Welcome to Molly's World, 1944: Growing Up in World War Two America (American Girl) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-06-10 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 15 user ratings

" Very interesting, like the other ones. " said.

" I loved this as a kid. It was a great way to introdution girls to the history behind their beloved books. " said.

" This was a really great set put out by AG in the late 90s. These were oversize books, very informative, and useful for school projects and such. " said.

" You can tell just by looking at my bookshelves that I've read this book quite a few times because it no longer has the hardcover front and back as seen in the picture that shows up on Goodreads. At some point, the binding fell apart and I had to tape what was left. I really do like these Welcome to ____ World's book as companions to the fiction books. I still keep mine on my bookshelf amongst my history books. I feel like they validly belong there. They're a great starting point to more information. Recommended!" said.

"Unlike the American Girl stories, this book isn't a fictional story: it's a collection of history from the 1940's. Sorted into different categories such as "Toys" and "Victory Gardens" and different stories such as that of Sadako Sasaki, a girl who developed Leukemia after the Hiroshima bombing and tried to fold 1,000 paper cranes in accordance with an ancient Japanese legend. I read this book at about age ten, and I loved every page. I would recommend this to older American Girl fans simply because it is just history, not an American Girl story. But, young or old, the content is appropriate (there aren't any details or pictures I would say are unsuitable for kids), and even adults will enjoy this collection of World War II era History. " said.

"This is such an excellent book to introduce kids, or adults, to many aspects of life during WWII. I read the book to my 5 year old, who has a particular interest in WWII, and my 3 year old girls, and the information, for the most part, was appropriate for them. There are some heavier details-- D-Day, concentration camps, bombing of Japan-- and I did exclude a few bits of info the sake of the kids, but I wouldn't need to edit it if they were a couple years older. I appreciate that none of the photos showed gore or death, but still give a good idea of what things were like.

From the 5 year old: I think that the book is a little bit fun and scary and only a little bit boring because, well, I'm not sure... My favorite part is that it told some about Molly McIntire.
" said.

"Of all of the Welcome to ___'s World books, I definitely learned the most from this book. I never completely read the entire six-book Molly series, so I was still a bit fuzzy about why Molly was called an American Girl on the Home Front. I didn't really understand what the home front was or the origin of the name, and what life was like on the home front. Reading this book was truly educational because I had no clue on most of the things it talked about, so I genuinely enjoyed learning about life on the home front. I loved this book because of that. Molly's not my favorite character, and neither is the time period, but I did enjoy learning something I didn't know for a change. History and AG fans should love this book as well as all the books in the Welcome to ___'s World collection." said.

"It's been a long time since I've read or reviewed any American Girl books. I love them as a teacher for the same reasons that I loved them when I read them as a young girl: they are interesting and give a picture into every day life. I could imagine myself as Molly, worrying about my father at war and trying to help my busy, overworked mother.

This nonfiction companion to the Molly's WW2 American girl story was a pleasure to glance through. I felt that everyday life was well described, though I would have liked to have seen more about rationing and coping with a new way of living. The War in the Pacific was briefly but accurately noted; I wish that the book included more balance on this issue
" said.

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