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" Kyle Camden is a smart guy (his IQ is in the thousands). But he's a tad irritated by the superhero kid in his class. In fact, he's beyond irritated. The word to describe his irritation hasn't even been invented yet. Note to Kyle: After school, invent a new word to describe how irritated you are. And then later, invent a time machine. Full review here: " said.

"Kyle was in the field when the plasma storm hit. It irradiated him and now he's a genius with super strength, invulnerable skin and he can fly. Around the same time Mighty Mike appears. Mighty Mike also appears to have gained special abilities from the plasma storm, until Kyle remembers what Mike's deal really is. Unfortunately everyone thinks Mike is the hero and that Kyle is the villain.

This is a different take on the superhero tale. It's the end of the story and I'm still not sure whose the bad guy. Wondering when I'll be able to read the rest of the series.
" said.

" Before “the stars fell” in the city of Bouring, Kyle Camden was the most popular kid in school. He pranked everyone in every way imaginable. Then in came “Mighty Mike”, an alien superhero who took his place.
When Kyle is bathed in the same plasmas as Mike was created by, he decides to get rid of the annoying superhero. Using a bunch of home-made gadgets, will Kyle be able to show the world who Mike really is?
Coming out in October 2010, this book gives the story from the villain’s point of view. He is just a normal kid trying to get even, not some evil maniac who wants to destroy the town. Have a blast reading this book!
" said.

" The main character is the most popular kid in school till "the stars fall down." He is transformed into a super hero. When he is testing out his powers he discovers another amatuer super hero. While the rest of the world is fawning over Mighty Mike Kyle is planning to kill him. Kyle must fight for what is his. While he is trying to help he is blamed for it all so he becomes known as a villain but he just wants to be a hero.

This series I finished in a whole two days maybe one I'm not sure but I really enjoyed this book. This book was predictable from the start. Kyle seems like a troublemaker but he is just a kid who wants to change people's opinions.
" said.

"This was an almost frighteningly realistic view into the mind of a young archvillain-in-progress. Kyle is a super-smart, yet self-absorbed and misanthropic kid who likes to play pranks on people - mostly adults in authority - and is therefore very popular at school. However, when he's caught in a miniature plasma storm that delivers "Mike," a Superman-like alien to his hometown, he finds himself with comparable powers but without Mike's altruistic mindset. Mike ends up overshadowing Kyle, which Kyle just can't handle... and Kyle the archvillain (who is, up through the last page, still convinced that HE is the hero) is born. Highly recommended for fans of the superhero genre looking for something complex and different - and a bit darker." said.

"I picked this one up because I left my book at home one day and it was the shortest book that looked interesting.

Kyle is a prankster and the most popular kid in school. One day while setting up for a prank, he is enveloped in a radioactive cloud. This gives Kyle superpowers and the ability to fly. It also brings his Archvillain Mighty Mike.

Then nothing goes as planned. Mike turns out to be the good guy, and Kyle through some freak mistakes with his inventions is labeled as the bad guy.

Kyle tried to be all conversational, but he was never likable enough. I had a hard time rooting for him and was annoyed with him instead. Kyle was supposedly super smart, and the radiation made him smarter, but it was never evidenced in anything he did.
" said.

"practical pranks kids gets super powers and has attitude that he is better than everyone else including another super hero -Mike.

More to come

Kyle is telling the story , and he doesn't reveal at all to his classmates that he has super powers. Mike does something heroic and become the Hero of the the town. Kyle by being secretive ends up being the bad guy. There is a situation where Kyle ends up saving a dear friend of his, but he has to make some choices .

I found Kyle to kid with a attitude and know it all. I understand that his parents were there but he found them to idiots, and always working on secret projects to get rid of Mike. I found Kyle to be a BRAT. He likes to cause trouble and likes to takes pants down off other kids.

" said.

"3.75 Kyle was going to pull yet another prank at school when an alien (Mighty Mike) catapulted from outer space and bathed Kyle in a plasma that gave him superpowers. Once the most popular kid at school, Kyle gets demoted as Mighty Mike takes his spot (and his best friend, Mairi). Why is it that only Kyle can see that Mighty Mike only saves the day by accident??? Seeking revenge, Kyle builds a machine to de-pants Kyle at a public event, but things go terribly wrong and it makes Kyle look like the villain! Though not thrilled with his villain status, he is determined to do anything to stop Mighty Mike and find out what he's really doing on earth....This is a hilarious twist on the superhero story. Similar to Eoin Colfer's Artemis Fowl series, the reader realizes that the "villain" isn't really evil, but a complex character. " said.

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