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" This is a darling story. She doesn't want to read until she's climbing a stack of her unread books to rescue her cat. The books go flying and all the characters come off the pages and into her room. She doesn't know which book the animals belong in so she sits down and starts to read. They recognize their stories and jump back in. She misses them and so she's reading to be able to see them again. " said.

" The book tells the story of a girl named Meena and her "struggles" with books. It is a fun and short story, but it does have some valid lessons to teach children. The first lesson is that you will never know if you like reading or not, if you do not try it first. The second lesson I believe it taught is that books are always there and can be reread for enjoyment.I thought the storyline did a very good job at keeping the readers interest about the actual books! " said.

"Perfect example of how books can come to life! Meena expresses her passion on how much she hates books, reading and anything else that has to do with them. The author writes with great tone and voice that the reader can not help but appreciate. The watercolor illustrations are also very captivating. The message of this story is that if you don't like books or reading now that doesn't mean that you won't like them later. To enjoy reading you must enjoy the book. So find a genre that captures your interest and as a result you will find a book that captures your attention. I really liked the ending and I'm sure Meena's parents did as well! " said.

"The Girl Who Hated Books by Manjusha Pawagi was such a wonderful read! It was about a girl who had a bad attitude about books because her house was packed full of them. A stack of books fell on top of her and her cat and the animals and characters in the book came alive! She couldn't put the characters back into their corresponding books because she didn't read them! Then she started to read a book and the characters calmed down and went back into their books. By the end of the book Meena was reading and she started to like reading books. I think this is a great read for children who aren't excited about reading, they can see that reading is fun and they should begin to love it! " said.

"I think this picture book was inspirational especially for those that never found pleasure in reading. In this book, Meena was surrounded by books everywhere in her house but she absolutely hated reading. The books were always in her way and her parents would not stop collecting more and more books. In the pursuit of rescuing her cat Meena knocked down a tall pile of books and all of the characters began falling out of the pages. In order to get all the animals and people back in their original books Meena had to read all the books out loud. After all the characters were back in the books she realized she did enjoy reading. She finally gave books a chance and found happiness in all of the stories. Meena finally realized that reading is not always boring and that it can be an adventurous. " said.

"The girl who hated books is a very cute and clever story. I think it is relatable to almost every child out there because they have all gone through that “I hate reading” phase, I know I did. But, I think if one of those children read this book they would get interested and curious to see what other adventures and exciting things they can read about. I thought it was interested to have the parents be the big readers in the family. I think if it wasn’t for her parents having all those book assessable to her the girl would have never “fell” into reading. I love the message of you never know what adventures are held in a book until you pick one up and read it. Not all book are boring and I think that is a big misconception that all kids have about books. I would love to have this book in my classroom to prove to my students that books could be fill with amazing and fun things if you just give them a chance and read one. " said.

"I was pleasantly surprised with the story of Meena and her disdain for reading. A quick synopsis of the book shows Meena and her cat, two stubborn and feisty characters, that hate reading even though they are surrounded by it. Meena is pushed by her parents to read at every turn, which in turn, creates a barrier for Meena to actively enjoy books. It seems as though books are shoved in Meena's direction in every room of the house, with books in spots they have no business being. From a child's perspective, I can see how Meena might not particularly be that intrigued with the initial thought of reading, seeing as how it almost seems as it is forced down her throat. However, once she stumbles across the magic inside the stories she reads, a whole world opens up for her.

Two things I particularly enjoyed in the book was how Meena discovered her love for reading - the must climb a large stack of books in order to rescue her beloved cat and as she does so, the books fly everywhere and all the characters find themselves in her room. It was a creative plot twist that I think children would find fascinating. I also really enjoyed the illustrations as they stood out a bit more than a few of the other children's books I have read, and I believe that would capture the eye of children, too.
" said.

"The Girl Who Hated Books by Manjusha Pawagi, with illustrations by Leanne Franson, is a much longer book than I expected when I picked it up, but it was well worth the extra two minutes that it took to read.
The cover picture shows a young girl who we learn is Meena--the title character--walking through a room in which every piece of furniture, as well as the floor, are covered by books. She has a very grumpy look on her face as she kicks a book out of her way. I looked at the remainder of the illustrations before reading any of the story and I found myself thinking, "No wonder she hates books, I would too if I had to move them out of my way just to be able to eat at the dinner table." I also wondered if her parents ignored her a bit, based on an illustration of the family having dinner and Mom and Dad each had a book that they were discussing with the other, apparently not talking to the girl at all. The illustrations continue and we see a large pile of books collapse and their characters fall out of them. Meena seems as upset about them coming to her house as they are about leaving their own worlds, as is evidenced by a terrified-looking rabbit and a wolf that is crying. After this mass chaos, Meena is shown reading to the books' characters. All are more calm and an egg (most likely Humpty Dumpty, who presumably fell and broke, as he often does) has a band-aid holding him together and is listening with all the other characters. The last page shows Meena sitting in a room alone, happily reading as her parents stand in the doorway with shocked looks on their faces.
The story goes exactly how one would expect based on the illustrations. The thing I loved the most was a page after most of the characters had returned to their books, which they did as Meena read the stories they belonged to. The last character to leave was Peter from The Tale Of Peter Rabbit. Meena was sad to see him go because she suddenly felt lonely. The moral of the story comes when she looks around and realizes that all of the new friends she just made were still there with her, just in the books. All she had to do was read their books and she would be able to see them again.
It was a well-written story with very telling illustrations. While a bit more wordy than I like for reading to a class (because the kids I work with tend to get wiggly after just a few minutes) I would recommend it as a book for parents to read to their kids. Sometimes kids really just don't understand that there are all kinds if new adventures to go on and new people to meet just by opening a book.
" said.

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