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UPDATE TIME: 2017-09-13 
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"The first thing I thought of when seeing this book was a day when a neighbor claimed he would jump off the 32' top tier of the diving tower at a local pool. As everyone watched, he climbed to the top, then chickened out and went down to the 24' level, then down to 16'. I don't remember if he eventually stopped at 8' and finally jumped or climbed all the way back down.

I liked the different views/angles in the illustrations, and the ways that words comprised some of the objects. It could be fun to project and eBook when reading aloud.
" said.

"A universal conflict, diving in, jumping off the high dive where it is real, like Jabari's jump, or whether it's metaphorical, is in giving it your all. I appreciate the father-son family moments in tho sweet book.Many times PoC aren't depicted w/fathers & sons doing something so intimately connected. (Fathers always gone, in jail, you know the drill that is painted...) The tone sod blue are refreshing as is our MC, Jabari, who feels his energy down to his tiptoes. He's ready to jump! And Dad admits, we all are a bit scared at times, even the adults. A must read!" said.

"Anyone that's ever faced the high dive (or similar fears) will certainly be able to relate to this awesome picture book. For me there was the high diving board on top of a raft in the middle of the lake at Springbrook Campground. But they had a rule, that if you climbed up the ladder, you had to jump off the diving board. Apparently they were more worried about folks slipping on the ladder trying to come down. I climbed up, lost my nerve, and then spent the entire afternoon up there. Finally I had to jump because my family was ready to leave. At any rate, I loved this book because we can all root for this young man that is trying to muster courage to take the leap. This would be a terrific mentor text for writing personal narratives about facing fears." said.

"Jabari wants to jump off the high dive. Jabari lets kids go ahead of him in line while he thinks of what kind of jump he wants to do. Jabari thinks today might not be the best day to jump. This book is a perfect read for summer or even early fall, as we think about all the fun that going swimming and jumping into a pool brings. Dad senses his Jabari's reluctance and offers a great tip -- when he's not sure he's ready to do something, he looks forward to the surprise it will bring. Jabari loves surprises!
Jabari Jumps is a book that my students and I loved! As a teacher-librarian, I love that this book has a sensitive male role model, and I could use the idea to discuss mindset topics with students. Great read aloud!
" said.

"This is totally my problem! Sort of. Last summer I was determined I was going to dive off the diving board at the pond. It's not as high as the diving board at Jabari's pool (that shit's scary) but I was convinced I was going to dive, not jump. Then every time I climbed up and walked to the edge -- I just panicked. There was no way I was going off that thing head first, and I couldn't convince myself otherwise. But maybe this summer I can take inspiration from Jabari and his incredibly reassuring, comforting father. And I know this is the perfect book for any kid facing similar issues -- which I suspect both of my kids will, since we are all a little timid. Also, gorgeous illustrations. Highly recommended for the slightly older picture book crowd." said.

"A wonderful book about facing your fears. Jabari loves to swim but is afraid of jumping off the diving board. His dad shares with him that when he is scared he takes a deep breath and sometimes he feels less scared and it feels more like he is awaiting a surprise. In the end, Jabari decides to face his fear!

Loved the message about how even adults can get scared but how it can be a good thing to conquer your fears. It's really a sweet book that shows a loving relationship between father and son. And of course it is always nice to see some diversity in children's books. I recommend this book to any kid between the ages of 4-8 years old.

I won a copy of this book from PragmaticMom but was under no obligation to post a review. All views expressed are my honest opinions.
" said.

"Great story about being brave and trying something new. Readers will relate to Jabari's dilemma. The page showing Jabari's point of view from the top of the diving board looking down is scary, but Jabari takes dad's advice, breathes in to calm himself and he jumps. The artwork mix watercolor with some collage with soft colors. It is wonderful to find a book with the dad as the accompanying and loving parent (who waits patiently with a younger sister). An exuberant ending.

Packaged nicely -- front cover shows a tentative Jabari at the top of the diving board, end papers are blue with water bubbles, title and dedication page have Jabari putting on his swimsuit and goggles, the back cover shows him holding dad's hand and smiling as they walk (hinting that all went well), and when you remove/peek under the jacket you find Jabari leaping into the water.
" said.

"When Jabari, his baby sister and his father arrive at the public swimming pool, Jabari really wants to jump off the diving board. He’s passed his swimming test, he finished his swimming lessons and he’s NOT scared but he will wait until

 all the other kids go before him,
 he rests a bit,
 he stretches a bit,

Then Jabari thinks tomorrow might be better for jumping until his father tells him that it is okay to be a little scared. His father tells Jabari what he does when he is scared and Jabari decides that perhaps he will climb up all the steps of the diving board. While climbing, Jabari thinks about what his father said. The ending of the novel is cute and will bring a smile to your face. The illustrations are bright and colorful and when added to the sharp black text, this book brings smiles and enjoyment to its readers.
" said.

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