Star Wars Guardians of the Whills (Star Wars: Rogue One) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-06-29 
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"A solid, quick read. Rucka is one of my favorite writers, and even though this is a YA entry in the new Star Wars canon, one thing that is as true here as ever is that he knows how to write action and build a full sense of the world all at once. And he does so without ever writing down to the intended audience. A solid Rogue One prequel featuring two characters who need several more books. This adventure, which sees Maze Bulba and Chirrut Imwe join forces with Saw Gerrera and save Jedha's orphan population, was a rollicking little book that went by a bit too fast. The ending feels a little rushed, with the first half of the book more character-driven and with fewer time jumps. Once the action picks up, it would've been nice to get more than cursory paragraph-length summaries before moving along. Overall still very good, and now I want more adventures of Baze and Chirrut." said.

"First things first, yes, I know this is a book intended for a younger audience, but I just love Chirrut and Baze so much I couldn't resist learning more about them!

Guardians of the Whills explains a decent amount of the odd duo, giving us desperately sought after details. The plot itself is set before Rogue One (anybody that's seen the movie shouldn't be surprised about this fact, for obvious reasons), and focuses on the Empire's military move on Jedha.

(view spoiler)" said.

"Rogue One: Baze & Chirrut is a middle grade Star Wars novel written by Greg Rucka. Set on the world of Jedha, the story focuses on the two main characters, their fight against the Imperial presence on the planet, and their eventual alliance with Saw Gerrera, a partisan fighter.

This book was a great read. It gives the reader a deeper insight into the two main characters that we didn't have in the original Rogue One movie (and novelization of said movie). But, more than that, it really opens up the planet of Jedha and the Holy City, NiJedha. That planet and city were my favorite parts of the movie because of how familiar they felt. Alexander Freed took that familiarity and seasoned it by giving Jedha life in the novelization. Greg Rucka has taken the reigns from them, and his writing has made the setting even more robust.

Is this book a must read? Emphatically yes. Not only do we get an exciting story with two of the best characters in Rogue One, but we get to see the Star Wars galaxy more fully developed on this one vital planet. While I personally hope this will be our last Baze & Chirrut adventure, I cannot wait to revisit Jedha again. It deserves many more stories.
" said.

"Uno de los problemas con Rogue One fueron sus personajes. Éstos no estaban bien desarrollados y, debido a que iban a morir al final, no querían que nos interesáramos mucho en ellos. Sin embargo las nuevas novelas se han dedicado a explorar la vida de estos personajes. Primero de manera extremadamente fallida con Rebel Rising y la historia de Jin Erso, y ahora con este libro sobre la vida de Baze and Chirrut antes de la llegada de Jin a Jedha.
En pocas páginas nos muestra como el imperio fue extrayendo kybers de este plantea sagrado sin que las religiones o habitantes pudieran hacer algo al respecto. Así tenemos un buen vistazo a Saw Guerrera y cual era, más o menos, el propósito de su guerrilla. Sin embargo lo que mejor hace este libro es darnos más contexto e historia sobre Baze y Chirrut. Nos ayuda a entender la dependencia de su relación, sus ideologías, sus pasados y las razones por las que luchan. La narración, citas antes de cada capitulo y la química entre ambos como un contraste de obscuridad y luz pero, más importante, lo esencial que es no perder la esperanza, hacen de este libro uno de los mejores en el universo de Star Wars.
" said.

"I read the Kindle version of this book.

The first thing to know about The Guardians of the Whills is that it is a children's book, aimed at 9-12 year olds. For an adult, its an enjoyable couple hour read.

Set a few years after the Imperial occupation of Jedha, but before the events of Rogue One: A Star Wars story, the book follows former Guardians of the Whills Chirrut Îmwe and Baze Malbus. Chirrut and Baze aim to continue their charge of protecting the people of Jedha, specifically the newly orphaned children. With the help of former Disciple of the Whills Killi Gimm and her sister Kayla.

I enjoyed reading the book, and getting a little behind the scenes look at the conditions on Jedha.


I do have a problem with a major plot point in the novel. Baze and Chirrut are part of, or at least help, Saw Gerrera's band of freedom fighters. Although almost betrayed by Gerrera's fighters at the end of the novel, through the whole book I was wondering how they went from cooperative in this novel to being hooded, bound, and thrown in a cell in Rogue One. This is unlikely to be resolved, unless Pablo Hidalgo steps in and clarifies things.
" said.

"A really enjoyable read.

'Guardians Of The Whills' is set on Jedha, in the Holy City, not long after the Imperial occupation before the events of 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story'. Despite the title, the story focuses on Chirrut Îmwe and Baze Malbus from the film, rather than delving into the religious order of the Force (although we do get quotes from collected poems, prayers and meditations on the Force between chapters).

Thankfully though, it's not another origin story, but more about the struggles of life under the occupation of Empire in a once thriving city.

I enjoyed the relationship between Chirrut and Baze, their connection to each other - coming across like brothers - and their duty to do good. In this case, being the guardians for a makeshift orphanage.

Due to the increased insurgency of Saw Gerrera's militia forces against the Empire, whom we also meet, albeit briefly, life becomes harder and a plan is hatched to save the orphan population.

Despite being listed as a YA title, don't let that put you off. It's definitely a worthy addition to the new Star Wars canon and it's great to learn more about Chirrut and Baze and and a bit more about a new location in the Star Wars universe that we didn't know too much about previously.
" said.

"I really liked this book. It was a short easy read and I could have used a full novel about Chirrut and Baze. I loved these 2 characters in Rogue One, so to get more of them is such a treat! They are devoted to one another, in friendship, in an unbreakable bond.
It's interesting to read their relationship with the Force and how it has changed over time. To go from Guardians of the Whills to 2 displaced nomads, it's such an interesting journey for them in a pre-Rogue One world.
Each chapter opens with selections from the "Collected Poems, Prayers, and Meditations on the Force." Each one gives the different flavors and perspectives of the writes and their relationship to the Force. The Sith, the Jedi, the Guardians and more. It continues to challenge the idea that the Jedi are the best and only Force users in the Galaxy. There's a lot of Galaxy out there and I love exploring more and more of it with each new book!

When I bought this book at Barnes and Noble, the woman who helped me find Guardian of the Whills in the store immediately asked me "But what book are you going to read?" To which I responded, "This book!!" It may have been written for younger readers, but I consider it a integral piece of new canon. And recommend it to anyone looking for a deeper understanding of the Force and how it plays a part in the greater Star Wars Universe!!
" said.

"First a disclaimer, this is a junior novel it's small and doesn't get too involved with the Star Wars universe, it has a very narrow scope that at times gets redundant, additionally it's the first new canon book I've read that didn't make a substantial contribution to building the new canon or revealing an interesting plot point/clarification.

That is why this book gets a 3 and not a 4

With that being said I enjoyed reading this book for three reasons; one we get to experience the Middle East styled atmosphere and pulse of the holy city but from the perspective of the residents instead of from conversation and action scenes, two there are some good sections of the book outlining Imperial protocols for handling the Saw Gerrera's of the Galaxy, three and most importantly we get to see the world and the force through Chirrut's "eyes" which puts an Eastern twist on a Middle Eastern setting that is quite pleasing.

The quality of the book, the art, and the between chapter excerpts really sold me on the hard copy of the book and I suggest this book for anyone that is interested in learning more about Baze and Chirrut, reading all of the new canon, or if you fall in the junior novel audience.

I would not suggest this book if you have not read or watched Rogue One as the characters will most likely fall flat without that prior knowledge.
" said.

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