The 65-Story Treehouse (The Treehouse Books) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-04-11 
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" Guest review: Jack (7)It was really good. I read it in two days, it was so good. And it was really funny. " said.

" I think this treehouse is bizarre with an invisible level! This house is also hazardous. How can somebody live while their body is sliced up? Very weird. " said.

" If you like books that are exciting and have actions, made up characters(unreal animals, superheroes)and made up things this would be the perfect book for you " said.

" Het blijft leuk om boeken voor kinderen te lezen om te weten wat er speelt in de leefwereld van mijn kind/klas. Heel leuk boek wat kinderen aanzet tot lezen. Leest heel erg vlot en heeft heel veel leuke en grappige tekeningen. " said.

" Melanie was starting to lose interest in this edition and she did not seem to enjoy it as much as the previous books. She responded to it like listening to it was a chore. I actually enjoyed the historical references.... but it still remained silly and zany (to much so for me to like it). It makes me feel like the Military Officer telling Monty Pythons Flying Circus to not be so silly. " said.

" Snabbläst, även som högläsningsbok. 9-åringen älskar skiten, själv tycker jag det räckte med en bok i serien (som åtminstone är uppe i sex böcker, vad jag vet). Tramsigare än såhär kan det nog inte bli, med skamlös utfyllnad som innebär att man kan bitvis kan läsa tre, fyra uppslag på hälften så många sekunder. Inget för vuxna. " said.

" This is a wonderful book for kids that don't really enjoy reading. It shouldn't take long for them to read and look through. The illustrations are beautiful and really catch their attention. My daughter loved it, she read it within an hour or two. The pictures will keep their attention, and they may just learn a thing or two. " said.

"Go on a journey with Terry and Andy as they show you around their 65 storey treehouse with a pet grooming salon, a time machine and many more rooms to come. This book is full of adventure and craziness as Andy And Terry show you around their treehouse and take you back in time in their "time machine". The 65 Storey Treehouse By Andy Griffiths and illustrated by Terry Denton was published on the 16 of August 2015. The novel is the fish instalment of the book series. Since then three more books have been released with the newest one scheduled for release in late August, 2017.

Andrew "Andy" Noel Griffiths is a 55-year-old Author specialising in comedic books. Andy is well known for multiple novel series such as the "just" series and the "bums" series. Before Andy became a world renown Author. Before Andy started writing children's books he was the lead vocalist of alternative rock bands by the name of "Gothic Barnyard" and "Ivory Coast". Andy's illustrator and long-time friend Terry Denton are renown for the family enjoyable books that is fun for all ages. The 65 Storey Treehouse best fits the description of a comedic/humour genre due to the amount of unreasonably "wacky" nature which can be depicted even through the title of the book.

The 65 Storey Treehouse has multiple time periods as it is based on the use of a "time machine" so years they visit range from the present and stretch way back to 65 million BCE. A lot of the content is set around the treehouse but other places visited throughout the book include their friend Jill's house and ancient Egypt to name a few.

The plot line is one of the best that Andy Griffiths has created in my opinion with the same follow through as the other books with the protagonist having to make a book for Mr Bignose but has also made it stand out from the other books. Andy and Terry have to travel back in time to get more content for their book and face challenges along the way that might jeopardise the time that the book was due to be given to Mr Bignose.

My favourite character in the book and throughout the entire book series is Terry due to his hilarious attitude towards everything something that also that I relate to is the sense of cowardliness that is present within the character which makes the character very humorous and is fun to follow throughout the book.

My favourite part of the book and in all of the books throughout the series is the video call with Mr Bignose. It is probably the most creatively free part of the book and is the place you can imagine the voices and play out the dialogue in your head and can really make the book that little more personal. The way it is worded is heavily dialogued which is probably the only thing that I don't like about the book. This book is highly enjoyable to the extent that I read it in one sitting. The overall theme of the book series is to finish the book for Mr Bignose which is a nice touch as the theme is shown throughout.

The 65 storey treehouse is a really enjoyable book and I highly suggest it to anyone who wants a quick read and loves a good laugh. I would suggest the book to all ages but it might be challenging to younger children. I highly suggest reading the other books in order before you read this book.
" said.

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