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UPDATE TIME: 2018-07-18 
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"Kyle has made it onto the Lemoncello Library Board of Trustees. Luigi Lemoncello, the famous gamemaker, has rivals, though. While his games are fun, inventive, and original, his competitors, the Krinkle brothers, have boring games that they stole from Mr. Lemoncello. No wonder the Krinkle bros always feel left in the dust! However, they use not nice methods to make sure Lemoncello's games go out of business. Can Kyle help save his idol? Or will he believe the Krinkle's lies?

I thought this book was okay. The original book was wonderful, but it could have been a standalone book. I love the fantastical technology Chris Grabenstein dreamed up, and I recommend this book to other (younger) readers. As Mr. Lemoncello would say, this book was WONDERMOUS!
" said.

"A fantastic addition to the Mr. Lemoncello series! I felt like there weren't as many riddles in this one to solve, which I missed, but I like the quest for truth in research. Accepting information without doing research is a huge problem these days, and kids who read this will definitely learn some of the better ways to dig into the facts than just googling. I would have liked a bit more drama, but it's a kid'sbook, so I get why everything happens relatively simply. Still, one of my favorite kids' series now.

I liked the story arc better in this book than in the Library Olympics, though of course Charles Chiltington and his horrid family had to return. Without spoiling, I shall end with an always relevant notion reiterated in the pages of Mr. Lemoncello's Great Library Race:
"Public opinion can often be swayed by emotion with little regard for facts. If the story is fascinating enough, facts may not matter to those hearing it." Truth.
" said.

"Grade 3 and up; excellent third book in the Mr. Lemoncello series. I am so impressed and grateful that author Chris Grabenstein can consistently make libraries, reading, and in this case the research process thrilling and fun for young readers. In this entry, teams of kids compete in an elimination-style race around the country to research several historical holograms Mr. Lemoncello is debuting at his library. While a theme of the previous Lemoncello book was intellectual freedom, here the emphasis is on the importance of careful research: not just accepting the first result of a search, taking care to not be influenced by personal bias, and questioning sources. These are incredibly timely and important skills for young readers, and the writing is so age-appropriate and the plot so exciting that it never feels preachy or boring. Grabenstein also manages to work in the value of perseverance and resilience even in the face of failure. Readers will be inspired. Highly recommended." said.

" Meh. Seems like as these books go along they get more juvenile instead of the characters developing. Was bored to tears the first half of the book, finally got better when they went on their real research and enjoyed the last 45% or so of the book. " said.

" This is a FANTASTIC story that stresses the important of research as well as reliable sources. I can't wait to share bits and pieces of it in research lessons and have students read it. As usually Mr. Lemoncello doesn't disappoint!! " said.

"Chris has done it again with the third book in this wonderfliffic series! A strong plot with a twist halfway through that is nicely foreshadowed for adults but will still catch many unawares... I did expect to see Charles play a larger role... the book picked up after the twist as well... it's a solid 4.5 stars compared to the first two books, but 5 stars by other standards... the bar is so high on this series! Loved the sprinkling of book titles throughout the text both overtly and covertly and the humor... I still wish Chris would play Lemoncello because I can picture it as I read.

Here's to book 4 coming out soon:)
" said.

" This book is like a fictional TED Talk for kids. Chris Grabenstein is on point as he address the topics of failure, digital literacy, research skills and fake news. It's actually right in line with some of the training I'm providing to our library staff at the moment. I have recommended the Mr. Lemoncello series for library professionals before and I will do it again with this one. I'll also get the Mr. Lemoncello boardgame if one is ever invented! " said.

" One of my favorite series as a librarian, but definitely a niche series for kids. With introduction and urging from teachers, though, they gobble these up! Book 3 is another solid addition to the series, and I actually liked it better than book 2. Book 1, however, remains my favorite in the series. " said.

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