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“My name is Magnus Chase. I’m sixteen years old. This is the story of how my life went downhill after I got myself killed.”

So I think The Sword of Summer is the revised edition of Percy Jackson. Everything feels the same way, Magnus reminds me of Percy and Valhara as Half blood camp. I couldn't stop comparing these two books while I was reading though, it gave me my first impression when I first read Percy Jackson. It's hilarious, delightful and engaging a lot I can't peel my eyes of the book. Yes ! this book is good even if so many things are alike Percy Jackson. But sorry ... who cares ?

“I hate this plan,” I said. “Let’s do it.”

Rick Riordan created a world where Norse mythology comes alive. It fascinates me to no end to be gradually pulled into this world. Yet Rick doesn't stop at throwing many things to my face and let those characters do their quests, he has a trick up his sleeve and he put the layers into his book. Every characters is endearing. Every quest keeps me wondering what will happen next or what if he fails ? My mood was up and down all the time I spent reading. It surpassed all of my expectation since the first chapter and I wouldn't give it less than 4 stars because it's so good and seemingly wonderful.

I dare say this book is special. Rick Riordan knows what he has to do to impress his fans. If you are a die hard fan of him, read it ! But if it's your first book of RR, give it a chance and it won't let you down.

The most unreal thing about the bar was Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’ blasting from the speakers." said.

"El tío Rick nunca falla.
Hace mucho quería leer este libro y no había tenido el tiempo para hacerlo, pero finalmente tuve el placer de volver a leer las historias mitológicas de este autor, esta vez con una trama totalmente diferente, mitología nórdica, nuevos personajes, mitos fascinantes, dioses espeluznantes, aventuras extraordinarios y un primo de nuestra amada Annabeth Chase como el protagonista.

El humor de los personajes de Rick es bastante característico y Magnus no se quedó atrás, le verdad es que es bastante divertido leerlo, es un personaje muy ocurrente, novato en todas las tareas que tiene que ejecutar para lograr su misión, sentí que el personaje a pesar de ser un semidios es bastante humano, esta tan perdido como nosotros en este nuevo mundo y trata de hacer las cosas lo mejor que puede.

Todo el equipo de lucha involucrado en la misión es maravilloso, los personajes de Rick siempre logran llegarte al corazón, me encanta que cada uno sea totalmente diferente al otro, que todos se destaquen en cosas diferentes, que todos sean indispensables en la misión y que se complementen de esa forma tan maravillosa.

De mitología Nórdica se muy poco y por lo que leí en esta historia, los mitos de los vikingos son bastante locos, el tema de los nueve mundos, del árbol de los mundos y todo lo demás me pareció fascinante, aunque los nombre de todos los elementos (dioses, lugares, criaturas...) me fueron imposibles de pronunciar.

Finalmente, la trama esta llena de aventuras por diferentes mundos hasta llegar a la conclusión de nuestra misión (muy el estilo de Rick), el último capitulo fue un guiño hermosos para los fans de todos sus libros, leer a Annabeth en esta faceta es maravilloso y escuchar referencias a nuestros semidioses griegos te llena el corazón.

Nota: Rick es tan maravilloso a la hora de escribir sus personajes que te encariñas de ellos sin que te des cuenta siquiera, me pasó con una de las tragedias de la historia, nunca pensé que leer esa escena me fuera a doler como me dolió (los que ya leyeron sabrán a que me refiero)

" said.

"“To Cassandra Clare
Thanks for letting me share the excellent name Magnus.”

No joking. I swear on all the books I own that this is the actual dedication of this book.
And then people dare ask me why I love metaliterature or what the heck it is...

“The once warriors-the warriors who fought bravely in the last life and will fight bravely again on the Day of Doom. Duck.”
“The Day of Doom Duck?”
“No, duck!”
Hunding pushed me down as a spear flew past.”

Seriously, how am I supposed to review a book that contains quotes like this?

