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"I won this book way back in the summer, and since then it has been gathering dust on my shelves. Whilst I was home for Christmas, I decided I'd give it a shot, and it was one of the best decisions I made all through the holidays. If you have it piled on a shelf somewhere, pick it up asap!

Every Last Word is about Samantha, a girl who suffers from OCD, and is keeping it a secret from all of her friends. Her family and psychologist are the only people who really know the full extent of her OCD, and her friends are just too judgemental, and bitchy, that she can't let them know. One day, just after the new term starts, she meets Caroline, who seems to know a lot about Sam, and urges her to find Poet's Corner. When she does, Sam discovers more about herself than she though possible, and she can finally be herself for once. As she makes more and more new friends with other members of Poet's Cornee, her OCD symptoms don't seem as bad, and she might be finally ready to let other people in on her secret.

Right, so Samantha, or Sam, was a truly wonderful character. I've never read anything that covers OCD before, and don't really know too much about the condition. Sam's affliction manifests itself in an obsession with numbers - she has to do stuff in a certain way, and numbers play a big role in that. She's always done everything she could to hide her symptoms, but it's getting too hard, especially with the symptoms seeming to worsen. Caroline appears at the perfect time to help her, though Sam did a lot to help herself. Her poetry and writing is one of the only things she doesn't obsess over, and being able to share that part of herself with new people really helped her come to terms with her condition. She knew she wasn't perfect, and over the course of the book that didn't bother her as much any more.

Her relationship with Caroline was so enjoyable to read. Caroline just understood her, and was there for her to fall back on if necessary. But Sam did most of the work, and for that I'm truly proud of her. I kinda clicked what the whole twist with the book was, but just before it happened. Even so, it still bowled me over, and afterwards seemed obvious, but at the same time, not.

I liked how the romance wasn't the be all and end all of the book. Because of their history, it wasn't all love at first sight between Sam and AJ, and it actually took a while before proper feelings came into play. To me, the friends to lovers tropes is one of the best, and I love how AJ and Sam started off disliking each other, to being friends, and gradually getting closer until it was full on love.

Honestly, the only thing I disliked about this book was Sam's original friend group. They were the bitchiest group of girls I've ever seen, and I'm not surprised Sam couldn't be herself around them. Everything else about the book was fantastic. I read it in just over 11 hours, because it was too good to put down. I've not read the author's previous series, but I'm definitely adding them to my TBR. I can't recommend this enough!
" said.

"Really loved reading this book. If you liked Made You Up, which is one of my favourite YA books, you're probably going to like this one as well. And vice-versa.


I absolutely devoured this book. Poet's Corner, Sam's development as a human being, the hidden connection between her and AJ, Sam's weekly visits to her psychiatrist, Caroline... every aspect of this book was extremely interesting and it's just impossible not to be on the edge of your seat when that final revelation comes. It hit me out of nowhere, to be honest. I feel like it's maybe for the best for you to just go into this book without any former knowledge. Sam is a great narrator and she explains everything well so you can understand her life and her choices without a problem. I've been kind of drifting away from YA contemporary books, mostly because the authors just keep using overrated tropes that I have no interest in reading, but this book was a breath of fresh air. Great job Tamara!
" said.

"3.5/5 Stars

This was a really great book! I can’t totally speak for the mental illness representation (and I looked for a few reviews but didn’t find much), but it seemed very respectful and well done to me. It didn’t trivialize the issue, the main character had a very supportive family, and had a great therapist she visited regularly. All of those things are usual seen in a negative light so it was great to see them positively here.
The story was entertaining except for one *spoilery* aspect that would have been much better with more mystery. I prefer subtext and subtly to being hit over the head with foreshadowing to the point that things are spelled out for you.
Overall the story was great and portrayed mental illness well, but was missing subtext and a deeper heart. I would still recommend it, though!
" said.

"I really enjoyed this book. I don't normally enjoy contemporaries that take place in a high school setting but this felt different. I will admit that The writing style is fairly simplistic and the narrator often over explains things. But the main character is very endearing and I enjoyed her journey immensely. There was just something sweet about this book and I feel like it would be very helpful for teens struggling with mental health. It reinforces the message that everyone is different and there is no concrete definition of normal - especially when it comes to how your brain works. " said.

" Just wow!! I love this book to pieces! Added to my top reads of 2015. I found so much of myself in Sam and I was sad when her story ended too soon. Everyone needs to grab a copy of this book! You'll be glad you did :) " said.

" I think everyone who thinks it's okay to throw about the term 'OCD' when they talk about how they like a clean bedroom should read this book. YA fiction based around the reality of mental illness at its finest. See my full video review here: " said.

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3.5 stars

Every Last Word is one of those books that had me wanting to smash it into a pulp from page 1, but had me sniffling a bit during the last few chapters.

This story follows Sam, a girl dealing who was diagnosed with Purely Obsessional OCD (aka Pure-O) at the age of 11. While she may look perfectly fine on the outside, each day she is battling with the uncontrollable thoughts that consume her.

