Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover (Gallagher Girls) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-12-25 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 151 user ratings

" I really missed the Buffy the Vampire Slayer refetences in this one. " said.

" THIS ONE'S MY FAVORITE SO FAR!!!! i love preston i loved the action and the mystery! but like when do we get to know about zach im tired of his secrets " said.

" give me the next book NoW!!!11! (pls) " said.

" Looks like things are finally looking up for Cammie Morgan.And I mean that but I don't, because Cammie's life is slowly becoming a clusterfucks of whodunit, and I love it.That's right.Ally Carter is starting to tighten the ribbons on the present that is the Gallagher Girls series, and I can't wait for the bow to finally be tied.Plots are coming together, characters are appearing into new light, and secrets are starting to be unearthed.Plus Zach...what a dream boat. UuU " said.

"These books. I am in love with these books. They're so much fun with the perfect amount of suspense to keep you reading until the very end! There were some scenes that even made me teary eyed. And the last few chapters were crazy.

I loved how this was mostly centered around Macey since there wasn't much of her in the previous book. I still can't believe I disliked Macey in the beginning because she's honestly one of my favourite characters. And Then Abby! I loved her!! And I'm excited to see if she will make more appearances.

The dynamic of the friendships between the Gallagher Girls (mostly between Cammie, Bex, Liz and Macey) is something I adore about this Series. And also the relationship between Cammie and Rachel (Mother/daughter) is something I'm looking forward to in the next books.

Also I WANT MORE ZACH. I hope to get more scene with Zach in the next books!
" said.

"Covert Operations Report
By Anna Sk (hereafter referred to as "The Operative")

Phase 3.

At this point of the mission, the Operative would like to state that (simply stated for everyone) shit has started to hit the fan. A change of scenery for the Assets and an addition of new Assets (particularly Abigail Morgan and Preston Winters) has brought a more serious and dangerous vibe on the mission. Main target in this mission was Asset McHenry (that the Operative managed to understand better in Phase 3 and would like to see her with Asset Winters).

Asset Goode was sadly MIA for most of the phase which resulted in the disappointment of both the Operative and Asset Morgan.

Additional input: none.

Proceed to Phase 4.
" said.

"This review is also posted on my blog, In The Good Books.

When Cammie visits her roommate and friend, Macey, in Boston, where her father's being nominated for vice president, she expects an exciting end to summer break. Excitement she gets, when she and Macey find themselves in a kidnapper's plot.

Luckily, escaping is just one the things they do best, as students of the Gallagher Academy For Exceptional Young Women - a spy school in disguise. But soon they find out that it isn't over yet, and as more attempts are made, they wonder if Macey was the real target.

Like the Gallagher Girls book before it, Don't Judge A Girl By Her Cover was fast-faced and fun to read. Written in a no-nonsense prose, there was constant action and mystery, and was completely captivating - so much so that I read it on Christmas morning.

There aren't a lot of spy books out there targeted to a young adult audience, and this series is the only I've read in the genre, but it's enough to make me want to branch out and find more books like it. A boarding school full of female spies-in-training - a premise so unique and exciting you can't help but pick it up.

Cammie is a strong, clever and loyal protagonist. She spends the majority of this book trying to protect her friend without a second thought, outsmarting secret agents, and unraveling mysteries. Though, in spite of all that, she's relatable. She worries about her friends, she has boy trouble, and misses her dead father. She's a dynamic protagonist that you can't help but feel endeared and sympathetic to.

The plot was cleverly constructed, with problems from past books weaved into the story and with new ones arising. It was at all times unpredictable - every time I think I can guess what's about to happen, something else entirely occurs.

The romance between Zach and Cammie was mysterious and compelling. The broody, mysterious stock character that always weasels his way into paranormal romances can't hold a flame to the enigma that is Zach. I mean, he's a spy. His intentions throughout the book aren't clear, but he still feels trustworthy.

I give Don't Judge A Girl By Her Cover 4 out of 5.
" said.

"When I read YA I usually do it unthinkingly, by which I mean I read YA like I would read any other book for which I am the target audience. The Gallagher Girls series is one of those things, though, where I am constantly made aware of the fact that I am absolutely not the target audience. From a bookselling perspective, I'd definitely recommend these to a young reader making the transition from MG to teen; the series may get darker later on, but as of book three the series is pretty sanitized, easy-to-read, and quick. So: I recognize the particular use and place of books like these. I just feel like, even with that fact acknowledged, Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover is just bad.

I get it. It's book three in a six-book series, and not every plot line can be resolved. That said, it's impossibly frustrating to read an entire novel and get nothing resolved. This doesn't feel like a complete book, and honestly, the information and action that occurs in here could pretty easily be condensed into half a book. I get each novel is supposed to cover a semester at a time, but when the author fails to make the semester interesting then maybe it's time to consider a different format?

Like, a lot of my objections are personal taste: where other people might find Zach cool and intriguing I find him and insufferable prig. The adults are unlikable and strangely incompetent for super-spies. Cammie's friends are impressively two-dimensional. The writing itself isn't bad, but it's boring. Rather than finding different ways to write scenes, Carter is overly reliant on almost this memetic shorthand: "Cammie knows 14 languages but doesn't know what to say," &c. &c. Once that line is cute, but it gets dropped obnoxiously often. The action is unclear and difficult to follow, which may have more to do with my engagement with the text than the author's craft. That said, these books have been surprisingly slow reads despite being 250 or so pages and also about spies.

I guess the problem is there's very little spying. Hardly anything happens, and whenever the characters act for themselves it almost always ends terribly. The school structure of the books doesn't help; I don't care about their classes, I don't care about their teachers, and I really, really, really do not care about boys. Like, the whole "omfg what do boys think??" thing gets super annoying. I hated it in Wheel of Time and I hate it here.

Like I said, though, I am obviously not the target, and I'm glad that these books make other people so happy! I was really expecting to at least enjoy this series since I like the author's other work so much, but no dice I guess.
" said.

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