A Growing Suspicion: A Rebecca Mystery (American Girl: Rebecca Mysteries) (American Girl Mysteries) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-02-20 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 4 user ratings

" An okay mystery. Tied up loose ends quite nicely. " said.

" I really enjoyed this book. It is perhaps one of my fav in the AG line. My only criticism of the story is that there is a great deal of info in Japanese culture but not so much of an American Jewish girl. I loved the beauty of the Japanese culture and hope to visit a botanical garden soon due to the story. Imagine sitting in a grand garden reading a book. :) " said.

" I was more excited about the idea of the story than the actual reading of A Growing Suspicion. It wasn't that interesting to me in the "mystery" aspect. I did appreciate the "Looking Back" information on education in gardening and botanical gardens. The Glossary is always a favorite addition to the back of a book for me. " said.

"I enjoyed the realistic friendship between Rebecca and Ana, and the descriptions of the Japanese garden were fantastic, probably made even better for me due to the fact that I had the privilege of visiting one a few months ago, so reading this was like a refreshment of my memory.

As for the mystery, I've certainly read better; I guessed who was causing all the disruptions in the garden before the person was uncovered. It still had all the right lead-up clues, spooky noises in the dark, and suspicious suspects, though.
" said.

"I enjoyed following Rebecca and Ana in the last few weeks of their summer break. Their friendship with the gardener neighbor leads to a volunteer position, and soon they are faced with accusations and mysterious events. The girls take risks that today would be seen as fool-hardy, but seem appropriate at the time. Again, the author presents the girls sneaking out at night by deceiving Ana's parents in order to accomplish their goals. I disagree with the American Girls' philosophy of teaching these risky behaviors to our impressionable tween girls. But the ending is satisfactory, and it is my job as a parent to discuss these concerns with my children." said.

"I've given up on ever loving Rebecca's characters in the books. To me, she's disobedient and selfish, and it bums me out because I was so excited about a Jewish character! I love the parts of her books that deal with Jewish or Russian culture, but it's hard to enjoy too much when Rebecca is constaly disobeying or doing inappropriately things and it just works out in the end.

I did manage to enjoy this book, though it was a poor decision to read this after Addy's really meaningful mystery, which explored race and Reconstruction and poverty and privilege. I really liked Mr. Tanaka and the glimpses into Japanese culture and heritage were great, and I loved the braiding of that with learning to make knishes. But once again, Rebecca was meddlesome and unfocused and impulsive, and the lesson she keeps seeming to learn is to just keep doing it until things work out. Love Ana (who reminds me a lot of Josefina or Melody.)

Come on, Beckie. I want to love you!
" said.

" It was unreasonable to put the blame on Rebecca and Ana, since the trouble started before they got to the garden. " said.

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