I wasn't quite sure I picked up the same book as everyone else when I was a few chapters into the novel. Why? Because most of my friends gave this book 4 or 5 stars and there was I, reading along thinking that this was one of the worst books I've ever read on mental illnesses. And the main reason of that was because I HATE Sam (the main character)'s so called friends. They're the 'popular' and 'I-think-I'm-prettier-than-all-of-you' girls at school and every girl hates them and every guy loves them. Yeah, that kinda group. Hellooo, high school social hierarchy. Anyway, Sam's friends pissed me off. Majorly. So much that I was ready to just give up on the book altogether. Within their little posse, the 'main girl', Alexis (of course that's her name <.<), has basically created her own social ladder amongst the 4 other girls she calls her best friends.

"Not Hailey. You." [Alexis] pokes my collarbone. And now I know precisely where I reside on her social ladder: Second rung from the bottom. Hailey occupies the last one, and as soon as she learns I'm invited to Alexis's birthday and she's not, she'll know it too.

I actually find it comical how stupidly shallow their friendship is. It's so fake and well, childish. 
"You have no idea how sad I've been, Samantha. I felt horrible not asking you. Even though our moms weren't friends in preschool, you and I were best friends in kindergarten!"

In short, Alexis had to choose 2 of her 4 friends to go to the spa with because her mom only got 3 reservations, so Alexis decides to choose the two girls she was best friends with first. And, since all of them met each other at the same time, Alexis chooses the two girls whose mums were friends with first instead. WHAT. THE. FUCK. If I only got three reservations to the spa and had more than that many close friends, I'd ditch the spa and go someplace else because friends > going to some fancy pants spa.

Surprisingly enough, this book did a 180 spin soon later and progressively got better. Sure, Sam still had these hella annoying and fake friends, but I started to get over that because we see less of them the more involved Sam becomes with her new friends. I particularly love Caroline, who is just such a supportive friend and funky girl that wears the best t-shirts. She also suffers from depression, though I personally would have liked to look into that a little more (but I totally get why the author did not). (view spoiler)" said.


Hasta la última palabra es la nueva novela de Tamara Ireland Stone, una autora que me cautivó con El tiempo entre nosotros y su secuela Una y otra vez. Esta vez viene con una novela juvenil contemporánea que tiene como protagonista a una joven que tiene un TOC (transtorno obsesivo compulsivo).
Ya a simple vista Hasta la última palabra me parecía una novela diferente. Sin duda, el tener a una protagonista que padece un TOC la hace diferente. Ya no porque trate una enfermedad mental como hacen tantas otras novelas, sino porque es algo más en la trama y tenemos la vida de una joven que lidia día a día con su transtorno.
Lo que más me ha gustado de la novela, sin duda alguna, es la protagonista, Sam. Samantha está muy bien construida, es un personaje redondo, que cuenta con varios pilares que la sostienen. Por un lado su transtorno obsesivo compulsivo que se refleja muy bien en la novela, ya que no es Sam la que nos cuenta cómo se vive ese transtorno sino que se nos muestra en su día a día. Por otro lado su relación con Caroline que va floreciendo poco a poco a lo largo de la obra. Sam es un personaje que nos sorprende y tiene ciertas actitudes que lxs lectorxs no esperan de ella. Y además tiene una evolución constante, empieza siendo de una manera y acaba siendo totalmente diferente. Es una evolución natural, a la que nos adaptamos conforme ella misma se adapta.
La historia de la novela es simple y sencilla. Es una más, entre tantas. No es nada del otro mundo ni innova dentro de la literatura juvenil. Pero está bien construidas y la autora va dejando pistas a lo largo de la misma para que al final todas las piezas encajen tras el "gran" giro. Es una historia que nos acerca a los TOCs, que la gran mayoría desconocemos. La autora lo hace muy bien, basándose en una persona conocida.
Además las relaciones entre los personajes van creciendo y evolucionando poco a poco y me ha gustado mucho porque no hay nada que sea instantáneo ni aleatorio, sino que sabemos qué va a pasar y vemos cómo pasa con naturalidad.
La novela está muy en la línea de la autora, su estilo me gusta muchísimo y la manera en la que construye a sus personajes es siempre la misma. Además tiene muy buenas descripciones y mucha calidad literaria.
Es también bastante predecible, de hecho es lo que menos me ha gustado, porque desde el principio sabía cuál iba a ser el giro final. Aún así ese giro final no se da tan al final como esperaba sino que la historia continúa y eso lo ha mejorado bastante.
Hasta la última palabra es una novela que he disfrutado bastante, que me ha gustado porque me ha acercado a una realidad que no conocía -la que viven las personas que parecen TOCs- y que se lee con facilidad. Una novela que me ha gustado, que me alegro de haber leído y que recomiendo a todas las personas que disfruten de la literatura juvenil contemporánea.
" said.

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