Tomorrow Girls #2: Run For Cover Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-12-24 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 26 user ratings

" I loved this book!! I liked it more then the first one. The catch of this story was that it's at Rosie's point of view and not Louisa's. My favorite parts of the book are when they were at this small little shack and wake up to be hearing Mrs. Brewster their principal at CMS. She wanted to have a alliance meeting. My other favorite part was at the ending when someone of the seven, Drew, Maddie, Louisa, Rosie, Alonzo, Evelyn, and Ryan disappear into the alliance's hands... or at least they think. " said.

"Run for Cover is the second book in the Tomorrow Girls series and I liked it much better than the first book. While the first book is a little dull until the last 50 pages, Run for Cover starts out with a fast paced escape and doesn't let up until the end. I thought Rosie was a more interesting character than Louisa and her backstory is better. The near captures and escapes are executed a little too easily, but it's what the story going. I wasn't planning on finishing the series after the first book and only read the second because it came as a set, but now I think I might buy the rest. I have to find out what happened! A completely G rated book from start to finish for upper elementary and middle school girls." said.

" Title: Tomorrow Girls Run For Cover Author: Eva Gray # of pages 207 Genre: Realistic Fiction

This book is a sequel. The first book that you need to understand this book is Tomorrow Girls Behind The Gates. This book is about a girl named Rosie and she is escaping the ALSU which is a camp where teenage girls go to while the War is going on. She is escaping with 2 other girls and 2 boys. They are escaping because they found out the the ALSU is on the Canadian side, and was going to have their parent pay all their money to get the girls and boys back. So now the ALSU knows that the girls have escaped and it just talks about their journey to get home, but at the end of the story the ALSU gets a girl named Maddie when they were almost home so now the 2 girls and 2 boys are going to go get Maddie. That’s what I’m guessing the 3rd book is going to be about
" said.

"A great addition to the first book in the series. This one is told from the perspective of Rosie, the girl who most think is too cold towards the others. But once readers hear her story, you begin to understand why she is the way she is. She's keeping secrets that could get her and her family in trouble. And it makes her that much more relatable because instead of this tough character, she's actually afraid. Afraid of everything, all the time. She just tries to hide it from the others to act tough.

I really liked her story, and I think of the group she is my favorite. She is the most complex, and though she acts like she knows everything, she has a reason for it. Once I heard her side, she stopped seeming so snobby to me and became real. Of the girls, I think I would like to get to know her the best.

" said.

"A couple of weeks ago, I read the book series "Tomorrow Girls" in English without using a dictionary. It has a 4-book series and 4 different main character speak in the each different book. So, when I started reading the second one, I really got confused because in the second one, the main character was different from the first book.

The book series was so interesting that I couldn't put down my Kindle, and I finished reading all of them for 2 weeks. The story belongs to the near future novel and 13 year-old teenaged 4 girls save the world. While surviving the world, they try to save the world and you can enjoy reading their growing processes. You can feel as if you are with them. There are full of thrill.

Although each book was fun, my favorite one is the first book and I like the main character of the book. The book series help me improving my reading speed a lot. The books series became the best books ever for me in this year!
" said.

"I love Rosie's character through out the book, defiant, knowing, and undeniably right She is plagued throughout the book with thoughts of Wren, her sister, and distrusts Drew..for a while.

Although this is a good book, it isn't as emotionally captivating as others. But don't let my lone, or anyone's lone review stop you from reading this book, I would look at multiple reviews before making a decision. And as a reader, perhaps why I wasn't as "satisfied" with the book as I could have could because it is for slightly younger audiences (I found it in the juvenile section) and maybe juvenile books don't talk much about the feelings of the character, or say them as well, because, maybe to a younger kid, it might not matter as much.

But I can tell you without a doubt, that this book is safe, as in there is no too mature content (eg. no sex, swear words.) But, you already knew that. Just like Little Women doesn't have swear words in it. Okay.
" said.

"Rosie, Evelyn, Louisa, and Maddie are four young teenage girls who were sent to a remote boarding school to keep them safe from the war. But the girls discovered a terrible secret - their boarding school was run by the enemy, the Alliance, who tricked parents into sending their children there to be used as hostages - and decided to escape.

This book picks up right where book one, Behind the Gates, left off, as the girls decide to try and find their way to Chicago to reunite with their parents and expose the truth about the school. Shortly after, they run into three boys from the nearby boys' boarding school, who are away from the school on a camping trip and who decide to join them after learning the truth about their schools. This time the narrator is Rosie, who has a secret - she knows all about being on the run, because her wealthy parents arranged for their illegal immigration to the United States after their home in Mexico was destroyed. She takes on the job of leading the group, but can she bring them to safety, especially when they find themselves trapped in Alliance-occupied Canada?

While I enjoyed the continuing story of the four girls, and will definitely read the final two books to find out how the story concludes, I had the same problem with this book as I did with book one. There's no information at all about who the Alliance is and what caused the war, just that it happened after life had already changed in the United States due to climate change and natural disasters. I'm still hoping the other books in the series will have an explanation, despite this being a middle grade book I think there should be something more than just "There's a war with bad people on the other side." I think this series would still be a good choice for younger readers who are interested in the popular dystopian genre but not ready for young adult books, and even for older readers who want a quick read. I just wish the background of the story had been a bit more detailed.
" said.

"Revised version posted on Luxury Reading and shortened version posted on my blog, Books and a Cup of Tea.

When Louisa, Rosie, Evelyn, and Maddie learn the truth about Country Manor School, Rosie finds herself running once again. This time, though, it's because CMS has a secret - it belongs to the Alliance, the opposing team to the War raging around them.

Now, self-appointed leader Rosie finds herself not only trying to protect herself, but three other girls as they flee the school. Rosie does perfectly fine surviving on her own, but can she also take care of three other girls?

And on top of that, the four girls run into three boys from the school across the pond, who want to go with them. Rosie has secrets - should she risk her secrets getting exposed to save them?

Run For Cover is told in first person perspective, through Rosie's eyes. I found this a great way to give each girl their own opinion and a great chance to elaborate further with each girls' personality.

Rosie is definitely the strong, go-getter, independent sort and Eva Gray writes her character amazingly. Gray gets the point across just how terrified and untrusting Rosie really is, despite how rock hard she is on the outside. This is a definite change of pace from Louisa's optimistic, carefree personality, but quite welcome.

Even though it's told through Rosie's eyes, all the other characters have solid personalites that shine through. I enjoyed getting to know each one further.

The writing is simple, yet effective. Both Behind the Gates and Run for Cover have a younger feel to it that some YA readers would not enjoy, though. I didn't mind it at all and I wouldn't let the younger feel stop you from reading them both, unless you aren't open to middle grade fiction or juvenile YA at all.

The plot was semi-predictable, with only a few twists I didn't see coming. This was not a bad thing in my book (no pun intended) at all, though. I thoroughly enjoyed reading further into the adventures of Louisa, Rosie, Evelyn, and Maddie and I was silently rooting them on the entire time.

Overall, if you're looking for a fast and fun read, definitely check this series out. I read both Behind the Gates and Run for Cover in a few hours. I will definitely be reading the third in the series, With the Enemy.

I give Run for Cover a four out of five stars.
" said.

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