Dragons Love Tacos 2: The Sequel Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-04-15 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 0 user ratings

" The first was a huge success - blending silliness and creativity to create a fun read aloud. This one keeps the same recipe of silliness and creativity, but in reading it through, I didn't feel the same sense of this making a great read aloud. I was very hopeful because my kids love the first one. I was hoping this would make for more silly fun in a read aloud, but I'm seeing this as one kids will enjoy looking through frequently off of the classroom shelves. " said.

" Just as funny as the first, Dragons Love Tacos 2: The Sequel transports readers to the past (via a time machine) so that a taco can be rescued for a future without tacos. Bright, bold illustrations and humorous text make this a read-aloud favorite! The last panel inclusively shows that "Heck, everyone loves tacos." by showing astronauts, aliens, Frankenstein, cowboys, ballerinas, and even Abe Lincoln love tacos! -Reviewer 9 " said.

"This pretty much covers some of the same ground as the first book (ie dragons love tacos but don't give them spicy salsa et cetera.) This does have the additional plot-thread of time travel, in which our intrepid hero goes back in time, in which to replenish the world's taco supplies (they've run out in our current timeline, apparantly.) He then grows a taco tree (as you do) and voila! Loads of tacos! As ever, the illustrations are amusing and the dragons are cute. I watched this video on YouTube and enjoyed it. " said.

"Dragons Love Tacos, a huge hit with young readers, is back with the sequel Dragons Love Tacos 2 the Sequel. This is a bit more sophisticated than the first title because the nameless boy and his dog must time travel to fix a huge problem. Since the dragons fainted from the too hot salsa in the first story, tacos have disappeared from the environment. Hoping to correct this error, the boy and his dog and a few dinosaur friends travel back in time, on their cleverly designed time travel machine. They make funny mistakes, such as accidentally saying, "Dragons love Diapers" as the illustration reveals many dinosaurs attempting to tape on their disposable diapers, (what a time travel twist) among other mishaps. All ends well in another happy romp for the taco loving dinosaurs." said.

"A little too zany for me, for the sake of being zany. Dragons love tacos. But now they're out of tacos, so they travel back in time to get tacos, but the time machine is busted and they have to eat tacos to get back to the present? I don't know.

The final page says "everyone loves tacos" and has images of Gandhi, Frankenstein's monster, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Beyonce (I think), Simone Biles (maybe), and Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith's Stinky Cheese Man.

And an alien.

Random for the sake of being random, it seems.
" said.

" I have no idea what just happened in this story. But I know I laughed and I know it would be awesome if tacos grew on trees. " said.

" It wasn't as great as the first one! I mean dragons love diapers!! Seriously?? -_- Not at all creative or funny.. " said.

" Loved it more than the first one!! " said.

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