The Little Red Cat Who Ran Away and Learned His ABC's (the Hard Way): Who Ran Away From Home and Learned His ABC's the Hard Way Reviews

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"I wish this alphabet book had been around when my kids were younger! Patrick McDonnell takes the concept book and adds a clever twist: the reader has to figure out what item/event has been added to the illustration that begins with the letter shown on that page. Mainly a wordless picture book (with a couple of exceptions), McDonnell also includes something which many concept books lack: a storyline. Though it's a simple one, it will provide some giggles and remind little ones that maybe the comforts of home are a pretty good thing after all. Verdict: A fun, engaging book to introduce children to the ABCs." said.

"First of all, it's Patrick McDonnell.
This wordless story begins when The Little Red Cat, bursts out the front door of his home, only to be set upon by an alligator, bear, chicken and dragon. Capital and lowercase letters correspond to each new character or event, creating a guessing game for readers. There's even a bathroom break. Readers can make up their own stories while hunting for the letter representation on the page. Although some are obvious, in some illustrations, there may be multiple answers, providing a great opportunity for vocabulary building. (Answers appear at the end.) Fun for all ages and a good mentor text as well.
" said.

"Little Red Cat ends up on quite the chase after accidentally upsetting an alligator, a bear, a chicken, and a dragon. Their chase takes them all over the place, with each page highlighting something or an action that starts with the letter of the alphabet displayed. There's a guide for what each item or action was in the back of the book for those who like to check.

This is a cute and fun adventure through the alphabet. Most of the words are easy to figure out and the fact that the highlighted item or action isn't named gives kids a chance to practice their observation and problem solving skills. A very fun read that's good for kids' brains. This would be really fun to make up a more detailed story about too if you're looking for a creative writing prompt.
" said.

"This cute little story is a tiny twist on the ol' picture/label ABC book. It not only tells a story, but kids have to guess what the letter stands for. ("A" shows a picture of an alligator without naming what it is.) It's a really fun way to engage children in the story and help caregivers have conversations with kids about the books (i.e. dialogic reading). There are a few stumpers that might be very challenging for kids, and a few that can have a couple of interpretations (Many kids for "K" might immediately think "castle" instead of "king."), but it's still worth the conversation it takes to get kids to the "right" answers (which McDonnell also spells out on the very last page). Cute and entertaining and great for one-on-one read alouds or story times." said.

"When you have small children or pets as members of your family (depending on the type of pet, of course) you get in the habit of checking as to their whereabouts before you open any door of your home. The lure of the outside world is strong. You would think the music of the Sirens is calling to them. If they are faster at running through the opening than you are at closing the door, they are soon speeding away like a cheetah. You imagine them yelling at the top of their lungs, "I'm free! I'm free!" (If they are little children, they probably are shouting and laughing these very words.)

The truth is, sometimes being loose in the world is not an entirely positive experience. The Little Red Cat Who Ran Away and Learned His A B C's (the Hard Way) (Little, Brown And Company, September 5, 2017) written and illustrated by Patrick McDonnell follows the adventures of a family feline that makes an escape. As soon as he leaps off the front porch, races down the hill and starts on a straightaway, he realizes he has made a mistake. Without the benefit of words but with award-winning artwork inviting and prompting a story in our minds, we eagerly turn the pages as our twenty-six letter alphabet dictates the flawless flow of action.

My full recommendation:
" said.

"Wordless (or nearly) alphabet book of a little cat who leaves his house and encounters an alphabetical adventure.

I picked this up because I love Patrick McDonnell's other books for kids ( A Perfectly Messed-Up Story and Tek: The Modern Cave Boy were regular read alouds in the library), plus it has landed on both Publishers Weekly's and School Library Journal's best-books-of-the-year lists.

Little Red Cat doesn't disappoint. It's full of cuteness, adventure, humor, and McDonnell's amazing way of depicting expression and emotion through just a few simple dots and lines. Would be great for alphabet lesson or, like all wordless books, to have readers read the pictures and tell the story in their words. A fun challenge might be to have readers write their own alphabetically adventures. Pair with another book that tell a story through the ABCs, like Oops, Pounce, Quick, Run! : An Alphabet Caper.
" said.

"First things first, I won this book through a giveaway.
Second: I'm elated to have won this book!

As soon as I opened the package my three-year-old looked at the cover and said "I love dragon books!" Now, my child loves to be read to and just started to look at books himself and "read" them to every stuffed creature in his room, so for him to instantly love this book made it a win on another level.

I am now a work from home mom, but prior to this I was a teacher and I had read COUNTLESS ABC books and can only list a handful that I enjoyed reading aloud. So many have very little plot or no plot at all. This book tells a colorful story that works not only for the intended early reader, but also for the parent/teacher/caregiver/booklover who is reading it aloud.

Premise: the little red cat runs away, meets several friends along the way, runs into some sticky situations, meets a few kind souls, and eventually makes it home. There is only one word in the entire book and it is so fitting for the age group: "NooooOOOO!" Beautifully thought out and beautifully laid out across two pages in order to keep the alphabet going smoothly.

The artwork is simple and kid friendly, which allows the child to follow the story and even dictate the story aloud with very little help from the reader. This I love. There's nothing better than an early reader who truly believes they are reading and getting the story right from page to page.

All in all, I love this book and would highly recommend it to any toddler parents, educators, or people who like to have a bookshelf filled with alphabet books. Such a great book and by my toddler's demand to "read it again Mama" directly after reading the final page, I gladly give this book 5 stars.
" said.

" Pretty good introduction to meditation for kids. Except I kept thinking that the first thing Henry should do to calm down is drink less lemonade. " said.

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