Come On In, America: The United States in World War I Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-04-13 
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"While I thoroughly admired the intention, the level of detail, and the educational value of this book, at the same time it seemed to be both a little too short and a little too dense. Writing about history for a young audience is tough - I understand that - and from a historical perspective, it really did seem to tell the story of the time period from many angles and perspectives without sugarcoating or hiding challenging truths. It wasn't ALL history or ALL about soldiers, and the inclusion of gender, race, age, and political variation was very welcome!

However, trying to condense so many perspectives, years, ideas, threads, etc into a shorter and younger version also meant that it could be slightly confusing. A little bit too much detail to really read quickly, but not quite enough to follow the whole history as a stand-alone book, particularly since there is a lot of chronology used, but not necessarily in order.

I did love the extensive use of images, including very thorough and relevant captions. These were my favorite part of the book and probably increased my rating all by themselves.
" said.

" Thoughtful, thought-provoking introduction to World War I, the war touted to be the War to End All Wars, Not just for middle grade readers--good for anyone who wants to better understand the era and how America came into the fight. " said.

" This book put World War I in perspective and highlighted, to me at least, exaggerations and inaccuracies I picked up from school about this war. It did a good job explaining new vocabulary for students not familiar with the terms so even if a student didn't have much background knowledge of World War I, they would still find this book accessible. " said.

" This book sounds fascinating and I am hoping to read it soon. World War I is an era I do not know much about, but as it had such a large impact on my parents lives, and my mother just passed, I want to know more. The most education thing I have witnessed so far about World War I is a video game called Valiant Hearts, which truly showed me more than anything they taught me in school. " said.

" Informative, quick read that introduces readers to key points of WWI. I learned some new info about what was happening on the domestic front! " said.

" Though this is technically labelled as a children's book, it's still a nice concise introduction to WWI if, like me, you never got past 1900 in most of your history classes and thus your knowledge of the topic is woeful at best. " said.

"Disclaimer: I read this book as an advance copy from Netgalley. My thanks go to them, ABRAMS Kids and to the author, Linda Barrett Osborne, for this opportunity. The opinions stated in the review are my own.

This is a very interesting look at the events surrounding the United States involvement with World War I. I studied some US history several years ago, both at school and at University, and was fascinated by how the different US political approach to conflict contrasted to that of the European history that I also studied. This book focuses on the build up to and the fighting of World War I from a US perspective and gives an interesting and detailed account of this time in American history. The information is presented with clarity and insight that make it a illuminating read. The text is augmented by photographs which portray both military and civilian life as well as propaganda posters. The text never veers into stuffy fact recounting but gives a human look at the political decisions, the character of the decision makers involved, the prevailing attitudes and concerns to American citizens and the experience of fighting the markedly different form of warfare to any that preceded it.
I enjoyed the details that were included such as the victory garden grown in the White House, complete with sheep to trim the lawn. They certainly would wreak havoc with the security sensors of the modern day White House!
This book has a wide scope but it doesn't feel messy in any way, it balances the importance of the war, the impact it had in both human and social terms and is an excellent text. From reading this there are now areas I wish to learn about in greater details. As a text aimed at young people studying this period in history for the first time I think this would be very suitable.
" said.

"This is a complete history of World War 1. How it started and how typical Americans felt about our participation in it. (Spoiler- we weren't all convinced it was a very good idea) The fact that we passed espionage laws for the first time was telling. The press was censored in all print forms. It should have been the war to end all wars as at was sold to the public but instead by studying this war it is easy to see why WW2 ended up happening. Germany was defeated, but they still occupied parts of France and Belgium.

I was also unaware of the amount and far reach of the propaganda that the US government rolled out to keep public opinion on the side of fighting the war. I think most kids reading this book will find parallels to some of the political issues of today.

The galley copy I read has lots of good photos, a very complete timeline and an excellent bibliography for fleshing out any rabbit trails you might encounter inside.

I'm adding it to my WW1 reading list, and I'll be pre- ordering it. I'll update this post if the print version turns out to be different than this galley.
" said.

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