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"Okay, so imagine you’re on a field trip and a fire starts. What would you do? Of course run, wrong you get in a single file line and get back on the bus. Then you figure out your teacher is missing. So you look out the window and see her going back to find the inhaler and she got lost then they had to leave because it was getting late. Here’s the said part if you’re dad went to Iraq what would you think what would happen… Nick waters dad came back with something gone. Nick did something that made his dad proud. This kid name smoke was a devil child he ate pencils and did not do his class work. He was a juvenile kid. But something changed him he came to school with tuxedo and changed his behavior and did his work.

" said.

"Bunny Starch is a feared biology teacher at Truman School. Students cringe when they are called upon in class and she’s always serious. When Duane doesn’t know the answer she forces him to write an essay, but he responds that she’ll be sorry and eats her pencil. The biology classes visit Black Vine Swamp in Florida’s Everglades for a field trip, but then Mrs. Starch disappears. Many students are relieved that their dreaded teacher is gone, but students become concerned that Duane’s threat may make him involved with Mrs. Starch’s disappearance. Duane’s involved, but not as they think. Something mysterious is occurring at Black Vine Swamp with its wildlife. Nick and Marta are two students concerned with the biology teacher’s disappearance and find themselves in awkward situations. Scat has similar elements as Hoot with wildlife issues and a mystery that keeps your interest. I thought it was an enjoyable read." said.

"Scat lets just say it was a pretty good book!!! Scat is about this boy named, Nick who is on a mission with his friend named, Marta to find his teacher, Ms.Starch. I don’t think they know what they are in for but I can’t give out too much. Nick also has another life other than helping his teacher and the environment. His dad is in Iraq fighting for our country, when Nick gets some good news and bad. It’s pretty shocking what Nick goes through. So that’s the good review the bad thing what I really didn’t like about this book was that in the previous books, hoot, and flush was that there was always a bully in scat there really isn't a bully other than Ms. Starch lol, but after in my opinion Scat is on the top charts of the book I’ve read. Along with the other Carl Hiaasen books. I really do recommend this book to everyone that likes an adventure and loves!!!! The environment so if you want to read this go ahead." said.

"Whenever I'm tempted to give an imperfect book less than 5 stars, I remember I should be grading on a curve--after all, I've only read a handful of "perfect" books! And Scat, with its minor imperfections, is still fantastic compared to most children's adventure books out there.

This is Hiassen's third book for children, and I thought it read a little more YA than the first two. (If you've read any of the author's anarchical, comical books for grown-ups, you know he has to pull his punches when writing for kids.)

Scat is mostly the story of a ruthless biology teacher who disappears into the Black Vine Swamp during a field trip--and, incidentally, a forest fire. Nick and his friend Marta set out to find some answers, especially since their classmate Duane "Smoke" Scrod had reason to hate Mrs. Starch AND has a history of arson. Then a strange guy named Twilly turns up, and readers find out there are a couple of oily businessmen out in the swamp causing trouble for Duane--and for an endangered puma. Hiassen is funny and subversive, qualities that make his children's books a refreshing change from cookie-cutter TV-type action adventures. And watch out for a cameo by the worst substitute teacher you could possibly imagine!
" said.

"Scat is a very good book! If this is your first time, you’re going to enjoy it! There are about 4 main characters. There is Nick, Duane Jr., Twilly, and Mrs. Starch. Nick is the boy that is trying to figure out what’s going on. Duane Jr. is the trouble maker. Twilly is the adventurous, wildlife person, and Mrs. Starch is the teacher that no one likes and goes missing. Nick and Marta and other students go on a school fieldtrip to the swamp. A fire takes over and while all the students are exiting the swamp, Mrs. Starch runs back to find a girls inhaler. Mrs. Starch turns up missing. On the bus Nick watched the video he recorded and sees a mysteries figure running through the swamp after the big boom and then the fire happened? In this book, Nick and the others are trying to figure out what started the fire, what was the figure, and what happened to Mrs.Starchs strange disappearance. There are some exciting parts and sad parts too. An example of a sad moment is when Nick hears about his dad and what happened while he was at war. And an exciting moment is when Nick and Marta get caught snooping in Mrs.Starch's house to pull clues together to see why she disappeared. Once you read the exciting parts, you’ll want to keep reading and reading till you finish! To experiment them all, you’ll have to read the book to find what happens next! " said.

"Nick and Marta’s biology class’ field trip to a local swamp/nature reserve is cut short when a brush fire breaks out. Their tyrannical biology teacher, Mrs. Starch re-enters the conflagration to find one of her students’ medication, and doesn’t come out again. When authorities learn that Duane Scrod (‘Smoke’), one of her students, threatened her and has a history of committing acts of arson, they try to pick him up for questioning, but he’s missing, too. Nick and Marta decide to find out what’s happened to their teacher, and in the process, Nick runs into Duane, who claims to be innocent, and a strange man (who scares him half to death), who assures him that Mrs. Starch is ok. The solution to this mystery is hidden in the swamp, and involves an oil company, some illegal pipe work, a Florida panther family, and a radical environmentalist.

This reminded me a lot of Hoot, which is another eco-mystery by Hiaasen featuring similar characters and situations. It was almost too reminiscent, in fact. Habitat and endangered species are threatened by big business, which attempts to get away with something illegal (drilling for oil in a protected area, in this case), whereupon a group of kids discovers what’s going on and busts it up. I would have enjoyed this more if I hadn’t already read Hoot; Scat just seemed repetitious.
" said.

" The book's story didn't exactly spike my interest. I found that the only reason I kept reading it was because I was almost done. It is disappointing compared to the other books written by Carl Hiaasen. " said.

"I thought that this book was interesting. This book is about these two children that have a science teacher, her name is Mrs. Starch. They went on a field trip at the Black Vine Swamp, and they went with Mrs. Starch and they left without her. She was still at the Black Vine Swamp, she didn't leave with them. Then it goes back to where Nick's dad was in Iraq and he came back home, because he got burned up and he broke his arm. He wanted to get home to his wife and kids, so he escaped from the hospital. It jumped back to the children, they went to Mrs. Starch's house, and they saw that her friend, Twilly, had her car and was at her house. The children, Marta and Nick, followed Twilly around, finally he lead the children to go see their teacher, back at the Black Vine Swamp. She told the children she had a lot of respect for them, and if they told anybody what she had to show them, she would lose all respect and everything for Marta and Nick. The children promised not to tell nobody and so they went back home, and came back the next day. Still in their words, they promised not to tell about the item they wanted to see. Mrs. Starch showed the children the item. At first they thought it was so cool. Then after Mrs. Starch told them she had two at first, they were upset and they didn't want to know anything else. To find out more details, you should read the book. If you’re interested by this then you will be amazed by all the exciting and mysterious Carl Hassan books." said.

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