Lunch Lady And The Author Visit Vendetta (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-04-11 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 30 user ratings

"I am going with OK. I liked it because it had a very funny aspect and at the same time the drawings were funny . I don't see really were the idea of a lunch lady being a main character is but that is what makes the book itself unique. On the other hand there is a reason why i rated the book 4 not 5 stars. I did not think it was very interesting. The topics are some what odd too. I think I remember one book being about a stolen painting and the lunch lady saved it and stopped the robbers but that is what it is like. Although I have respect for the author who wrote this book since they worked hard." said.

"Way funnier than I expected in a very campy way, I'm probably going to entertain a few more of these to get a larger picture of the entire series. I chose this one for obvious reasons and the story was surprisingly mysterious with an author visit to the school that leads to the revelation that the author, because of his pathetic athletic skills from his own schooling years, is kidnapping and hypnotizing gym teachers across the country to serve as servants for him as payback. So, the lunch lady and a few of the kids join forces to stop the author's evil ways and fight some bunnies along the way.

I love the graphics, the lunch lady is cool with her food-inspired quips, and they're simple yet complicated all at the same time.
" said.

"The gym teacher disappears after a famous author visits the school. When Lunch Lady looks into the case she finds that gym teachers are missing from all around the country. Wht do the schools have in common? All of the schools invited the author for a visit.

The kids and Lunch Lady team up to free the gym teachers hypnotized into servitude. In addition to the main action, Terrence hopes to join the soccer team. His skills in rescuing the gym teachers and thwarting the author's getaway serve as a worthy tryout and he becomes a valuable member of the soccer team.

Great action, good motivation behind the author's vendetta, and a great secondary story concerning Terrence and the soccer team. Recommended for boys and girls grades 3-5.
" said.

"This is the second in this series that my daughter has read and she enjoyed this just as much as the first. I'm not sure whether it's a good thing or bad that these can be read in a single session... It would be nice to get more 'value' out of it by stretching it out over three nights, but on the other hand, this makes for one compact episode.

I really enjoyed this too. My only eye-roll is directed at the character of Dee; it's clear now that Dee conforms to what I call the 'Hermione Trope'. We see it in Monster House and, well, all over the place: A gang of three kids, two boys and one girl fall into adventure. The girl in this situation is always the same -- imperative, annoying and the one in charge of looking up books and doing research.

This is a minor annoyance though, and I appreciate that the superheroes in this book are two lunch ladies.
" said.

"Lunch Lady and the Author Visit Vendetta by Jarrett J. Krosoczka is the third of the Lunch Lady series. Dee, Terrence and Hector are excited to have a favorite author at their school. When the author isn't what they expected and the school coach goes missing, the kids and the Lunch Lady (with trusty Betty at her side) must investigate.

As far as set ups go for this series, this one seems the least plausible. The whole set up is based around an incredibly famous and wealthy children's author who hates children and hates making public appearances. The author's evil scheme, though, is amusing.

My reaction to book three is hit or miss. It will either work for you or it won't. So far my favorites are books two (Lunch Lady and the League of Librarians) and four (Lunch Lady and the Summer Camp Shakedown).
" said.

" I must say that I have never been to an author-signing, but if I went to one, and an author refused to sign my book, it would make me very upset, and I would probably never read any of said author's books again.
In Book #3, we see a famous author, who writes the *Flippy Bunny* books come to the school. He gets kinda tizzed that he must do his signing in the gym instead of the library, and even refuses to sign one child's book just because it has a small bend on the cover. And, furthermore, he kidnaps the gym teacher, just as he has done to several others.
Later on, Lunch Lady finds out about the kidnappings, and goes to his house to rescue the gym teachers. Coincidentally, it's on the same afternoon that the children decide to go get the bent book signed, so they are both there when it all goes down, and work together to save the teachers for the evil author.
I cannot read or review V4, since the library did not have it. But, I will be reading and reviewing V5 soon.
" said.

"This one kept my children in a state of fascination. Seeing the Breakfast Bunch in another adventure with their favorite Lunch Lady. It did the same for me. This Book covers the theme of Bullying and what kind of damage it can cause in a new exciting way. You learn about an author who wasn't picked on your typical verity of bully. He was bullied by his gym teacher and how does he get revenge you ask by kidnapping gym teachers from across the country. I know what your thinking an author kidnapping gym teachers but it does happen at least in Lunch Lady. The wonderful thing is Lunch Lady and the Breakfast Bunch are there to save the day. The reason I loved this is because it shows the long-term effects that bullying can have on some people. The torment it can have cause kids into Adulthood. I enjoyed this one the most out of the first three because it shows something important to kids about what bullying can do to people. It also shows three kids who see that they don't have to do negative things and can choose to do positive things." said.

"I really loved this children's graphic novel. I thought it was hilarious and creative -- while saving gym teachers and kids alike, Lunch Lady and her trusty sidekick Betty invent and use all sorts of clever contraptions meant to look like school lunch food items (a laser that looks like a ketchup packet, special headphones that let them hear conversations all over the school but that look like a hamburger, etc.) I loved the artwork, as well -- Lunch Lady has some of the best 80's hair I've ever seen.

Amazon says the reading level is ages 9-12, but I disagree. It was shelved in the 3rd-6th grade area of our library, and I think that's appropriate -- just the kind of humor and action that appeals to kids of that age. I could picture lots of the elementary school kids that are regulars at the library loving this story, and I plan to recommend it enthusiastically to anyone of that age who likes humor or superheroes (Betty and Lunch Lady even have a secret lair beneath the cafeteria kitchen!). Booklist and School Library Journal place it for grades 3-5 and grades 2-4, respectively.
" said.

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