In truth, there are very few thing you need to know about The Sword of Summer. I'll try to recap them for you as briefly and clearly as possible:

1) Does Riordan use and reuse all the schemes he already used in Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Heroes of Olympus and the Kane Chronicles ?
Yes, and you all already knew that, so no need for me to linger on the topic.

2) Does Magnus Chase resemble, for attitude and personality, Percy Jackson?
Ok, really, who actually gave himself an answer to this question different from 'yes'?

3) Did I hopelessly fall -again- for his sense of humor just as I fell for Percy's?
Hell (lol) yes!

4) Do I give a darn about Mr Riordan's repetitiveness as long as he manage to make me double up with laughter?
Absolutely no!

If you are looking for something different, people, don't pick up this book. But if you're looking for an intelligent, well-written, impossibly funny and hilarious middle-grade book, with characters so realistic, complex (clearly, as much as a character can be in a book meant primarly for children) and easy to connect with, and so fast-paced as to not give you time to catch you breath, then this (or any other Riordan's book, for that matter) is your best choice.

The only thing that bothered me a little concerns the characters: there are really many, and maybe that's the reason why I struggled to make myself care for those who appear the least, who coincidentally where also the ones I was most curious about, namely the Valhalla Hotel gang, as I call them: TJ, Mallory, Halfborn and X -and do we want to talk about that plot twist? X, seriously? It hadn't crossed my mind not even by mistake. I hope to find them again and more in the next books.

I completely loved, instead, the components of the group that follow Magnus in his quest; they were kind of fresh in Riordan's inventory, and each of them came with a solid background story, so I have nothing to hold against them. Of these, Sam was not exceptional in terms of characterisation, but Hearth and Blitz, the elf and the dwarf, are marvellous. It broke me that they probably won't be in the next instalments, or at least not as much as they were in this one. I still hope Riordan decides to give them an adequate space.

And the villains! I swear I will kill someone if The Hammer of Thor does not bring me more Loki. We want Loki. Loki is my king. And yes, he's so cool that from now on every time I write his name I'll write it in bold. Like, Loki.



And to go out with a bang, another little pearl. It's not properly a quote, but a chapter title. If you never read Riordan, really, people, you can't even imagine what this man can do with a pen in his hand and a chapter without a title. He redefines the concept of chapter title. Like the masterpiece we see at the beginning of chapter forty-eight:

"Hearthstone Passes Out Even More than Jason Grace (Though I Have No Idea Who That Is)"
" said.

" Hilarious! Here's my video review - " said.

" jam! it did take a bit for me to actually get into the story and i don't think anyone can say that riordan's novels aren't at least a little formulaic, but the cast of characters is refreshing and the plot is non-stop (*sings hamilton in my head*). i think the book gets better the more you read and by the end, i was sad to see it was over. also, i cried at the last handful of chapters. i'm a huge mess sorry. " said.

"99c Kindle sale, Oct. 12, 2017, for this first book in Riordan's Norse series (though you'll meet a few old friends from the Percy Jackson series along the way). The third and last book in this trilogy, The Ship of the Dead, has just been published. Full review, originally published on

Rick Riordan, who has enthralled millions of readers with exciting tales of teenagers and their interactions with Greek, Roman and Egyptian gods and goddesses, turns to Norse mythology in his latest book, The Sword of Summer.

Magnus Chase is sixteen years old and has been homeless for two years, since his mother died. Magnus remembers the door of their apartment splintering and wolves with glowing blue eyes bursting in as his mother shooed him out the fire escape.


His mother had always told him to avoid his uncles, especially Uncle Randolph, so Magnus, naturally, runs into Randolph, who somehow convinces Magnus to accompany him to retrieve an ancient sword from the waters below Longfellow Bridge in Boston. Magnus magically calls the sword to himself. Unfortunately, it’s a corroded, slimy, barnacle-encrusted piece of metal with no hilt. Worse, a fireball-wielding man promptly appears and demands, whilst incinerating various items on the bridge, that Magnus give him the sword.

