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"This book is about Charlotte Ramsey, who is a new girl at Abigail Adams Junior High. Charlotte has a history of "first day at school" blunders and this one has got to be her worst. At lunchtime the tablecloth gets stuck in Charlotte's zipper causing trays and food to go flying all over the people at her table. Even though she has a difficult start in her new school, Charlotte eventually becomes friends with the least likely people.

This book deals with everything from everyday to unusual situations that a typical 7th grader might have to deal with. I like this book because it is realistic and funny, and because it gives practical advice for girls. The characters are so engaging that by the end of the book, you want to read more. Luckily for you, this is the first of the Beacon Street Girls series so there are more to read.

I would recommend this book for anyone from 5th Grade to High School or for anyone who is looking for some great advice on how to deal with sticky situations. It might also be used by life skills groups for discussion on topics such as dealing with divorcing parents, making new friends in a new school and the "big class field trip," It's also a really fun book for anyone who likes realistic fiction.
" said.

"Ok, well this book is okay. It's about a girl named Charlotte who moves back to her hometown in Massachusetts after living all over the world for most of her life. On her first day of school, she makes the biggest blunder in school history and it seems like the three other girls, (Katani, Maeve, and Avery)don't seem to like her much. But somehow, they make friends. They go to Charlotte's house a lot, so I was not surprised when they found a key in the forbidden tower of her house. Unfortunately, Charlotte has been hiding from the other girls the fact that she and her father are not allowed to go into the tower because the mysterious landlady that owns their house will not allow them to. Also, both Charlotte and Maeve have a crush on this kid named Nick. So anyway, Charlotte is having an internal conflict with herself in deciding whether to tell her new friends about the scary landlady and how they are not allowed to go up into the tower, because she might risk losing them as friends. That's how far I've gotten. It actually seems kind of good, and I might read more books in the series (there's a LOT more). Another thing is that in the part of the book I am reading right now, it kind of seems like the girls are kind of fake because they are making some kind of "Bill of Rights" for their club, and the new rules seem like they are for five-year-olds. I mean, they're kind of obvious. We've been learning about this stuff since kindergarten (no offense to whoever). You'd have to read it to understand what I'm saying. But anyway, it's an okay series, and I'm willing to give it another chance. " said.

"The Beacon Street Girls series is a refreshing and simple series consisting of 15 novels aimed at tween-teen girls. It follows the countlesss adventures of 5 girls, Isabella, Mauve, Katani, Charlotte and Avery otherwise known as the Club BSG. Each novel is relativly short, ranging from about 100-115 pages and has a very interesting plot. This will sound completly cliche, but the girls are just like real life teenagers. I am wondering if Annie Bryant, the author, is young herself. She perfectly captures the mindset of each girl and there different personalities. These girls do not do any heriocs or such but have interesting lives in middle school, being only 12-13 years old. The books focus on friendship, early crushes and growing up. Club BSG experiences the same problems most teenage girls do, heartbreak, annoying parents, first bra etc. They are quick and easy to read plus include some chat boxes and few illustrations. The official website is and I suggest you look at it for games, new books and other cool things.

This particular book in the series, the first novel. Was amazing. Awesome. Fantastic. All of the above. It was about these girls who are all in the same class and group for the beginning of the 7th grade year. They are all very different from each other and do not want to be friends. However, their teacher makes them all have a sleepover after an embarrising incident involving Charlotte's pants getting stuck on the tablecloth causing the whole table and all it's contents to go flying in the air and onto Katani's new top. The sleepover is very good and the girls are all friends and learn to appreciate their differences. But when Charlotte lies what will happen?

Read this book to find out!

" said.

"I love this book! I have read it about 3 times. It is right after Lucky Charm on my favorite BSG books.


Charlotte Ramsey--Charlotte has traveled the world. She has lived in Australia, Tanzania, and Paris. Her father is a very well known travel writer, and her father started moving around after her mother's death. But now, they are back in Brookline, and Charlotte doesn't want to leave!

Maeve Kaplan-Taylor--Maeve dreams of being an actress. Her parents own a movie theater, and her family lives above it. But Maeve has some challenges in her life. She is dyslexic, and she has a hard time in school because of it. She uses a laptop in school, which helps her. She also gets tutored in math.

Avery Madden--Avery loves sports! This girl does it all;socccer, basketball, snowboarding, you name it! Avery has a TON of energy, is passionate about animals, and LOVES TO EAT! Avery was adopted from Korea when she was just a little baby. Her parents are divorced;her dad lives in Telluride, Colorado, and she lives with her mom and older brother, Scott, in Brookline. She also has another brother, Tim, who is in college.

Katani Summers--the Kgirl is a businesswoman. She dreams of having her own line of clothes, called Kgirl. She loves anything that has to do with Math and Science! She has four sisters, Kelley, who is autistic, and Katani shares a room with her, Patrice, who loves sports, and Candace who is currently in college. Her grandmother, Mrs. Fields, is also the prinicpal of Abigail Adams Junior High!


Charlotte has just moved from Paris. She is having a hard time making friends, and has grossed out Maeve, Avery, and Katani with her klutziness. They are giving her the cold shoulder, and Charlotte wonders if she ever will make any friends. Then, their teacher, Ms. R, suggests they have a sleepover, and they bond during that sleepover. They find a stray dog, but they must keep him secret, because the landlady that owns the house that Charlotte and her father live in, is allergic!Maeve also goes on a date with a very cute boy, Nick, but it doesn't turn out as expected...because Nick has hsi eyes on another girl!


I think this book is a great YA book, and many girls will be able to connect with it. This series is a great series about growing up, and having fun!

Stay tuned for my review of the next book, GOOD NEWS/BAD NEWS!
" said.

" Loved, loved, loved it! I read this just because my 12-year old sister made me, and at first I thought it was going to be one of those cliche tween books. I was so wrong! It was actually a very great book about friendships! " said.

" i did not enjoy this book at all. my friend recommended it to me, but i had to push myself to keep reading it. it was way below my level, and not my style at all. " said.

" i dident finish but! i read it and it was stupid and funny:) " said.

" My 10 year old self: This is an amazing book that you will not want to put down. It is about 4 girls, and them getting along, just like real life. It is like BFF, but better. I think this is because it doesn't have any swears and the author is just... different. More me. Anyways, this is a great book. Borrow? Buy? Skip? Absolutely borrow this book, and if you buy books, then buy it. " said.

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