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UPDATE TIME: 2018-06-10 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 13 user ratings

" Basic Plot: A little girl on her way to visit Grandma gets kidnapped by pirates!This one was a lot of fun. There were great pirate nicknames, funny pirate drawings (though the art wasn't as good of a quality as I'd hoped), and one spunky little girl. The twist at the end was not much of a twist, but for small children who see it coming it's a lot of fun to anticipate. Overall, it was a fun, girl-power story that had my son giggling and me smiling. I'd highly recommend it. " said.

" Final Project: This was a really cute book the illustrations were very fitting for the story and really cute. I liked how this book shows a girl that is not afraid to stand up to the boy pirates. Girls need to know that its ok to stand up to whoever you need to stand up to. I also liked how her mom was a pirate is shows that women can do the same thing that men can do and there is nothing wrong with that. " said.

"When Molly is abducted on the high sea by a boat of men pirates, she outsmarts them and works hard to get a message to her mother - an even more fearsome pirate - and her ship of women pirates so Molly can continue her journey to visit her Grandmother. This would be a great story to read out loud, as Funke develops some great pirate names (e.g. Morgan O'Meany and Willy Wooden Hand) and uses descriptive language meant to be heard. I also enjoyed Meyer's cartoonish illustrations as well, as they have great personality and really fit the tone of the prose. " said.

"Rockin' book. My kids (aka - my students) love pirate tales and this has been a great one to share with them. Molly is a strong female character (and her family is AWESOME!). The book does great things to break down gender stereotypes and expectations -- about what women and girls can do, how they should behave, and their capacity to take care of and provide for themselves. The illustrations are rich and the kids love catching all the exciting little details. A big downfall (for me) is the absence of even a single character of color." said.

"One of the great things about reading with my kids is that books often prompt interesting questions and lead into wonderful discussion that give me insight into my kid's thinking. So what thought-provoking, insightful question did this book bring up? "Mom, what is rum?"

Seriously the pirates in this book cuss (although no swear words actually appear in the book), drink rum and cause all kinds of trouble. Fortunately little Molly is able to outsmart them all and has one scary Momma. This was a favorite of Mya's around the time we were planning her big brother's pirate themed birthday.
" said.

"This young, independent girl seems rather non-plussed when she's picked up by pirates in the middle of the sea. They threaten her with all kinds of doom if she doesn't tell them where her parents are. Meanwhile, she is surreptitiously sending messages in bottles, but we don't know to whom. Great surprise at the end when her mother shows up--and she's the fiercest and dreadest of all pirates. Fun to read a story of a strong independent child who scarcely needs rescuing by her mother because she's so resourceful and brave all on her own. Cute and fun." said.

"When Captain Firebeard's ship of pirates, the Horrible Haddock, comes across Molly in her little sailboat, he makes the mistake of taking her aboard and forcing her to do the worst tasks on board. Molly tries to warn the crew that when her mother finds out about this, they will be in big trouble. Of course, the rough and tumble pirates think she is just full of hot air. However, secretly at night, Molly has been dropping messages in bottles overboard. In the end, the Horrible Haddock meets another pirate ship, surprisingly. Captain Firebeard was sure they were the only pirates in that part of the ocean. But these other pirates are none other than...Barbarous Bertha and her crew! Molly's mother! Boy, is the Horrible Haddock in trouble now..." said.

"I chose this book to read to my little girl, who is 4 yrs old, because she is in love with pirate movies and anything to read about them. However, there are hardly any books or movies that involve females as the main characters in a pirate type setting. This book was exactly what she needed to have read to her. There were no rhyming words in the story line, but the story was short but had several paragraphs on each page. It began with a ship full of drunk, mean, pirates finding a little girl in the ocean on board her own little ship. The mean pirates decided to take her prisoner, in their minds believing that they had a child that had lost her way that was worth lots and lots of money. The little girl, being their captive, tried to tell them to let her go, cause if they knew who her mother was they would be terrified. The mean pirates chose not to believe her and made her work on thier ship. She tore her fingers and hands up by peeling vegtables, scrubbing the deck, shinning the captians boots and so forth. Until, another pirate ship came into view after her being in their captive for a few days. The pirates had no clue that she was writing messages in a bottle and throwing them into the ocean for her family to find, and as she was about to be caught and possibly receive some form of mean, painful punishment, her mother showed up! And all the mean pirates that held her prisoner became very scared, because this little girl's mother was the meanest, toughest pirate on all the seas! Her guards returned her to her mother and they then went to work for her as her mother sent her out on her little ship once again to make the trip she had originally started to her grandmothers home to visit." said.

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