Aunt Chip and the Great Triple Creek Dam Affair Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-07-15 
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" The story itself is not that great, yet, the illustrations make up the value of the book. There are magnificent illustrations of cats accompanied by an intriguing mix of media. My eye is drawn to the delicate pencil drawings that highlight the colorful depictions. The subject matter revolves around books so this would be a good addition to a "Librarian" story time theme. It would also be pertinent for any parent or teacher that is trying to promote the usage of books to children. " said.

" My daughter picked this to read tonight. She had been flipping through the pages all day. Although there is a lot of text, it kept her attention for the majority of the book. She got restless the last few pages. Intriguing story that explores a world where books have been lost and everyone has turned to the television as their sole source of entertainment. (Actually books are still around, just not being read. They are doorstops and walls. Building material). " said.

" Most of the time Ms Polacco writes her stories based on true life events in her life. But this book I think she took an idea of a real life person and took it and kind of went to the extreme with it. Which in my opinion would have been better had she not done that. But over all the idea of the story was wonderful! Expressing how important libraries are to communities and children getting away from television and reading. Still a good story but just a little extreme at times. " said.

" GR Level: NElementary: E POLWhen the whole town becomes addicted to their TV's the whole town falls apart. Books are used as hardware, until the children of the town decide that reading is a great hobby and start pilfering books from around town. What happens when the book that Eli want's to read is a part of the dam in town? Great book to show the joy and happiness of reading and what can happen if you don't read. " said.

"I believe this book presents a real possibility of what could happen if libraries around the world were done away with. Even my hometown is cutting librarian staff because they say "Anyone can check out a book". But you see, the job itself is so much more than that. Librarians teach children how to read. Children today are so focused and sucked into technology at their fingertips. They have cell phones, laptops, etc, not just television. If librarians can raise up a generation of readers, those readers will raise a generation of readers so hopefully books everywhere will NEVER be used to fill potholes and seal dams. Good Book!" said.

"Aunt Chip has been in bed for 50 years, for some reason. Her nephew Eli isn't quite sure why. Does it have anything to do with the fact that everyone in this particular town is glued to their beloved TV sets? No one reads, but books are still in use--to hold up falling walls, as footstools and tables, etc. What becomes of a town that foregoes reading in favor of watching TV all day and night?

I enjoy Patricia Polacco, but I had trouble with this book. I selected it with the idea in mind to read to primary students about the importance of reading, but it came off to me as contrived. Sad to say, because some of her other books are so good! I won't give up on Polacco's books, but just didn't care much for this one. Maybe it was because it didn't fit my needs. Oh, well.
" said.

"3/25/11 ** Aunt Chip hasn't gotten out of bed in the memory of the narrator. He describes a world where books are used as doorstops and to shore up the town dam. School is taught by televisions and the adults plan their day according to the television shows. Of course the book has a happy ending with the kids learning to read from Aunt Chip and then teaching their parents to read. While the story is a rather heavy-handed treatment of the perils of television, I can't resist the message.
I unexpectedly had time to kill on Friday (the last day before spring break) - 1/3 of my class went to the mobile dentist right before I'd planned to give the spelling test. My Polacco books were all out, preparatory to taking them home, so I grabbed this one to read aloud. I had a great time making the voice of Aunt Chip old, quavery, and very southern. My fourth graders seemed to enjoy that very different voice as well.
Many of the kids really got into it. There were predictions and comments popping up all over the room. I even had several kids say out loud that reading was way better than T.V. Yes!!
" said.

"Aunt Chip and the Great Triple Creek Dam Affair is a great story about a little boy named Eli who has a desire to read in a town that has been taken over by TV. Everyday Eli visits his Aunt Chip, who used to be the town librarian, and she teaches Eli to read. When the other children in town learn of Eli's special talent, they too want to learn to read. One day Eli takes a book from a pile of books that act as the town dam. When Eli takes the book it causes the dam to come crashing down and the whole town is flooded. Everyone is mad because their TV's no longer work. When the town realizes that the children have been learning to read they are angry, but soon realize that they need to read more as well. At the end of the story the town still watches TV, but in moderation and spends more time reading books.

My overall impression of this book is that it sends a great message to children about how important reading really is and the consequences that could happen from not reading. Even though technology is a great tool it also needs to be used in moderation. I real enjoyed reading this book and the message that it sends to readers about how important reading is.
" said.

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