spent as parents shielding them from the daily barrage of media, etc. That said, I would rather be the one explaining these terms in a good, healthy way then having her hear a bunch of incorrect, half-truths from the playground, where much of the discussion paints things as 'dirty' or 'bad'.

I prefaced our entire discussion saying that these are things that a parent wants to discuss with her child in their own time. Some kids may know more and many will know less. She knows that this is a private conversation and that she is not to talk to other kids at school about this.

It was hard for me to have this discussion with her when she seems so innocent and pure. She's very much a young 5th grader. I really appreciate how much this book eased this process. I felt it covered what NEEDED to be covered and probably a little more than I would have thought to mention.

I don't usually write reviews, but when I saw the '2' stars I knew I HAD to let others know the rating was misleading. If you read the comments under the one reviewer's one star review, you'll get a better understanding.

Anyway, I didn't give the book 5 stars because I did feel the need to at least show her a picture from the other book I got (It's So Amazing - A Book About Eggs, Sperm, Birth, Babies and Families, by Robie Harris). The other book was for age 7 and up and had lots of cartoons. The illustrations were a little more detailed and one page in particular was very helpful (page 13 where they show 6 illustrations of each sex, from a baby, younger kid, older kid, teenager, grownup, older grownup). That said, the other book didn't frame the text of what I wanted to say as well as this book did. The other book also had brought up things like HIV and AIDS which we'll get around to discussing at some point, but really we had a enough on our plate with the more basic facts. No need to scare her like my mother did with the pictures of genital warts. (She was a labor and delivery room nurse and -god, rest her soul-- she put the fear of god and warts in me at an early age. I was blessed to have such an open, warm relationship with my mom where I grew up feeling very well-informed and guided.)

Anyway, I recommend this book for parents of girls 10-12. This book made it much easier for me and I believe her as well.

Good luck to those of you venturing into this discussion.
" said.

"This book is written to support both the child and parent. It helps formulate topics for discussion between those in discussion." said.

"I really like this whole series and this is the second book I am taking my daughter through. I have the two for boys as well. It is from a Biblical worldview and age appropriate. I only have gone through certain parts with my daughter and will wait till I think she is ready for more detailed info." said.

"I appreciate the content in this book written in a concise manner for my ten year old daughter who is asking lots of questions. I did not appreciate the tiny type style of this book (probably 10 point)! My daughter is visually impaired, and can read most texts, but this is extremely small." said.

"This was purchased for my niece, and her parents are satisfied with it. I purchased the same book for my son, making the decision to purchase for my niece, as her parents were looking for something to supplement the 'talk.' Both families LOVE the fact that the book is Biblical based, referring to scripture throughout the book aiding in explanation. The girls version of this book is lengthier than the boys, but still brought down to a very manageable read for 10-12 year olds. Extremely satisfied!" said.

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