Timeless Thomas: How Thomas Edison Changed Our Lives Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-04-15 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 13 user ratings

" Wonderful biography of Thomas Edison and a few of his inventions and how they have changed how we live now. Includes a note about many of the people who worked in his lab (and who are pictured throughout the book) and the contributions they made. This held all three of my children's attention (ages 6, 9, 11). " said.

" Adorable picture book about Thomas Edison and his inventions, explaining how we use them today or what they evolved into in modern times. Cartoony cute illustrations, with big-headed characters, which include drawings of his real colleagues/employees and lists who was who. Not a full biography of Edison, and tells the story out of chronological order, by invention, in clear simple text. For youngest readers. Has short bibliography and "Thomas Trivia" (the lab had a pet bear cub for a while!). " said.

" I learned a lot about Edison and some of his inventions in this book. I recognized early on that there were similarities to "Neo Leo" (and it is the same author/illustrator). Loved the trivia at the end. And really neat that some of his employees were mentioned and included in the illustrations throughout the book. Fun facts and delivered in an easy way--not too dry and able to connect today's reader (and what they use) to what he did then.2014-2015 Beehive nominee " said.

" One thing I really liked about this book is how it showed side-by-side how modern technology was influenced by Edison's inventions. It's kind of cool to see where things like movies and iPods and copy machines originally came from. Plus, it's explained in such a way that kids can understand and might want to know more about Edison (and then from there, I guess they can get into the whole sticky Edison vs. Tesla drama if they want to, but that's neither here nor there). " said.

" 3.5 stars. I like this one because it actually highlights the fact that Edison was the Steve Jobs of his era. Like Jobs's, he's the household name everyone knows, but he actually had brilliant people working under him who helped him turn vision into reality. The layout is a little odd, but I think this is a good resource for an elementary school biography project. One note, though, the bibliography included in the additional materials is aimed at older readers. " said.

" 3.4 starsThe content is really interesting, but the illustrations seem like they could be more polished.Edison invented a lot of stuff! Interesting tidbit----he proposed to his wife via Morse code, and she replied with Morse code. Interesting tidbit----Edison worked on an early version of the telephone----he is credited with people saying "hello" as they answered a phone----Alexander Graham Bell thought that people should say "ahoy ahoy" when they answered the phone. " said.

"This picture book biography of Thomas Edison gives a colorful look at what he invented and how it is being used today. The “present day” vs “Edison's lab” layout on facing pages seems slightly backwards to me, though. It feels as if the lab should be first and then showing today's uses for the items. Regardless, it is a very interesting look at the many things that Edison created despite many failures and mistakes. It does not allude to any of his competitors other than a brief nod to Alexander Graham Bell.
" said.

"Timeless Thomas is a beautifully illustrated account of the many ways Thomas Edison's inventions touch our lives today. Each page showcases technology we use today and how it was made possible because of the experiments that took place in Edison's laboratory. The illustrations, diagrams, timelines, and charts are colorful and easy to understand. This is a great book to use while teaching students about text features. I would read this book as a read aloud in my Hall of Fame elective. Read this book to learn about the inventions of the Wizard of Menlo Park.
Genre: Informational
Grade Level: K-5
" said.

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