Middle School: Just My Rotten Luck Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-07-16 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 91 user ratings

" Read aloud with my 11-year-old son, as we have with all the books in this series, and this was one of our favorites. Rafe makes some pretty cool strides in this book and for once, he definitely wins a few of his worthwhile battles! " said.

" I think this book was a good book. The reason i thought this was a good book was because it had a lot of events that were not expected to happen like a kiss. One of my favorite conflicts that happened in this book was between miller the killer and Rafe. The conflict was when miller the killer would always be after Rafe and him trying to stay alive. I would recommend this book to every that likes twist and turns. " said.

" This book middle school just my rotten luck reminded me of Diary of wimpy kid because it is two boys having a hard time In middle school so if you like diary of wimpy kids you will like,this book. I gave it two stars because it was not my favorite but you mite like this book this there are a lot of these books but this one is #7 MIDDLE SCHOOL JUST MY ROTTEN LUCK! " said.

"Middle School Just My Rotten Luck is about a boy named Rafe and the challenges he has to deal with while he is in middle school. In the previous books Rafe is sent to an art school, which he loves. But, his old school decides to take him back so he can join the school work help club. Rafe also has to deal with the bully, Miller who pressures him into joining the flag football team.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes realistic fiction. I am giving this book four stars because I liked it but at some points it was hard to follow because it has so many stories going on simultaneously.

" said.

"Just my rotten Luck by James Patterson.
I like this book because Rafe tells how he is in a learning skills class and how he tries to not let anyone knows that he is in there.The main setting of the book is in Hills Village the town and middle school.The main charters are Rafe his sister his mom and grandma and his teacher Mr Fanucci his teacher.The main conflict was trying to keep being in the learning skills and playing football with the bully miller the killer,And miller the killer tries to pick on rafe for being in the learning skills class.I would recommend this book to people who like a funny book and who likes James Patterson.I would recommend this book to those people because it a really good book to sit down and have a laugh.
" said.

" Ok, I'm done. All Rafe all the time is getting so old. Good lessons here, too, that we get hit over the head with. But even though Rafe is having a pretty good fall, he's still whining and panicking all the time. Such a drama 'king.'I know it's better than Wimpy Kid. And I know that anything that gets kids to read has merit. I just think they deserve better, and I hope they read more after this. " said.

"This is the best of the Middle School series so far. In this installment, Rafe rejoins his old middle school, but this time as a Special Education student with an IEP--something that disheartens Rafe before school even starts. I love that this happens to our hero--kids have loved him throughout the series, and now they get to see him in a new way. Sure, Rafe has an IEP and attends Learning Skills class...but he also ends up a star on the flag football team, shows off his mad art skills, and stresses about his first kiss. I love that he's not an "IEP kid" in the book; he's a regular kid who needs a little extra help." said.

"today i finished a book that put me in the shoes of a middle school boy named Rafe Khatchadorian, who was expelled from hills village middle school. before he left, he had had an enemy that everyone called miller the killer. he was the schools main bully, and played football. later when miller sees his football team is in need, he makes a deal with Rafe so the bullying stops if he joins the team as a running back. he scores touchdowns constantly, and even creates a play. he gets a dog, makes many friends, and begins to like football. this is a great book that i really enjoyed and would reccomend to anyone that is looking for a school/sports book. it has exiting scene after exiting scene that really kept me reading. " said.

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