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UPDATE TIME: 2018-04-10 
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" Very cute illustrations! I love that it is a nice introduction for kids to learn how to be a caretaker of the planet. The idea of the "buttons" in the book, to make the story interactive, are great. I wish my granddaughter was nearby so I could read this with her and see how she likes to "run" the airplane. " said.

" It is a cute book that delivers a good message about conservation and treating the Earth and all the creatures that share it with respect. My only fault with the book is it sort of teaches the directions But then reinforces them more as up and down instead of north and south. Confusing to little minds trying to grasp such concepts. " said.

" TOUCH THE EARTH is great, just great. It is a fun, interactive book that seeks to develop the sense of empathy and compassion in young kids. Youngsters journey around the world in a magical "White Feather Flier" as they do good deeds like cleaning up litter and providing clean water to people. I've always liked Julian and felt he was unfairly overlooked; I am glad that he is still trying to do good in the world and creating quality material like this book, his music, and photography. " said.

" What can you do to save the world? Press a few buttons! Guess what, you also get to help people. And it just so happens that all of the people who need help are black. And that's the only context we see them in: oh-so-very happy that you've come to save them. A not-so-great execution of the interactive book, with cringe-worthy content. There's a reason why being a children's book author is a profession in and of itself. " said.

"The book's heart is in the right place, but something doesn't sit right with me about the message that you can solve the world's problems with a simple push of a button. I get that it's simplified to be made accessible to kids and get them excited, but it still rubs me the wrong way. The illustrations are beautiful but why do we need to reinforce the stereotype that places where black people live are places that need to be saved by white people (the White Feather Flier is the name of the plane.) The entire world is water insecure and all of our habitats are at risk, there's no need to reinforce a white savior trope that is oh so tired and also completely false. Disappointed there." said.

"(Note: I won this book in Goodreads Giveaway, thanks to author and publisher.)

This is a wonderful interactive book parents can read with their kids. Each page has instructions for children to touch the book somewhere, and then you can turn the page to see the results.

Note that many pages have a "button" printed on the page for children to press. I imagine some kids will love this while others will be disappointed by the fact that it is printed on and cannot be pushed down. Because if this your child's personality and age will greatly affect their enjoyment of the book.

On a side note, normally I find environmentally themed children's books too preachy and to be a turn off. However, the interactive nature of this book and authors decision to let the reader drawn their own conclusions makes it an excellent option for parents looking for an Earth friendly book for their children.
" said.

" This interactive book will take readers on board the White Feather Flier as they navigate the earth, by simply pressing a button. Bold print and cute illustrations make this a fun way for children 4 to 8 to learn about direction, geography and helping the environment. " said.

"I recently had the chance to review Touch the Earth (Amazon, B&N, and Indiebound) by Julian Lennon. This photographer, musician, Grammy Award Nominee, and environmentalist is branching out as an author to share his message with kids around the world.

I was immediately impressed with the interactive nature of the book. Although not all books lend themselves to this style, books that include elements of interactivity help resonate with kids more so when there's a lesson to be learned. Some books ask questions of kids, and some books, like this one, encourage kids to touch the picture, lean into the story, and really feel like they're in the book.

As kids fly around the world on the White Feather Flier, they learn about helping the environment and keeping their world clean. The message is simple - we need to take care of the natural resources we have - and the style will help kids see that their actions really can impact the world in which they live.

" said.

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