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UPDATE TIME: 2018-04-13 
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" Loved it! Jackson and I can't wait for the next book to come out. " said.

"E ARC from Edelweiss Above the Treeline

Young Derek is excited because his father is finally coaching his baseball team, but is not happy because Gary, his academic archnemesis, is on the team. Gary is an idiot, and doesn't want to be on the team. His mother wants him to get into shape, and thinks that baseball is a good way for him to accomplish this. He doesn't, and comes late to practice, lies to the coach about having asthma, and constantly bedevils Derek, who then gets into trouble with his father when he reacts. Most importantly, Gary upsets the team, and they don't play well or gel as a group. Derek tries to be nice to Gary and help him improve his skills so that the team does well. His friends Dave and Vijay help a little, but his father tells him he has to solve his own problems.
Strengths: I love that Derek has a contract with his parents about grades, behaviors, and sports, and they hold him accountable for his own actions. He occasionally tries to make excuses, but they basically just have to quirk their eyebrows and he retreats with an apology and takes ownership of the problem. Since I used to "accuse" Picky Reader of things just to circumvent her "But I didn't...", I really appreciated this! The ensemble cast is strong, and the books have good lessons and lots of baseball.
Weaknesses: Dave's parents finally show up, but I think it is weird that usually Dave is cared for by the family chauffeur, who is also a coach. That just seems so unlikely to me! Maybe it's like the East Coast nannies that I don't understand.
What I really think: Paul Mantell does a fabulous job. This looks like it will go to ten books, and each book will address a certain tenet of Jeter's philosophy. I would rather they be stand alones, but they are serviceable baseball books, if a bit preachy.
" said.

"Jeter Does it Again!
I have always been a fan of the Derek Jeter book series, and I received this book for Christmas. This book continues to talk about the childhood of Derek Jeter, and I must say it was just as good as the first two. Derek's dad has finally agreed to coach his little league team, and Derek thinks this will be the year they win it all.
This book was very entertaining and a nice quick read. I read it in one day. The authors craft is not what you might find in a higher level book, but for the age group intended it is very good. I would recommend this book the readers who enjoy sports, baseball specifically. All in all, if you are looking for a good, quick read, Check out Change Up by Derek Jeter.
" said.

" Really good book actually. Best book in the series. " said.

" " said.

" Derek is in 5th grade, and his task is to helphis teammates learn the game. He helps teach David how to pitch, and his class nemesis, Gary, how to catch, field, and hit. He plays for the Indians this season, often playing shortstop, and his dad is his coach finally.The Contract and what he needs to abide by is at the heart of all of these books. " said.

" I thought that this book was great. This book was about Derek Jeter. This book was about his little league team and how there was this boy was annoying Derek and his dad punished Derek. After that Derek helped the kid get better at baseball. " said.

"Derek Jeter's amazing book change up shows how hard he had to work on his life struggles. this book is really inspiring and teaches many lessons to the younger ones. If you are a baseball fan, then I recommend this book because it shows how one of the worlds best players had to work really hard; not only on his game, but on his social aspects as well.
At first, Derek is really excited to have his dad finally coach his team because his dad is, "the best coach ever". But then things take a turn for the worst when Derek discovers that Gary Parnel, the one who thinks baseball is stupid, the one who competes with Derek, the one who hates all physical activities, is on his team. If this wasn't bad enough already, Gary was PURPOSELY sabotaging Dereks chance at finally winning the championship. Derek then has to learn that he can't let Gary distract him so he takes a huge risk that, luckily, ends up going to his favor. Gary now has to go to batting practice with Derek and this 1 hour batting practice changed the entire season.
" said.

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