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UPDATE TIME: 2017-09-13 
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"Chelsea Clinton writes a book that introduces older kids/pre-teens to their world in different ways. She offers a variety of suggestions in each chapter about how to tackle problems in the world like economic inequality in the U.S. and world, health issues, gender inequality and the environment.

She maintains that doing something even if it's just talking to other people about an issue is a step toward solving a problem. The book is peppered with examples of kids who do more than talk. But all of the activism started with one small action. Clinton has an easy style, she uses a term and then immediately explains in a clear and concise matter.

Her profiles includes how government and private agencies can tackle issues leaving it up to her young reader as to how they want to make their world a better place. Even adults can learn a thing or two....
" said.

"Environmental issues and politics have been on my personal interest radar lately, and this book caught my eye when it first arrived. I found it to be easy to read, very well researched, personable, and full of useful resources. At times, the tone felt slightly preachy, but overall, I think Clinton did a good job of outlining the issues and explaining why she thinks they are important not only for adults, but for kids too. Seeing as kids are the main audience for this book, I like how most of the stories and projects mentioned were about kids helping kids or seemed easy enough for kids to get involved. I felt informed and inspired to ‘get going’ after reading this book and found myself visiting the book website to get the list of extensive groups mentioned and their websites. I found the book a little long, but with each section broken up into major areas of concern, a reader could read just one section." said.

"I didn't really expect to like this--I read it to be sure it is approopriate for my K-5 library, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I wanted to keep reading it. Clinton presents a wide range of issues (perhaps too much for some kids) that impact them on a very personal level (wear bug spray and cover your cough to protect yourself and others from germs) all the way to global issues such as climate change and women's rights. The writing is accessible and appealing to the middle grade/middle school crowd, but not so much that is sounds forced or will turn off high schoolers--poop is a commonly used noun. Each chapter gives the reader many ways to "Get Going!", but she remains aware that some readers may be in the under 13 crowd, and therefore may not have access to all social media. She is also careful to present the many sides of an issue and encourages readers to form their own opinions. While she refers to the travel opportunities she had when her father was President, she doesn't dwell on that fact, and refers to many other current and past Presidents in the context of programs they started or supported. This one will be on my recommended list for next summer." said.

"At first, I was rolling my eyes at having a peer who grew up rich with various entitlements try to tell me how the rest of the world lives (go kick rocks Chelsea Clinton). But, then I started to think it was a really good book for the older kids it is meant for who might not understand the problems in the US and the world yet and how they can do even small things to help out. I almost think it should be mandatory reading at school and parents could even go over some of the topics with younger children. I think we all need to keep in mind issues related to poverty, gender equality, health, violence, etc. It not only makes us all appreciative of what we do have as opposed to what we don't have, but also more likely to be compassionate and understanding human beings. Knowing about horrible plights including that a single mom working full-time at minimum wage lives in poverty with a 15,000/yr salary in the US, that some women have to pay people to get them water because they will get assaulted going to get it themselves in some countries, and that some children spend 2-3hours a day walking to and from school and thats if they are even able to go to school will make u more likely to act. I always think there should be more motivation in our society to do some volunteer work or other community work (getting a certain tax break for everyone doing so much volunteering , etc.). Given that we don't have that, this can help to motivate people." said.

" Overall, very enjoyable. Dr. Clinton did an excellent job narrating it, and the content was both entertaining and informative. I thought that the sections on health, viruses, vaccines, bugs, and bacteria went on for a bit too long (119 pages), but I particularly enjoyed the sections on poverty and women's rights. I would definitely recommend it to anyone starting in upper elementary school through high school. " said.

" Good read for older children and adults - links very well researched statistics on the world's problems and provides concrete and specific ways to address these issue for the reader! " said.

" liked the stories about kids making s difference. " said.

" The author uses stories, pictures and some great facts to help us all find the motivation to make a better world. " said.

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