It’s not entirely surprising that Magnus dies in their confrontation ― particularly since Magnus announces on the first page that he dies. It’s a little more surprising when Magnus regains consciousness on the doorstep of the luxurious Hotel Valhalla, where the einherjar (heroes who have died in battle) live until Ragnarok, the final great battle at the end of the world. In Hotel Valhalla, the minibar is always stocked, the gigantic Tree of Laeadr grows in the dining hall, and einherjar gleefully die glorious, bloody deaths in daily battles, from which they are promptly resurrected. The display board in the hotel lobby informs Magnus of each day’s activities:


Predictably, Magnus’ fate is not to simply rest fight in Valhalla. He is soon off on a quest, encouraged by some gods, hunted by others who are trying to capture or kill him, and assisted by a charmingly diverse group of friends, including his former Valkyrie Samirah, a hijab-wearing Muslim human girl with some extraordinary powers; Blitzen, a dwarf whose creativity runs to fashion design; and Hearthstone, a deaf elf with a hard-won magical talent and family issues.

Riordan skillfully weaves together a rousing adventure, constant humor, and interesting bits of Norse mythology, some more familiar than others. Characters such as Surt, Frey and Fenris Wolf, and legendary items such as Gleipnir (the chain that binds Fenris) and Naglfar, the Ship of Nails, were new to me, but have their roots in Norse mythology. Familiar Asgard gods such as Thor, Loki and Odin also show up in the pages of The Sword of Summer, though these characters’ appearance and personalities may raise the eyebrows of readers who are primarily familiar with their Marvel counterparts. There are a few sly references to Riordan’s prior series, such as cameo appearances by Annabeth (who will be familiar to Percy Jackson fans), that tie this new series into the same universe as Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Although The Sword of Summer is overall a light-hearted adventure tale, it incorporates the violence that was part of the Viking culture. It also deals with the issue of homelessness in a way that’s not too heavy, but doesn’t sidestep the problems and troubles of those who are homeless, such as their inability to keep themselves and their clothing clean, their invisibility to members of society, and the suspiciousness that often becomes part of a homeless person’s personality.

You're not going to get anything startlingly new or deeply profound with The Sword of Summer; it's in the same vein as his prior young adult books, the literary equivalent of Variations on a Theme. Magnus' personality is pretty much interchangeable with Percy's. But it's an entertaining novel with plenty of action and laugh out loud humor. Quirky chapter titles like "Make Way for Ducklings, or They Will Smack You Upside the Head" and "Come to the Dark Side. We Have Pop-Tarts" made me chuckle, as did Odin’s transformation (thanks to a week-long seminar) into a cheesy motivational speaker. On a more personal note, my own children’s enthusiasm for both reading and mythology took a big turn upwards with Rick Riordan’s books, and I’ll always be grateful for that. My 13 year old son Tyler couldn’t even wait for me to finish writing this review to swipe the book away from me.

This would be a 3 or 3.5 star book for me personally, as a more critical adult, but I'm going with 4 stars based on the intended audience. Fans of the Percy Jackson series will be more than satisfied with The Sword of Summer, which is the first book in a projected trilogy called Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard. Tyler and I will both be anxiously awaiting the next installment in this series.

Initial post:
YES! Yes, yes, yes!! The ARC of the hardback just got delivered to my house!

My 13 year old son will think I'm the coolest mom EVER.
" said.

"Reading Percy Jackson now, making me feel I was right here. Percy Jackson better Urban Fantasy, this one a bit higher or wilder.
A Breakneck, Jam-Packed Roller Coaster of an Adventure..
’I Know It's Jo’s Blurb for House of Secrets, but sorry, Can't help but use it here too’

The All-The-Ancient-Gods Geek, Rick Riordan takes us in a new Adventure Up and Down the Tree of Laeradr,Worlds of Asgard’s Gods & Viking Myths.

With a Variety of resourceful characters..

