Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover (Gallagher Girls) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-06-10 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 151 user ratings

"I have a lot of mixed feelings about this series. I know it's weird! Who doesn't like cool girls with spy-abilities who save the world and know how to kill someone with uncooked spaghetti? I like it. But my brain spends so much time critiquing it and being unimpressed, I want to cry. My brain and I might get a divorce. We'll split the money equally.

Cammie/Liz/Macey/Bex are the best friendship quartet I've ever read! I love them all! I love their differences and their dynamics. Macey is nearly the mean girl, but she proves she's totally not in this book. Bex/Liz are hilarious and so loyal. Cammie my top favourite, maybe because she's writing. I love how she's so detailed. Like she'll number the seconds Zach looked at her. CUTE.

The writing is. so. dang. awesome. It's some of the best writing ever! I love Cammie's voice. I love seeing the world like she does. I love how she's so capable with spying and so clueless about boys (it's hilarious).

So where do I fall apart in my liking for this series? I never feel like the plot is tough enough. Maybe it's just me! Maybe I watch too many spy movies where they get shot and it doesn't bother them. But the plot twists seem...uninspiring. Or confusing. I was very confused at the end of this book. I was confused how the plot twist baffled all these really famous spies . The "big deals" never seem big enough. (But I might totally be too fussy, so just ignore me.) Kind of just...bored...


Also: I don't like Zach. I don't! He's hot and sneaky and everything, but the kid is never honest, and never outright. He's a spy, so yes I should distrust him, but I just plain don't like him. I agree with Cammie: he's not in love with her. He thinks she's interesting (or a challenge). Cammie, please, stay. away. from. Zach. Ditch this guy like a mouldy potato.

I may possibly not be a fan of Joe Solomon or Aunt Abby either. Why are all the adults so mean?! They never tell the kids anything! Maybe spies should be all secretive, but I think a little more communication would help save the world. (Can we remember Adam and Eve for a sec, here? Communication would have saved the fruit instead of making a freaking apple pie out of it and ruining humanity. *ahem*) Aunt Abby just seems too showy and not enough heart. While Mr. Solomon? They spend so much time calling him hot, I think we're supposed to stop being suspicious. But, mark my words, this guy is going to turn into a badie in the later books. Zach + Joe Solomon = badies.


I do like this series. But I'm not particularly impressed with it.

Yes, of course I am reading the rest. Why do you ask? I need to know if Zach gets handcuffed upside-down to an angry water buffalo. I think that would be fitting. (He's slimy.) And I'm pretty extra sure Cammie can only get more awesome.
" said.

" Could be betterFelt like a filler book with suspenseIn this installment, we finally have an actual spy activity which was filled with many questions and secrets. Now, here comes the secret part. I get the withholding secret part but when it happened repeatedly, it felt like this book was a filler for the next book. There wasnt a conclusive wrap except we now know there are secrets to be revealed.Definitely going on for this series to know the final conclusion. " said.

" 4.5 stars
This book was a whole lot better than the last. While the last book was really nicely written and intriguing- this book actually has a plot line! (is it only just me or do all 6 book series' plot start at the 3rd book?)
Cammie, Bex, Macey and Liz are still friendship goals as always. That plot twist at the end was a little expected, but I don't know the reason as to how that plot twist fits- huh, I guess I'm up for surprises in the next book. The plot twists in the middle were not something I expected- which is a big feat as I tend to guess plot twists early on.
Overall this book was really good, i'm glad I didn't give it up because of Josh (who isn't even important anymore- Yay!)
" said.

" I really missed the Buffy the Vampire Slayer refetences in this one. " said.

" THIS ONE'S MY FAVORITE SO FAR!!!! i love preston i loved the action and the mystery! but like when do we get to know about zach im tired of his secrets " said.

" give me the next book NoW!!!11! (pls) " said.

" Looks like things are finally looking up for Cammie Morgan.And I mean that but I don't, because Cammie's life is slowly becoming a clusterfucks of whodunit, and I love it.That's right.Ally Carter is starting to tighten the ribbons on the present that is the Gallagher Girls series, and I can't wait for the bow to finally be tied.Plots are coming together, characters are appearing into new light, and secrets are starting to be unearthed.Plus Zach...what a dream boat. UuU " said.

"These books. I am in love with these books. They're so much fun with the perfect amount of suspense to keep you reading until the very end! There were some scenes that even made me teary eyed. And the last few chapters were crazy.

I loved how this was mostly centered around Macey since there wasn't much of her in the previous book. I still can't believe I disliked Macey in the beginning because she's honestly one of my favourite characters. And Then Abby! I loved her!! And I'm excited to see if she will make more appearances.

The dynamic of the friendships between the Gallagher Girls (mostly between Cammie, Bex, Liz and Macey) is something I adore about this Series. And also the relationship between Cammie and Rachel (Mother/daughter) is something I'm looking forward to in the next books.

Also I WANT MORE ZACH. I hope to get more scene with Zach in the next books!
" said.

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