Gandhi, Great Soul Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-07-20 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 2 user ratings

" So far I'm really enjoying this. " said.

" This is a really interesting book. I thought it might be boring because it was non-fiction but I loved it! " said.

" A very interesting book dealing with the beliefs, experiences and aspects of Ganhi's life involved with his political activities and their impact on India. I'm very interested in the conficting Hindu/Muslim interests, especially the Muslim, competing for secular political power with the Hindu in an attempt to impose their religious law, Sharia, on a Hindu state that proclaims itself to be secular. " said.

"The biography, “Gandhi: Great Soul”, written by John B. Severance, describes the life of Gandhi, a.k.a. the Mahatma, with eloquent words, helping me vividly picture “the half-naked man with a bamboo stick fighting against the entire British Empire”! The author exceptionally displayed Gandhi’s emotions and personality as he led India to independence, showing how much determination, commitment, and courage was required to create a non-violent revolution. I liked the photos the author collected to show Gandhi and his supporters fighting against the British Empire; the photos truly helped me understand how the British ruled and mistreated Indians back in those days. The only con about this book is that the author gave minimal descriptions about Gandhi’s childhood; he only illustrated the Hindu lifestyle and its caste system. Had the author shown some major events in Gandhi’s childhood, this might have provided more information on what childhood events shaped his values in life. Excluding that, this book was extremely informative and is a brilliant source for those who wish to know a lot about Gandhi. " said.

" During the time of British control in India a young Indian lawyer's efforts to bring equality between the British and Indian start when he's discriminated against on a train ride to visit a client. After being treated unfairly for most of his life he decides to take action and stand up for his people's rights.Through this process he used no weapons but used peaceful methods of satyagraha to make a difference.
I felt like this book offered many accurate facts that could be used for a project. The author was a little opionated in some parts though so if you use this book in a project be cafreful what information you use. For instance John B. Severance mentioned facts about his family life that made seem less of the peacemaker Gandhi was.
I think this book would be greaat for people researchig Gandhi in school for a project or those who are interested in reading about this time period. You might alsolso want to read this book if you're learning about this time period in school and want to thoroughly understand it. Be aware if you are using this as a resource for an assignment like I said before, some of it is opionated.
" said.

" So far I'm really enjoying this. " said.

" This is a really interesting book. I thought it might be boring because it was non-fiction but I loved it! " said.

" I found this book slightly problematic, I often found the bias of the author peeking through and perhaps I was making too much out of it but it was hard to follow and there were these moments of glaring bias that really distracted from gleaning any important information from the book. I was hoping to learn what Gandhi was trying to teach but this book was not that. " said.

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