Medea the Enchantress (Goddess Girls) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-04-09 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 0 user ratings

" Fun series for younger readers; unfortunately, I had students who wanted more seriously mythology when this debuted in 2010, and 23 books is a daunting number to try to purchase now! " said.

" I had no previous knowledge of a Medea so this character was all new to me. I love the story of Jason and the Argonauts so another win. This series never disappoints. " said.

" A nice interpretation of Medea. The only complaint is about the tomato, which wasn't known in Non-America until 2000 years later. " said.

" This book was fun to read, and tells you how to overcome your fears. It also shows you that you don't have to do what people always tell you to do. And it also teaches that you can break free, and BE FREE. Let your true self show. " said.

"Cute but not one of my favorites. 12 year old Medea and her frenemy Glauce head to MOA to help Her Aunt Circe substitute teach Herology class. Circe had a vision that Medea would lose her heart to a boy who would steal her father’s Golden Fleece but, in the manner of most prophecy, by trying to prevent it they only end up helping it all come to pass. Most of the story isn’t spent up at MOA but is instead on the boat the Argo with Jason and the Argonauts on an adventure to get the fleece.

It is really nice to see Medea find a nice non confrontational way to handle her frenemy.
" said.

"This is a nice book about family, friendship and first crushes! Even Apollonius would like the messages! But it should not be called a Goddess Girls book! It' s the same universe, but more a spin-off or a special, because we don't get much from MOA and our beloved goddess girls. There were a lot of brilliant ideas, but I have the feeling that all possibilities for MOA were wasted. The original Argonautika has actually some interaction. And the Enchantment Academy was not so special that it could replace MOA. An enchantment club at MOA wouldn't make any difference, as there is Ms. Hecate who could manage it, too. Usually I like some good school ideas like in Echo the Copycat, but here it was a bit boring (at least compared to Hogwarts.)
And a character called Glauke annoyed me. She doesn't appear in the Argonautika, but is part of the Jason& Medea myths. Such a "frenemy" is interesting and you get sympathetic with Medea. However, Glauke "outshone" Medea completely. So there wasn't place enough for Medea's being on her own and the interaction with Jason, the Argonauts and the goddess girls.
I think the problem is that there are a lot of ideas, places and characters, and the book is fast-paced! The description was 272 pages, but it's only 256 pages.
It's a great book, but not a great Goddess Girl book. It was nostalgic, with some memories of well-known characters. It could be an end and lead to a new series. But it doesn't and I hope that Eos the Lighthearted will be a true Goddess girl book. And the final book someday must end in a different way.
" said.

" I didn't finish this one, but I think i'll be leaving goddess girls books in 2017. " said.

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