Oh and don't forget the Hotel Valhalla,
such a lovely place (such a lovely place), such a lov...sorry.
It's a fun story really, almost perfectly summed up by the ending as;

‘I considered everything I’d been through – death and resurrection, fishing for the World Serpent, fighting with giants, running from monster squirrels, binding a wolf on a disappearing island’
BUT -with a quick look at all the other reviews, Goodreads clearly must add the Half Star to the ratings.- My rating is just 3.5, -to give it 4 is too much for my overall liking-
It's 2.5 Story , 3.5 Characters , 4.5 insightful look into the Norse Myths and Gods. -which was better than the Marvel Movies insight in a way.-

But again that isn't fair putting it that way, the story has some good points, and many weak ones..
So does the characters, some are strongly written and some just normal.

And here ,and so later, I must say drawing a Muslim Girl in this kind of fantasy is extraordinary perfectly written ,one of the points that made me love the series more..

This amazing drowning can be found in this lovely blog

So let's see why it was a real ‘Roller Coaster’ as I said in the beginning of this review, let's see What was Up and what was Down…


**Meet Magnus ,& his street friends ,but Mind all the sarcasm.

reminded me strongly of Percy Jackson in the first few pages I have read for him..,I may used to his sarcasm later, may found some of it funny later..but that wasn't that good starting.
So from now on...I'll try to Review it as Magnus..


**Oh, he's a Demigod
-Perrrrcyyyy- Thanks to his Uncle's insightful speech of the Norse Gods.
The speech and the theory of the Viking discovered North America first is interesting, and the Boston history, I just love it. -specially I've read this theory in a Donald Duck comic adventure by Carl Barks back in the 50s.
“Myths are simply stories about truths we've forgotten.”


**That's how to get a 2000 years lost Sword???

**A Catastrophic Fire Giant Fight in the middle of real world????

**Oh, and the Agony Death to complete the day !, just as promised.


**Welcome to the Hotel Valhalla ,Such a lovely place (Such a lovely place), Such a lovely faaaaceee.

Though it wasn't my cup of coffee to read a dead character story ,but hey it's ancient Gods story , so suck it..

**A Tour in the Norse Heaven…
I loved how Uncle Rick made it so vivid.

**The Valkariy Samirah al-Abbas and the disastrous dinner.
Sorting Hat anyone?

Still UP

**Plenty of room at the Hotel Valhalla, Any time of year (Any time of year),You can find it here.

I just loved the Norse myth and how Rick Riordan take us there professionally , Yet I have this unsettling feeling..
"This could be Heaven or this could be Hell"
But still , I just like the variety of the company, also liked that you can always break the rules and leaving the Hotel… got too much potential but alas, it didn't put in use just 2,3 chapters later..
And she said "We are all just prisoners here, of our own device"

**Oh ,and here comes Loki.


**Escaping Hotel California, sorry, Valhalla..

**The Truth of Magnus’ Friends, the Elf and the Dwarf.
I just used the characters of the hotel, you know, the crazy half naked Viking ,and the smart sarcastic a bit girl… well… at least Samirah will be there.

**Attending the funeral..of himself.


**The Quest; Magnus, you must find the Sword, God knows where now,and you must Stop the Norse Armagadone ,by restraining a Wolf God knows how, in an Island that only appear in , whatever he got only Nine Days, God knows where..
And remember...every one tell you any lead you must pay certain cost, Gods Knows How..sometimes they themselves who ask for that


**...said a severed head, sorry, a God !

**A Giant Eagle in a Food Court, Kidnapping Magnus.
Too much weird fantasy in real world...I love things more like, Ministry of Magic secure if you know what I mean..


**I -Me ,really- love Samirah al-Abbas.

The author really wrote it very well and very respectfully to the real moderated Muslim's lifestyle. Total respect. 2 of my best friends here -real YA, Big RR fans- told me the author researched deeply in the Muslim books to get understanding terms for Samirah , and I gotta say that though the flying Hijab was a bit too much, but otherwise I just can't appreciate the author enough..
PS: A novel later, Ink and Bone, has also a Muslim girl, smart and good and all...but just not as real as here.
**oh , and Hearthstone is quite fine too.

