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UPDATE TIME: 2017-09-18 
Review Score: 2 out of 5 star From 0 user ratings

"Felt like a total carbon copy of the movie. Usually film novels add extra content and elements than that in the movie, thus enhancing the storyline. But this had none of that. Plus it was way too short too. And disappointingly written at an elementary level. Bough I get it this is partially a children's movie. But let's be honest though, today's kids didn't grow up watching Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in the tv screen like my generation did. This move is more nostalgia to my generation than anything it might be to today's kids. So I'd expect a film novel written towards us the rightful fans. " said.

"This was both fun and frustrating to read. It was fun because the movie is awesome, and reading it was almost like watching the movie. It was frustrating because even for a children's book it was poorly written and left out more than a little, including some important things. Honestly, I don't know how it got published with how much it could have used a good copyeditor. Or just an editor in general. Or anyone, really, because there were glaringly obvious errors that really detracted from the whole thing. And I don't know what age range it was supposed to be for, but it felt condescendingly dumbed down at times.

But I liked it because Power Rangers.
" said.

" So much fun!This was super fun to read! I normally wouldn't read a novelization before I see the film but I couldn't help myself cause I was getting major nostalgia from just reading the sample of this on my kindle. I Read the first two chapters and I was so hooked. It was very fun to read the origins of this story and really liking the fact that these kids were kids "with attitude" and not such role models as it was in the tv show. Really hoping this film gets a sequel so we can see Tommy! " said.

"Unfortunately as much as I loved the movie, the novel was only really enjoyable because I could imagine the movie scenes playing out as I read it. If I had read the novel on it's own, because it's lacking in emotion and description I really wouldn't have been able to get a clear cut picture of the characters or their personalities. I understand that it's a junior novel, but that being said I've read plenty of junior novels that don't have this problem at all. Unfortunately this book was just lacking, which is a real disappointment.

Slight spoilers ahead, though not really if you've seen the movie/have no plans to see the movie

On another note, I was extremely upset to see the "girlfriend problems?" question omitted from the book. It being a junior novel is really no excuse as there's also a joke make towards what people consider 'pedo vans' and implications that one character had sent out nude photos of another girl. If you can include these things, I don't see why you would feel the need to take out what's considered an important glimpse into Trini's characterisation and what the future may hold for the character. She's celebrated as the first LGBT superhero on the big screen, and yet any inkling of this isn't present in the novel.
Another problem I had was the implied, maybe not so, kiss between Kim and Jason. The scene was cut from the movie for good reason, and even if it is just Kim's line of "I kind of want to be the girl who kisses you right now..." it's unflattering towards her character.
My last issue is more personal than and issu with the novel itself, and that is the fact that Billy doesn't get to Morph before the rest of the team. That was seen as a pivotal moment to many fans, especially seeing as Billy is the first Autistic superhero, and having it cut from the book was especially disappointing.

TLDR; I'm passionate about the new power rangers movie and had a couple of issues with this novel.
" said.

" Really well done but it doesn't add much " said.

"Didn't really go into this one with high expectations.. nonetheless was hoping for more than this 'movie novel' gave. Stuck to the script almost completely and I would've liked some more background information than we've seen on the screen. Also I understand that this is a novel for a younger age demographic, but the writing was super simplistic and made the story feel very rushed... With all that said, I still love he power rangers and appreciate diving into their world through this book.

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" said.

" This stuck almost too close to the movie, but it was still a fun read. " said.

" Love every single word! Was so close to the movie and I really liked it. " said.

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