My First Book of Soccer: A Rookie Book: Mostly Everything Explained About the Game Reviews

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"This is the fourth book in the "My First Book of..." series. It uses photographs of soccer players, cartoon drawings of a girl and boy, and speech bubbles to explain the sport of soccer in a easy to understand way. The photos are full-colour action shots of both men and women's soccer teams. Each page describes a particular part of the game, such as a position or a rule. Some of the commentary in the bubbles are cute jokes that will amuse the reader. A good book to use with a group of young children learning about soccer whether in a school for a physical education class or a community group. The publisher generously provided a copy of this book via Netgalley. " said.

" This fourth entry in this My First Book of... series is just as fun and informative as its predecessors. Featuring a cartoon girl and boy providing commentary and full-color action photos of mens' and women's soccer teams, the basics of soccer are covered. " said.

" This book uses photographs of soccer players, cartoon drawings, and speech bubbles to explain the sport of soccer in a easy to understand way. " said.

"Soccer is a complicated game, but this book breaks down the rules - including all of the extra kicks for penalties and balls going out of bounds. I love this series. It makes things simple and understandable for kids, and it has the little rookie character (in this case characters) making funny comments throughout the book.

We own a couple of these books already, and I will be adding the soccer book to our library. These books are fun to read over and over again, even once your kids know the rules. The pictures are from real life soccer teams, so there's a variety of people - men and women. It can be a little confusing because it's not two teams playing each other throughout the book, but it shows the universality of soccer across the world.

I highly recommend this book and the others in the series.
" said.

" My 5-year-old soccer fan LOVES this book. He'll read it over and over. " said.

"This was a really fun way to learn about soccer. The information is right on and easy to understand. What sets this book apart from others is the narrator's, and the comments. This book uses a combination of animated kids who ask questions and make comments, and real life soccer players (only named on their jerseys) with speech bubbles. The players say things like “don't trip” “hope she stubbed her toes” etc. It's fun. I hope there are more in the series, but I also want a little more information about the players exchanging shirts. Why do they do that?." said.

"Sports are not my thing. When my knee gives me trouble, I let everyone know that it is a marching band injury. But the Sports Illustrated Kids Rookie Books make sports easy to understand for everyone. My First Books of Soccer begins with a description of team size, the object of the game, and a diagram of the field. Photographs of players and officials are used to illustrate each concept that is discussed. Two cartoon kids comment on things they notice and make jokes. One says, "Dribble? Here, take a bib." The other replies, "Oh, sheesh."Speech bubbles are added to the photographs to create even more humor. In a spread showing a player taking a shot at the goal, she thinks "I hope I don't stub my toe" and the goalie thinks, "I hope she stubs her toe." Or when a player fouls another she says, "Sorry! My bad!" and the player who was fouled says, "So not cool!"

A set of these books would be constantly checked out in a library setting, since even those who don't have an ambition to play the spot will still enjoy the funny characters and speech or thought bubbles. It might be an interesting activity to read some of the books in class, and then have students create their own guide books - complete with the additional bubble comments.

If you have a young reader that is into sports and enjoys learning the rules and playing positions, then find this series for them. You will score for sure!
" said.

"Using photos of real pro soccer players with added speech bubbles, two cartoon kid characters, and a pro game scenario, the book explains all the rules of soccer.

This does a good job of covering most of the basics of soccer from terms to player positions to rules, and even includes some trickier rules like off sides and when it’s a corner kick versus a goalie kick. The combination of real photos with added speech bubbles (usually saying humorous things that fit the situation described) should be a hit with kids. It’s an attractive layout. Every other page alternates between guys playing and girls playing, so the book would be good for all kids. The only qualm I had with the book was the way it is presented. Picking up a book with this title, I was expecting the book to introduce young potential players to the game. But that doesn’t seem to be the focus. The book just states that there’s always eleven players per team on the field (when often youth leagues play with just seven), and that there are two 45 min halves (most kids and teens play shorter games than that). So the book seems aimed at prepping kids to better understand watching pro soccer than playing soccer themselves. It also does no introduction of cleats, shin guards, or other soccer gear. Perhaps a better title would have been My First Book of Soccer for Fans. Of course, learning the rules would certainly help prepare young players, but some of the details will be a tad different. Soccer is hands down the most popular sport in our area of the world, so I’m sure our elementary library will consider adding this title.

I received an ARC of this title from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

" said.

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