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UPDATE TIME: 2018-04-13 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 5 user ratings

" A look at what happens to an ecosystem when a link in the food chain is removed. " said.

" explains the importance of balance in an ecosystem by showing kids what happens when the wolves leave the island. Not a read aloud book to a group. " said.

" This book is very educational and interesting. It teaches you how important ecosystems are. " said.

" This book is a great resource for discussing eco-systems. The story shows the delicate balance of animals and plants when the top of the food chain- Wolves leave the island. This book could be used from grade 1st-through 5th either as stand-alone story or as introduction to eco-systems. " said.

" This book is Wolf Island by Celia Godkin. This book can be used in 2 to 4 grade classrooms. This book can be used for lessons on the ecosystems and food chains. This book chronicles what might happen when the highest link in a food chain is removed. " said.

" Grades 3-5. Narrative nonfiction, based on true events. A great story about what happens when the food chain collapses because of the loss of a keystone species. Wolves are suddenly not around on a small island-- so certain populations boom, create scarce food resources for others, and then everyone is hungry. Until the wolves come back. " said.

"I am so happy to have this book. this book can teach me so m any thing, so this book is by Celia Godkin. I already read it in Chinese. It's a very good story. I can tell two things in this story, one is the when the wolf cubs were separated from mommy and daddy and had to live alone on an island for a long time because the lake that was frozen when they first crossed it had melted. another thing is the balance in the island is very important in an ecosystem, it show us when the wolves left what happening in the island. From this book I can tell parental love is so great. And in our life we must keeping balance for everything. That story let me remembered the other story. A leader in eco-management let the first day he took office staff cut those bushes, remove the stray leaves, forest suddenly become clean in a day, but a month later, the forest all withered because there is dense withered, withered leaves are often new leaf nutrition. They eliminate the impact of the ecological balance.
I think my classmates will like it too, I will read more story by Celia Godkin. Because that kind of story can teach me so many things.
" said.

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