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UPDATE TIME: 2017-09-12 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 91 user ratings

" This book middle school just my rotten luck reminded me of Diary of wimpy kid because it is two boys having a hard time In middle school so if you like diary of wimpy kids you will like,this book. I gave it two stars because it was not my favorite but you mite like this book this there are a lot of these books but this one is #7 MIDDLE SCHOOL JUST MY ROTTEN LUCK! " said.

"Middle School Just My Rotten Luck is about a boy named Rafe and the challenges he has to deal with while he is in middle school. In the previous books Rafe is sent to an art school, which he loves. But, his old school decides to take him back so he can join the school work help club. Rafe also has to deal with the bully, Miller who pressures him into joining the flag football team.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes realistic fiction. I am giving this book four stars because I liked it but at some points it was hard to follow because it has so many stories going on simultaneously.

" said.

"Just my rotten Luck by James Patterson.
I like this book because Rafe tells how he is in a learning skills class and how he tries to not let anyone knows that he is in there.The main setting of the book is in Hills Village the town and middle school.The main charters are Rafe his sister his mom and grandma and his teacher Mr Fanucci his teacher.The main conflict was trying to keep being in the learning skills and playing football with the bully miller the killer,And miller the killer tries to pick on rafe for being in the learning skills class.I would recommend this book to people who like a funny book and who likes James Patterson.I would recommend this book to those people because it a really good book to sit down and have a laugh.
" said.

"Just My Rotten Luck was another book in the Middle School series. It was about Rafe (The main character in the whole series) who made so much trouble he was labeled as Special Ed and had to get an IEP. Rafe hated the class and didn't want to do it but he has to because he would have been expelled if he got in anymore trouble. Towards the middle of the book Miller "The Killer" forced Rafe to play football, or else he would always bully Rafe and beat him up. At this time Rafe decides to make a secret identity as S.A.M. which stands for secret artist man. In the end all seems to work out for Rafe as his art has gotten noticed and he turned out to be great at football.

This was one of my favorite books in the Middle School series as it had many twist and turns and showed the struggles of middle school. (Though some were unrealistic.) It was an easy read but I felt as though the author got lots of information into a shorter book. This book showed me that everyone has their hidden talents and no one is "uncool or super popular".
Overall this was a good book that I recommend to younger middle school guys. I rate this book a 5/5 stars.
" said.

"Football hero or gifted artist? Which one will boost Rafe Khatchadorian's popularity status at Hills Valley Middle School now that he has returned to his place of torment for so many years. As in the preceding books in the series, he is still dealing with bully tormentor, Miller the Killer and still struggling with trying to fit in and avoiding detentions.

Luckily, he is fast...super fast and the football team needs him if they ever hope to win a game. Miller agrees to stop the bullying if he scores touchdowns and he does! But, that doesn't mean Miller will stop bullying the kids in Rafe's Special Needs Learning Class where he has been assigned since returning the HVMS.

Relying on wisdom from his imaginary brother, Leo, he finds a way to deal with the bullies and promote his talent when he takes on the persona of S.A.M. aka Super Artist Man and leaves his artwork throughout the school and on a artist website which lets the world know that bullies are alive and well and thriving at HVMS. Will it help the problem or bring it to the attention of the principal and teachers? Or will it only infuriate the bullies more? Time will tell.

Just My Rotten Luck is the 7th installment of this hugely popular Middle School series that takes on some tough issues with not only humor, but some food-for-thought which gives us insight into some of the tough issues kids are dealing with in school. Patterson and Tebbetts re-introduce us to Rafe, Georgia, Miller, Leo, and Jeanine with ease and add in some new characters, Marley and Flip, who undoubtedly will add more humor and interests as the series continues.
" said.

"Had to give this two stars because of the negative portrayal of special education.

Rafe is back at Hills Village Middle School after completing a summer program and meeting with the two nasty sisters who are principal of the building. He is allowed back on one condition-- that he is in a special ed class. His mother agrees, glad that Rafe will get extra help, but Rafe is sure that other students will make fun of him. He makes enough fun of himself, certainly, but learns to appreciate the four others in the group that meets with Mr. Fanucci. Rafe is also drawing and posting comics on a web site, and tries out for the football team hoping to keep the stereotypical bully, Miller, off his back. Rafe comes up with the idea to be a Secret Art Man who breaks into the building to post his rendition of famous pictures, and his art teacher tacitly challenges to up his game. He does, but taking pictures of people bullying others, digitally changing them so identities aren't known, and posting them on the comics website with the challenge to his schoolmates to "B NICE". This, of course, is picked up my the local news media, and Rafe is once again in hot water. Subplots involve him getting a pet dog, Junior, and becoming romantically interested in another girl (other than his crush), Marley.
Strengths: The students love these, and they always know when one comes out. Patterson is very involved in reading initiatives and gives a lot to schools.
Weaknesses: While the portrayal of the special ed class was one that was supportive and helpful, Rafe's comments about it were horrible. Thirty years ago, students might have made rude comments about special ed, but that hasn't been okay for YEARS. The bullying is also disturbing and weird. People beating each other up in the hallways? Just no. The portrayal of the principals was also not helpful. Mean spirited. That's the feeling I get from most of this book.
What I really think: Pop tarts for breakfast. Not going to ruin the kids' health, but not going to help it any, either.
" said.

"In the start of this book Rafe was talking about how his mom was talking to Mrs. Stricker and he overheard her saying how he was "special" and he couldn't go to high school, yup, he had to stay at middle school as a "special kid" when he wasn't at all. So he couldn't enjoy the last days of summer. The setting took place outside the school, and Miller found out Rafe was trying out for the football team and Rafe must feel worried that he knew. So Rafe escaped and ran through the school to get away. So then Miller and his friends cornered him and Rafe was feeling worried, but they just wanted him to join the football team. The coach let him play, and Rafe must be feeling nervous because what if he messes it up. The setting is in Rafe's room. When reading today Rafe was sitting in bed trying to think of why he couldn't sleep. So he went outside to see if walking Junior could tire him out. But instead it made him mad because he didn't believe in himself, until he got and idea to make operation: S.A.M a new comic. The opposite of his other character Loozer. I could tell that he was feeling amazing with what he came up with, because now he didn't want to go to sleep now he wanted to right a lot about Sam. On the first football game they play their rivals. They have never scored against them in a long time. The score is 21-0 and Rafe’s team is losing, the next play, Miller throws it to Rafe and he catches it but runs the wrong way then after everyone screaming at him he runs the right way, dodges a bunch of players, then… SCORES!!!! Everyone was excited on their team but they ended up losing 35-6. I bet Rafe was feeling great. Skipping ahead in the story, Rafe posted pictures of Miller bullying kids, but colored red over the bully and green as the victim. Then, Miller found out it was him so Rafe felt bad and got himself in trouble by telling the principal all of the stuff he did. Rafe was in his 3rd game. They came up with a new play that works pretty often, and it is called "Highway 11." That makes Rafe the "secret weapon." In the end of the story, Rafe apologized to Marley, the girl who liked him. She forgave him and they ended up going home and playing football with his friends and family." said.

"This is the best of the Middle School series so far. In this installment, Rafe rejoins his old middle school, but this time as a Special Education student with an IEP--something that disheartens Rafe before school even starts. I love that this happens to our hero--kids have loved him throughout the series, and now they get to see him in a new way. Sure, Rafe has an IEP and attends Learning Skills class...but he also ends up a star on the flag football team, shows off his mad art skills, and stresses about his first kiss. I love that he's not an "IEP kid" in the book; he's a regular kid who needs a little extra help." said.

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