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"Owl Babies - Martin Waddell.

This is a book about three baby owls that wake one night to the unknown absence of Owl Mother. Sarah (the oldest) Percy (middle child) and Bill (the youngest) are all astonished to find her absent. Sarah and Percy discuss where she might have gone, while Bill is very upset and just cries that he wants his mum; ‘I want my Mummy’. Eventually the three owls venture outside their hole in the tree and perch on a branch and a piece of ivy. It is evident throughout the story that the older two owls begin very confident of their mothers return, while Bill just wails of Owl Mothers absence. However, as the story develops it is apparent that Sarah and Percy also begin to doubt their mothers return and begin to worry. All is resolved when, in the distance, all three owls spot Owl Mother returning and become overjoyed. The story concludes with Percy and Sarah denying they ever doubted Owl Mothers return.
I really enjoyed this book as I found the story very engaging at story time. It is perfect for key stage one and early years. The children really enjoyed the repetition of the lines ‘I want my Mummy’ and ‘the Owls thought (all Owls thinks a lot)’ and were all able to join in. The illustrations were very vivid and life-like so the children loved when they were shown the pictures. The story was also quite informational as it explained where the owls lived, the bedding which they used (twigs, leaves and owl feathers) and also what they like to eat. There is a lovely use of onomatopoeia in this story when Mother Owl returns; she ‘Swooped’ through the trees. This is also a lovely story for guided reading in Key stage one.
" said.

"The story Owl babies written by Martin Waddell is about 3 siblings whose mother leaves them in the night and how they all feel. I read this story when I worked as a Teaching Assistant in a nursery class and we focused on this book for a week and created some fun activities around the story. I think this book a great book for children at that age because it has many repetitive phrases which the children pick up on and at the end they are able to join in with the story. Also I read this book at the beginning of the school year where many children where still settling in within the nursery and this book was able to relate to how some of the children on how they were feeling. This is because the little owl 'Bill' always says "I want my mummy" which a lot of the nursery children also were saying, but at the end of the story it gives children the reassurance that their mummy will always come back.

Some of the activities that I did with the children were reading the story and getting the children to complete the sentences and I also asked questions to them such as 'why were the owl scared?'. Another activity was were I had a lot of mini owl babies pictures printed and cut out and I would put 4 owls on one tree and say 'how many owls are on the tree?' and the children would have to count each owl and find the answer. This Maths activity could be changed according to the ability of the child by making it harder or easier. The final activity I did with the children was role play were some children where the owls and the other children would say the story while they act it out.

Overall it is a great book and I think it can be used as guided reading within the EYFS and KS1 or just as story on the book shelf.
" said.

" Great book about working together to get to your goal. I like the storyline and message behind the story. " said.

" A cute story with beautiful illustrations. " said.

" Cute book with nice illustrations. It's a concept any little kid can relate to: wanting their mom to come back home. " said.

" Awesome sweet story!BirdsMomsOwls " said.

" I used this one for TT and preschool storytime on 10/4/17. The theme was owls and the big book version of this was a perfect way to start off! The kids got a kick out of Bill's refrain, and everyone was visibly relieved when Mother Owl came back. :) Super cute! " said.

" Children could look at the contrasting feelings of each of the owls. It encourages children to open up about how they are feeling and think about possible reasons for situations. It also encourages children to stick together and stay positive in a difficult situation. " said.

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