Sonrie! (Smile!) (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Spanish Edition) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-03-20 
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" A funny and quick read. So freaking cute! :) " said.

" Of all the books i've read, this one most reminds me of what middle and high school felt like. " said.

" This book is so cute! It is a graphic novel based on the author's life. This is great for upper elementary or middle school :) " said.

"Some books begin with the main charater falling in love this book begins with actually falling and having her front teeth knocked out, things only can get worse from there. With pressure from her friends, earings, and high school this graphic novel is one of my favorite books.

I still love this book. I read it before I got braces and I distinctly remember one picture where the orthodontist is standing up yanking on her braces's wires. and I remember thinking "Wow! that is so over exaggerated!" but no I have found out it is not!!! But that is why i love this book some of the images will stay in my mind forever.
" said.

""Instead, I threw my passion into things I enjoyed, rather than feeling sorry for myself. I realised that I had been letting the way I looked on the outside affect how I felt on the inside. But the more I focused on my interests, the more it brought out things I liked about myself. And that affected the way other people saw me!"

I just read this in two hours and it was awesome oh my gosh I love this Raina is so cute and clever her problems made me so sympathetic but she matures to feel so much more confident in herself I really feel so inspired by her and the drawings are so hilarious also bonus points for the many characters of colour and by the way in the author photo at the end Raina's smile is both adorable and beautiful awwwwdjfhfjdkf!
" said.

"Based on a true story, Smile is told from the perspective of middle school-aged Raina, who, after an accidental fall, then begins the long dentist office filled journey of recovery for the next several years. Initially, because of the fall, her front two teeth are then pushed up into her mouth, making the front two shorter than the rest. The reader then follows Raina as she has to return to school and suffer the teasing of her fellow classmates. As time goes on, her teeth are completely removed and she then receives a retainer with false teeth. The story follows Raina from middle school into high school, including her crushes on different boys, struggles she has in her friend group, and other issues the arise with the constant doctor appointments required for her teeth. As she ages, she makes choices when it comes to her friends, and we see her character mature and change.

This is the first graphic novel I have read, and I appreciated that it was based on the author’s actual experiences. The illustrations are in color and enjoyable to view alongside the story. As a middle school teacher, I would be comfortable recommending this book to any one of my female students who is looking for a good book to read. I think that this book would be more enjoyable for a middle school girl to read because the content would be so relatable to her. One aspect of the story is that Raina’s friends are unkind to her, but it takes her time to realize that they aren’t good to her until she makes other friends that accept her for who she is. This is a very relatable theme for any middle school girl, it makes the story believable and it’s easy to feel compassion and sympathy for Raina. I could see using this book in a small literature circle or just as a recommendation when a student asks me if I’ve read any good books lately.
" said.


This is actually a really well done book about a sixth grader with braces, and since braces are a big deal to kids that age, I can see why it is getting positive reviews and why probably, they find this drama enjoyable. Plus, cool illustrations, good coloring, nice overall package, attractive cover.

(**I just found out this is autobiographical, so, I am sorry for my outspokenness! But not sorry enough to edit it.)

" said.

"I recently bought this graphic novel for my younger cousin who had recently got braces. When I bought it I skimmed through the pages to make sure that it was adequate for a twelve year old. I gave her the book and within two days she could not put it down. When she finished the book she suggested that I read it because I had braces too. Much to my surprise this graphic novel was a real page turner. Making me relive memories of my high school years and all that entails while growing up.

The vocabulary is simple to understand for a tween and provides a short lesson on life's ups and downs. The novel covered themes like having less than reliable friends, growing up with siblings, boy-drama, the particularity of a dental injury which led to braces, fake teeth, a head gear and a retainer, and quite simply growing up.

Raina's true coming of age story will resonate with young and old people alike especially if they have lived through their own dental mishaps.

I highly recommend this quirky and captivating novel to all readers. Also, a great way to kids interested in reading.
" said.

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