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UPDATE TIME: 2017-09-15 
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"Rupert the mouse has decided to create a wordless picture book. Unfortunately though, his friends just keep making noise and ruining everything. The two other mice even talk about not talking and keeping the book wordless. They try to help make strong illustrations, but don’t quite understand the concept. Then they start bringing new ideas into the illustrations: vegetarian vegetables, potatoes, superheroes, and even some high brow art. They try miming because they know that is silent, but it still doesn’t stop them chatting. Rupert finally loses it in the end with hilarious results.

This book is so funny that it will have readers laughing out loud. Higgins, author of Mother Bruce, has a great sense of comedic timing, adding just the right commentary by the mice at the best moments. The series of different illustrations is wonderfully funny as are Rupert’s reactions to the other mice. There is a natural quality to their conversations that make it all the more believable that they simply are unaware they are still talking to one another.

The illustrations are exactly what one would look for in an artistic picture book that is wordless, which makes the premise all the more funny. Set in a lush natural area, there are woods, running brooks and other elements. The three mice are cleverly drawn, each distinct from one another in color and attitude.

This is a natural read aloud that will be a wild one to share with a preschool group. Brace yourself for lots of laughs. Appropriate for ages 4-6.
" said.

"Rupert the Mouse (of Hotel Bruce fame) has decided to make his own book. He has some grand plans of creating a wordless masterpiece, which he sees as the cultured works in the picture book world. Unfortunately for him, his two friends are rather chatty and not all that bright, so when they learn what he is up to, they want to help. Rupert of course gradually becomes more frustrated by their incessant talking. All the while, the trio introduces readers to what a wordless book does and doesn't have. Some of the big words, like onomatopoeia are played for laughs. The whole story is amusing from beginning to end, but readers will especially get a kick out of the ending, for when Rupert bursts into a tirade, the tables gets turned and it is Nibbs that reminds him to be quiet. To those who are planning to read this book, make sure to look at the end pages and title card, Higgins does use them to tell the story. Be Quiet is done in the same style as Higgins' previous work with the Bruce character. His three mice allow him to pull out all the stops though. They have long ears, and big mouths; their bodies can be used to express so many degrees of emotion. Readers can tell just by looking at Rupert that he is growing ever more tense and angry. This is a hallmark of a good wordless. Older readers may notice the underlying irony of the book; if you remove the words, you can still make a pretty comprehensible story out of it, just by "reading" the actions of the mice. Whether you enjoy wordless picture books or not, this non-wordless picture book will have you bursting out in laughter. If you loved this one, you will probably also enjoy This is a Moose by Richard T. Morris, and This is a Serious Book by Jodie Parachini." said.

" Delightful strong illustrations--as can be expected by Higgins. This amusing non-wordless meta picturebook is good for a chuckle, but not necessarily a reread. " said.

"A winner with my kids at home and a large group (90+) of elementary-aged summer campers, so there's really no other recommendation necessary. Ryan T. Higgins provides animated, colorful illustrations with beautiful details and no wasted space. The story begins on the cover and doesn't stop for nothing, not even the endpapers, publishing info, or title page. The dialogue pacing makes reading aloud a pleasure. Really though, the humor just shines, incorporating potty jokes, visual gags, and word play. The grumpy vs happy-go-lucky dynamic comes off perfectly.

Best moment for laughs: the onomatopoeia joke.

Update: we've read this so many times, the four-year-old can now say "onomatopoeia" and "visually stimulating" without tripping over his tongue. He does, however, collapse into giggles.
" said.

" Extra star for the line about poking eyeballs with pictures. " said.

""Be Quiet!" by Ryan Higgins is one of my new favorite picture books. This book is intended for 3-6 year olds. I have read it to Pre-k, Kindergarten, and 1st grade classes. They all loved this book. I think it could also be read to older grades because of the humor. It is about a mouse, Rupert, who wants to make a wordless book. Unfortunately, he has two friends who don't understand how to be quiet in a wordless book. The dialog between Rupert and his two friends is hilarious. Rupert gets so angry that he winds up shouting and talking a lot in his own book.

This is a great book to teach dialog. The interactions and conversations between the three characters are written really well. It also could be an introduction to writing a wordless book. You could talk about what an illustrator would need to do to make an actual book.

The author also includes a section where Rupert mentions onomatopoeia. It would be a good way to introduce this literary element. Just be prepared when reading this because the other two characters respond with, "I think Rupert just said "Ima-gonna-pee-a." What do you think THAT means? I think it means he should have gone to the bathroom before the book started." So, young children will find this part hilarious. You might not want kindergarteners to be saying "Ima-gonna-pee-a" all day, so this is just a heads up for teachers who might want to address that part.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. The illustrations are fantastic and it is a great book for the reader to use different voices with the characters. 5 stars from me!
" said.

" Another great book by the author of "Mother Bruce" (also super cute). This one features Rupert the mouse, trying his best to make an awesome wordless book. Thistle and Nibbs are very excited about the idea - perhaps too excited. Poor Rupert... I think this will make a great addition to a preschool/early elementary storytime. " said.

" Hilarious the whole way through, and the images are just beautiful and so charming! That shade of teal on the front will be in every house I own. I can't wait to read his other books! " said.

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