Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, Book 3: The Ship of the Dead (Rick Riordan's Norse Mythology) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-07-15 
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"Y'all I am going to fucking go nuts. Disclaimer: when I am excited about a book, I can be careless about tossing out the spoilers, so read with discretion.

The Ship of the Dead, for the most part, was a wonderful and satisfying conclusion to the Magnus Chase series. I've just reread the series, and I really do love these books a lot; they're wonderful and packed with your usual Riordan-like adventure formula, and the characters are all solid and well-developed. While the plot follows more-or-less the same plotline that literally every other Riordan book has, it still remains relatively fresh.

I think for this book what really stood out to me was the characters. Previous books focused on the empty cups gang: Hearthstone, Blitzen, and Samirah. This shifts the focus to Magnus's einherjar friends from floor 19: Thomas Jefferson Jr., Mallory Keen, Halfborn Gunderson, and Alex Fierro. The Empty Cups/Floor 19 gang really steal the show and are perhaps the most precious gang to ever appear in literature (rivalling Riordan's other precious gang, The Seven (+ Reyna and Nico). The Ship of the Dead tells their stories, signalling how close they've become since Magnus has arrived on the scene. And I loved the focus on them: hearing about all the stories of Floor 19 was great, because we know them, but we didn't really know them until this book.

They all had their stories, which tied into each other, made them closer, and developed their characters even more. I think T.J. emerged as one of my favourite characters? He's so precious and happy, and he cares so, so so much. Mallory and Halfborn were also so good, and all of them had pasts that made my heart ache and feel warm and fuzzy. And of course, Alex Fierro continues to be a complete standout in pink and green. We got more insight into her character, and who she is, which I loved. (view spoiler)" said.

" ✨Full series review here! The best way I can describe this series in one sentence is: a more diverse and woke version of Percy Jackson and if that doesn't want to make you read it then I don't know what will. " said.

"( 12. November.2016)

Wait, there's no book cover.............. what's the publishing date?

*checks the date.*


Oh My Gods!


(28 September 2017)
OMyGods (Of the Greek/Roman, Egyptian and Norse variety)

This's releasing this Sunday........


(8 January 2018)

.....I don't know what to say.

The book was nice and all, but it didn't really get to the level the first two got to, and the one I expected of it. The ending didn't match up to all the suspense built up in the book and the previous books.
Magnus meeting Percy was kind of a disappointment and the ending was really 'meh'. The book didn't really get to me the same way the others did, I mean, after reading Sword of Summer, I went crazy looking for a sequel and then I went even crazier because the sequel was coming out a whole year later. After finally getting my hands on Hammer of Thor, the wait was worth it. I waited for the last one with the hope that this would be even more awesome than the first two, but with the sure-fire belief that it would be amazing, even if it wasn't better than the previous ones, but matching up to them instead. With this book, I didn't bother even checking if there was going to be a sequel.
The final battle with Loki was long awaited and I had no doubt that the ending was going to be something I could have never dreamt of. Instead, both the battle and the ending seemed kind of cliche and boring. The only not-so-horrible part of the ending was Magnus' speech during the flyting. It was beautifully written but I was still disappointed.
All in all, the wait was most certainly not worth it.
" said.

"I'm sad to be done with Rick's Norse books. These were wonderful. Rick's writing is so clear and he has such a deep understanding of mythology to be able to play with the gods the way he does. These are some of my favorite books as I love anything having to do with mythology. I also enjoy that Magnus is a healer. It's nice that he heals.

Also, I think Alex is one of the coolest characters in literature. I mean, it's so neat that he/she is allowed to flow back and forth on the gender spectrum. It's also amazing that Magnus is attracted to him/her and it's the person. I love it. Rick also tackles homelessness in this book. It is such a well done book.

They have to face off against Loki in a Flyting to prevent Ragnarok. They go through some rough realms to get there. It starts off at a fast pace and keeps that up. The stakes are high and the action is packed. Magnus has a capable team of adventurers.

I'm glad this was my final book for 2017. Hello 2018. Happy New Year.
" said.

"What an epic way to end 2017!

I basically read the entire day - forgetting to eat and sometimes even breath!
Yesterday I challenged myself to finish this series before the end of 2017, and like T.J. jr. I do not let challenges pass me by.

I must say Rick did make it easy for me to keep to my self-implicated challenge. This adventure was so epic, on-the-edge-of-my-seat, I couldn't put the book down. I just had to know what will happen next, where will our heroes end up and - more importantly - how will they extract themselves form the doom they are facing.

Not only did I immensely enjoy this book - and series - but also did I learn a great deal about Norse mythology. I think that's the best thing about any of Rick's works; you learn so much and you truly enjoy learning!

What a great read to end the year of 2017 with!
" said.

" Rick Riordan is always a great read, no matter the flaws in his stories. I am very grateful for Magnus Chase, a character I once upon a time called a cheap Percy Jackson knock-off, but who is actually a great character in his own right.I love these kids. " said.

" As usual I found humor throughout the story. But I felt bored towards the end of the story.Because of that 4/5 are given. " said.

" Seeing that the names for the first two books are objects/weapons in Norse Mythology I wonder what would be the name for this one so I'm going to put some of them: ·Svalin: Shield that protected Sol in the chariot from the sun. ·Laevateinn: Loki’s magic sword. ·Hofund: Sword of the god Heimdall. ·Gungnir: Odin's magical spear. ·Hringhorni: Longship of the god Balder. Also there is some thing that I want to see. Well tbh all the fangirls want to see him: " said.

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