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“Brian’s Hunt” by Gary Paulsen, is the fifth book in the series. It is about a teenager named Brian who loves the outdoors. He is on a 56 day journey on an island in which he learns to live off the land. While alone on the island he is rescued by a family who lives there. One night he heard a dog whimpering and went to see what was wrong. The dog turned out to be hurt. It had a big cut in the side, in which he fixes up with fishing line. He then realizes it is a house dog and heads out to find the family. He ends up finding both parents were mauled by a bear and their daughter is nowhere to be found. He finally finds her hiding in a boat and tells her what has happened. Brian is now on a mission to kill the bear. He finds the bear and ends up killing it.

Brain is the main character in the book. He is a 16 year old boy who is an avid outdoorsman. He is very down to earth and shows a ton of bravery by killing the bear.

The setting of the story is on an unnamed island that Brian ends up on. This could take place at anytime. The setting is very well described and makes for great illustrations throughout the book.

The main theme in the book is bravery. It takes so much bravery to go kill the bear with basically his hands. Also for being brave enough in general just to stay in the woods for such a long time.

I would rate this book a four out of five because it overall is a great story but it does drags on a little bit. I would recommend “Brian’s Hunt”, to fifth grade and up. If you enjoy hunting or an outdoor story this is a good book to read.Both girls and boys would enjoy this book.
" said.

"I believe that the Gary Paulsen's main idea of Brian's Hunt was to show how a boy can overcome being in a plane crash and getting stranded on an island, and then two years later go back into the wilderness by himself. The book takes place in the wilderness, with Brian alone in the wilderness. This book is told in third person limited. Brian Roberson is the main character and he is in the wilderness for the first time by himself, just two years after he was in a plane crash. He is a little bit timid at first, but throughout the book he starts to enjoy the wilderness. Brian refers to his parents a lot in this book. Brian tries to think of ways to get his parents back together throughout the book, but every time he realizes that his parents will never get back together. Brian overcomes many of the obstacles that the wilderness brings and is very brave throughout the book.

Brian tries to think of ways to get his parents back together throughout the book, but every time he realizes why his parents will never get back together. "He did not hate his parents. He loved them. He'd wanted to see if there was some way he could make the two worlds work together, but he could not; their world was ugly to him and was filled with awful tastes and smells." This shows that even though Brian could try to make his parents get back together, it would never work. Brian's Hunt made me think about and understand how brave a person has to be to go back into the wilderness by their self or go back into any scary place for that matter, just two years after you went trough something as bad as being in a plane crash and being lost in the wilderness by yourself. This book ok. I thought that it could have been better. One example of how the book could have been better was that Gary Paulsen could have made the book describe the title and make the title make sense. I would recommend this book to someone who likes adventure.
" said.

"If I could give it 2.5 stars, I would. Oddly enough - my main critique is its length - too short. The beginning was lovely: descriptions of Brian settling into his life in the woods, finding the dog, journeying together. However, once the "action" starts it moves pretty quickly. Also some cliched use of the "it's personal" trope. Also - Brian comes off a bit of a braggart - assuming that everyone - park rangers to native peoples - doesn't know as much about life "in the bush" as he does. For example, opting not to use a firearm because he is a purist, etc. he is also fairly dismissive of his home life - mom and dad - and seems to lack some basic empathy that his reckless behavior might affect others. Regardless, still a fun story to follow.

" said.

" This book is a great book that I think is perfect for people that like survival and action books. " said.

" Read in an hour, sitting at the library. Yes, I sat at a library reading on my day off. " said.

" Terrific read, novella length. (I'd be more of a feral creature like Brian, but for the mosquitoes and biting flies that are acknowledged in these books but not sufficiently described as the peace-wrecking monsters they are.)Some wonderfully affecting passages about dogs. " said.

"I liked this book. It was OK but it wasn't the greatest mainly because for homework I had to fill out a story map about it. I started it a while ago, when I was first assigned to read a independant reading book around my lexile. And this was it. I picked it because it was my lexile reading range and it was only 100 pages so I thought I could fly through it. I started it, then never got around to reading it, even though I was telling myself to read it. I just wanted to read Stephen King. But I finally picked it up again this morning and it was pretty good. I had read hatchet, but I never read any of the other books that came before Brian's hunt but I knew what was going to happen; he was in the woods and he would be hunting, and find things to survive. And indeed he did. He found a dog and that was his companion throughout half the book. I think the ending was pretty exciting, and it was a fast read, with rather large font, and 100 pages. I thought though that some of the sentences in the book were run-on. For example, one of the sentences near the end of the book was most of a paragraph, following a short sentence, and that was kind of annoying. I do like Gary Paulson as a writer because he is good, and pretty informative about the stuff that you are too find in the woods. All in all it earns a 3/5 stars. Recommended for anybody who has read hatchet, or anybody who likes the works of Gary Paulsen. A fairly light read. " said.

" The saga is over and this book hung. " said.

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