Still UP

**Go Fisihing the World Serpent.

**Meet a freaky geeky collector Goddess.
Magnus was really smart here.

**The Tree of Learadr


**Hello, MILF, sorry, Aunt. Who also my best friend’s Mom.

**The Dwarfs contests and Rules are the most ridiculous thing ,ever.
Blitz can be my least favorite character , his obsession about fashion so overused.

**And again, more enemies for live..

**A Talking Sword, A Talking Sword...


**Loki again, in the most disgusting set.
I honestly love the information about the Norse ancient myths.

**And meet The Funniest Talking Goat ever..
Creepy, funny, depressed goat ever...just kill it, sorry ,like it. , reminded me a bit with Shrek's Donkey.
**Have you met Thor?


**Okay ,Thor is not the movies’ handsome macho hot guy...we get it, but you don't need to keep fart it.

Really horrible.
No matter what happened, no matter what their other sister did, no matter a damn thing that was stupid and brutal and not Good Middle Grade or even YA read.


Still DOWN

** MORE Giants Killing.

No seriously, at least George R.R. Martian has a point writing the Red Wedding @ A Storm of Swords..
I have to admit, through all the ups and downs ,the part of the giants is the thing that really really stopped me rate it more than 3.
I Understand killing a Giant trying to drown a God!!!! , but plotting an escape by killing a whole family in their home is just the ridiculous of all.


**The Hummer of Thor is...spoiler. and A NETFLEX.
Thor is so fun , I strangely find I just like him in some things..
‘Won’t you come with us? This is an important battle – the fire lord Surt, Fenris Wolf. Surely that’s worthy of your attention.’
Thor’s right eye twitched. ‘That’s a fine offer. Really. I’d love to, but I have another pressing appointment –’
‘Game of Thrones,’ Marvin explained.
‘Shut up!’ Thor raised his staff over our heads.

Oh, Marvin is the Goat I told you about.

UPs & DOWNs , Right & Left

** The Climax, the Wolf, The back of the hall mates, The Dome theory , the prolong anti-climax… and Who's the Hell is Annabeth ,and why should he lose the bet? Did she a fan of Game of Thrones too and watched ‘em all?

Okay ,yes after I finish it I got it that Annabeth is a Percy Jackson character , so I lose a bet.
The ending is sure mostly Up more than Down… but wasn't high enough due to some of the very down hell.


Even if I didn't appreciate some of the over-doused fantasy here
-Oh no, I may be really getting older :(- I still loved the insightful look into the Myths of the Norse..
And I have to thank my dearest friends here Malak and Raoofa for encouraging me to this world ,Worlds, of Rick Riordan...the all ancient Gods Master..

And one final small thing… wasn't cool at all bringing Jesus to the Gods of Asgard… I mean just why? , why not one of the Greek Gods, Egyptian ones or whatever.
“Because Anno Domini, in the Year of Our Lord, is fine for Christians, but Thor gets a little upset. He still holds a grudge that Jesus never showed up for that duel he challenged him to.” “Say what now?”

Anyway, As I said at the beginning, it was A Breakneck, Jam-Packed Roller Coaster of an Adventure.. Comes Complete with a variety of characters, some are awesome written, some are good enough and some are, just Jack.
And I am really waiting for book Two...and wishing the Roller Coaster takes me Up and Down more, but just Keeps me feel Higher all the time.

Mohammed Arabey
From 15 January 2016
To 22 January 2016" said.

" “Let’s take that hill!” He pointed to a nearby ridge at the edge of the woods.
“Why?” I yelled.
“Because it’s a hill!”
“He loves taking hills,” Mallory grumble. “It’s a Civil War thing.”

I loved Magnus Chase! The dude was just priceless. His sarcasm and humor was outta this world hilarious. The way he reacted to half the situations he was put in, just had me cracking up several times throughout the story.

This was a super easy, exciting, witty and addicting read! The world building, plot twists, characters... just everything about it was awesome. I honestly, really really enjoyed this book.
" said.

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