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UPDATE TIME: 2019-09-01 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 13 user ratings

"A friend of ours got this picture book for our baby girl. While I am fine with stating that God is genderless, I was afraid this book would be a bit heavy-handed with that idea. However, that was not the case.

On a long car ride, a daughter asks her father (somewhat tongue-in-cheek) “What was God like as a little girl?” This allows the father to be a bit playful with the story of creation. He says that when God was a little girl, God liked to create artwork, just like his daughter does. The rest of the book is the father and daughter retelling the creation story together in terms that the daughter understands.

There are some profound concepts here such as the state of God before the creation, the reclaiming of darkness as a good thing creation as an art form, humans’ close ties with the earth, and the naming of animals as a communal event.

This book would work well as an antiphonal reading. I look forward to reading this WITH my daughter some day.
" said.

" i love children's books and this one is pure and delightful ... the story AND the images that go with the words " said.

" Loved this. What a wonderful story of creation! " said.

" We absolutely loved this book. It was a beautiful retelling of the creation story and a look at Gods love for creation and humanity. The illustrations were wonderfully done. The theological depth was profound, leaving one feeling moved and pensive. " said.

" What a beautiful declaration of love and faith. Our daughters - and our world - so desperately need the Divine Feminine now.My daughter and I enjoyed this book immensely. My favorite lines were: "Love was what God felt when she was giggling. And Love was the first color God painted when she sang." " said.

""When God Was a Little Girl" is a sweet, earnest, and theologically provoking retelling of the creation story. Lindeman's beautiful artwork complements Weiss' words as he recounts a shared storytelling moment between father and daughter, God and people. The great gift of a book that presents God in the feminine and across races and cultures while delving deeply into a biblical story cannot be overstated.

I am excited to take this book back to seminary to share with my peers as we discuss ways to present and represent the divine through art and story. Thank you, David and Joan!
" said.

"I thought this was a charming book with a wonderful purpose. The art is pretty, the dedication to diversity and being welcoming in its theology is wonderful, and the whole thing lingered in my mind well after I read it.

I think that I would have preferred a different format to the story, since the collaborative conversation occasionally felt talky and overlong to me. But I can see why that choice was made, even if it wouldn't have been my choice. Definitely a story I will recommend to parents open-minded enough to read it to their children.
" said.

" I feel in love with this book. This is the story of creation...and I know you think I'm going to say "through the eyes of a woman," but that isn't what I'm saying. Yes the author uses the feminine gender, but there is soooo much more here. The reclaiming of darkness as where God's love was and is, reclaiming the earth as our origin and source of our variety, naming of animals as community. This book is high on my list to use with a group of adults for reading and discussion. A very rich text! " said.

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