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This is actually a really well done book about a sixth grader with braces, and since braces are a big deal to kids that age, I can see why it is getting positive reviews and why probably, they find this drama enjoyable. Plus, cool illustrations, good coloring, nice overall package, attractive cover.

(**I just found out this is autobiographical, so, I am sorry for my outspokenness! But not sorry enough to edit it.)

" said.

""Instead, I threw my passion into things I enjoyed, rather than feeling sorry for myself. I realised that I had been letting the way I looked on the outside affect how I felt on the inside. But the more I focused on my interests, the more it brought out things I liked about myself. And that affected the way other people saw me!"

I just read this in two hours and it was awesome oh my gosh I love this Raina is so cute and clever her problems made me so sympathetic but she matures to feel so much more confident in herself I really feel so inspired by her and the drawings are so hilarious also bonus points for the many characters of colour and by the way in the author photo at the end Raina's smile is both adorable and beautiful awwwwdjfhfjdkf!
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"I recently bought this graphic novel for my younger cousin who had recently got braces. When I bought it I skimmed through the pages to make sure that it was adequate for a twelve year old. I gave her the book and within two days she could not put it down. When she finished the book she suggested that I read it because I had braces too. Much to my surprise this graphic novel was a real page turner. Making me relive memories of my high school years and all that entails while growing up.

The vocabulary is simple to understand for a tween and provides a short lesson on life's ups and downs. The novel covered themes like having less than reliable friends, growing up with siblings, boy-drama, the particularity of a dental injury which led to braces, fake teeth, a head gear and a retainer, and quite simply growing up.

Raina's true coming of age story will resonate with young and old people alike especially if they have lived through their own dental mishaps.

I highly recommend this quirky and captivating novel to all readers. Also, a great way to kids interested in reading.
" said.

"Reseña completa + fotos:

3,5 estrellas

Lo que más me ha gustado de ¡Sonríe! es el estilo de la autora y cómo te cuenta su propia historia a través de viñetas dibujadas por ella misma. El dibujo me ha parecido es sencillo y muy de los 90, me encanta. Y también me ha gustado por el toque de humor que tiene la historia y que detrás de ese humor está los miedos de cualquier adolescente: el dentista y las burlas, los amigos que no son tan amigos, el primer amor… Y no sé, pero me ha gustado mucho esa forma de enfocar su adolescencia sin llegar a ser un drama, porque lo que pasa Raina es puro drama.

La verdad que me parece una historia ideal para que lean los más jóvenes porque pueden sentirse identificados con Raina y es muy fácil de leer, es que se lee en nada y encima se lo pasaran pipa. Pero no solo la recomiendo para los más jóvenes, también la recomiendo para los adultos que nosotros también hemos pasado por nuestra adolescencia y desconectar un rato y echarse unas risas nunca vienen mal. Y poco más puedo decir de esta historia tan cortita sin destriparos todo.

En resumen, ¡Sonríe! es una novela gráfica muy divertida y con la que pasarás un buen rato. Muy pronto os daré mi opinión de su segunda parte Hermanas.
" said.

" I loved how we got to see so much of the main characters life and the illustrations are clear too and this was so interesting to read about some of the things the main character did and said was frustrating I loved it more the first time I read it than the second " said.

"Cover simpel, gambar kawat gigi yang kinclong serta nominasi Eisner Award membuat saya tanpa ragu membeli Graphic Novel terbaru terbitan Gramedia. Saya tidak salah pilih, Senyum langsung saya lalap habis dalam semalam.

Senyum berkisah tentang seluk beluk kehidupan seorang gadis remaja yang sedang getol-getolnya mencari jati diri. Menjadi pelajar normal yang banyak teman adalah impian Raina, apa daya sepertinya masalah selalu menghampiri. Keluarga, teman yang suka meledek, mulai taksir-taksiran dan lirik- lirik kakak kelas sampai masalah besar yang menghantui hidupnya beberapa tahun ke depan. Gigi!

Siapa sangka gigi bisa menjadi problem hidup Raina? Berawal dari tersandung, dua gigi depan Raina 'mblesak' ke rahang, sehingga kunjungan dokter gigi menjadi rutinitas dalam hidupnya. Mulai dari orthodontist, endodontist sampai periodontist. Kalimat Raina, "Aku bahkan tidak tahu ada 'dontis' sebanyak ini" saat ia harus membersihkan karang giginya ke periodontist (hal 164) membuat saya tertawa. Jadi ingat saat saya masih menjadi mahasiswi Fakultas Kedokteran Gigi juga saya tak menyangka ada begitu banyak spesialisasi dokter gigi. Senyum menjadi graphic novel favorit saya, ilustrasi Telgemeier yang simpel dan elegan, kisah Raina yang berdasar pengalaman hidupnya sendiri menjadikan buku ini sayang untuk dilewatkan. Raina mengajarkan kita arti persahabatan yang sesungguhnya dan panggilan jiwa yang terkadang saat remaja kita lupa.
"Semakin fokus pada hal-hal yang kuminati, semakin banyak hal yang kusukai pada diriku. Dan itu mempengaruhi cara orang lain memandangku."halaman 207.

Raina yang rendah diri karena kawat gigi akhirnya berhenti mengasihani diri sendiri dan memusatkan perhatian pada hal-hal yang digemarinya (hal 206). Penampilan luar tak lagi memengaruhi perasaan dalam hatinya dan sekarang Raina bisa tersenyum lepas tanpa beban.

5 bintang!

Saya sebagai eks pemakai behel merasakan keribetan Raina. Bukan bedak dan sisir barang wajib yang ada di tas, melainkan sikat gigi, benang floss, kait floss, tusuk gigi, cermin kecil dan kadang seplastik karet benang kecil seperti yang ada di halaman 184. Wah pokoknya ribet deh!
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" draguta si usor de citit - o carte pentru toti :D " said.

"My daughter and my students enjoy graphic novels. I’ve champed at the bit while reading the few I’ve tried, because the pictures limit and befuddle my own visualizing, but Raina Telgemeier’s oeuvre has intrigued me for awhile. Because of its popularity, I guess, but also because her stories, the first ones anyway (?), are grounded in the ordinary and are autobiographical.

Smile was a treat. Maybe I’ve matured as a reader and viewer of graphic novels, or maybe Raina’s way of illustrating is paramount, because I did not feel hampered by the illustrations at all. Everything about them compliment, elaborate, or expand on the text, making the story and events come alive.

Smile was also a treat because of the story itself. In sixth grade, Raina damaged her front teeth. The book begins just before that and ends when she’s a high school sophomore and they finally, after various treatments and teeth ordeals, remove her braces.

But it was so much more than that! It’s a sympathetic but not saccharine account of the middle school years, complete with worries about friends, appearance, the opposite sex, and identity. It reminded me of those times and what they/I was like without triggering nightmares, flashbacks, or needless violence. Amazing!
" said.

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