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UPDATE TIME: 2018-10-20 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 15 user ratings

"Helen Stephens’ How to Hide a Lion is a sweet, funny story about one lion’s need for a hiding place and one little girl who sees the kindness in him. A lion, on the hunt for a new hat, strolls into town and is chased away by the scared townsfolk. He runs away and befriends, Iris, who keeps him at her house. But a big, often sleepy and loud lion, is not easy to hide.

Stephens has spun a heartwarming and enchanting story about friendship and looking past a person’s appearance. Young readers will be amused by Iris’ silly attempts to hide the lion and love the friendship between the two. The illustrations are simple and lovely, with a lot texture and movement, and are the perfect companion to the fun story.

This is a lovely and amusing story that young readers will enjoy again and again.
" said.

"I was surprised that this book was published in 2012. The drawings and storyline are reminiscent of the picture books from the 70s (though I suppose then Iris would have been a boy character instead). I mean this in a good way as the story has some of the innocence and fun of storybooks from the 70s.

Like many of the reviewers, I enjoyed Iris's interactions with the lion, and her ready acceptance of the lion as a friend based on his behaviour rather than preconceived stereotypes. However, also like several of the reviewers, I was dissatisfied with the ending, where the lion had to 'prove' himself to the townspeople by foiling a robbery. Why was his behaviour and his treatment of Iris not enough? Finally, I was disturbed by the mother's dismissal of Iris's reality. Gaslighting is an abusive form of communication that has no place in a children's book.
" said.

"Llegamos a una de las lecturas que más disfruto en el mes y es, sin lugar a dudas, la sección infantil. ¿Qué mejor momento para comenzar a amar los libros que cuando se es niño? Además aceptemos una cosa, ahora ya viene la época de buscar regalos de Navidad y Reyes, esta puede llegar a ser una gran opción para los reyes de la casa, que nos traen alegrías.

Esta vez la obra COMO ESCONDER UN LEÓNde Helen Stephens me ha enternecido y tenido con una sonrisa enorme desde que comencé a leerlo. Nos encontramos con ilustraciones curiosas y brillantes para poder llamar la atención de los pequeños.

Ente lo que más he disfrutado es que podemos ser cómplices de Iris, y su necesidad de ayudar a este
pequeño León que se fue a buscar un sombrero. Con ella vamos a tener presentes en toda la historia:
La empatía, el altruismo, la protección y la amistad. Estos son valores que los pequeños van desarrollando desde muy pequeños y que en este libro podemos ver continuamente resaltados.

Otra cosa que se destaca del libro y que me ha encantado es precisamente el mensaje claro: No juzgues y el león no es siempre como lo pintan.

Esta obra va dirigida para niños entre cuatro y cinco años, aunque yo creo que podrían comenzar a leerla los de tres, pues el lenguaje es muy sencillo y la historia cortita y deliciosa.

¿Recomendable? Yo espero que no falte en ningún árbol de navidad XD. Por mi parte no puedo más que desearos una ¡Feliz lectur
" said.

"When a lion decides to go into town to purchase a hat, he is surprised and hurt by the violent reaction of the villagers. After the frightened townsfolk take up pitchforks and chase him away, he hides in the playhouse of a little girl named Iris (who is not afraid of lions). Capable Iris brushes the lion's mane, bandages his wounds, and comforts his hurt feelings. The two quickly become playmates, sharing stories and games, and carefully hiding from Iris's mum and dad. Their happiness is short-lived, however, and soon Iris's mum's terrified screams send the lion running for a different hiding place. From his new vantage point, camouflaged between two stone lions near town hall, the lion witnesses a burglary, and by capturing the thieves, ultimately wins over the village. His reward? A hat, of course, and the thanks of an enlightened citizenry. Stephens' expressive illustrations have a classic feel, and her generous use of white space appropriately focuses reader attention on Iris and the lion and their gentle camaraderie. Her characters portray a wide-range of emotions through subtle changes in expression. In particular, the lion, though silent throughout, is sure to elicit sympathy from young audiences as he visibly transforms from a scared, worried, and hesitant fugitive to a blissfully content and affectionate companion. The well-paced text creates a satisfying narrative arc, and Iris is a winning protagonist, sensible and compassionate and much braver than the grown-ups. A simple story well-told that is sure to charm preschool and early elementary audiences.

" said.

" A lion comes to town to find a hat. The townspeople get scared and chase the lion away. Only Iris can see the good in the lion, and she tries to hide him at her house. Can she succeed indefinitely? " said.

" 3* art3*storyThe idea of trying to hide a lion made Squirt giggle. " said.

" Oh my goodness. Cuteness overload.Also, one of my favorite opening lines: "One hot day, a lion strolled into town to buy a hat." " said.

" A lion has to hide and so a girl helps him do so even though it's hard. Cute story with charming old fashioned classic looking illustrations. " said.

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