The Unbearable Book Club for Unsinkable Girls Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2016-07-09 
Review Score: 3 out of 5 star From 62 user ratings

"Although not quite as powerful as Black Box, this witty send-up of summer reading lists and book clubs is beautifully written. The ending is subtle and leaves you thinking." said.

"Summer story about four 15-year-old teen girl charicatures and three of their moms who are in a book club. The main character Adrienne (no dad in the picture, unknown why) has a knee injury and spends time at the pool along with Barbie doll-like CeeCee who just gets A in trouble all the time being out late at night doing very unwise things.

They all get together occasionally to discuss interesting books, usually each scene is two conversations at the same time. The possibility of being a lesbian is examined.

Concludes with a bibliography of the books they have read.
" said.

"Be careful…joining a book club just might be the death of you. It’s the summer before junior year, and Adrienne’s mom is ruining her life. As if being stuck home with a knee injury all summer didn’t sound bad enough, Adrienne is also forced out of her comfort zone and into a mom-mandated book club. The four unfortunate members of the Unbearable Book Club are about as different as they could be: average Adrienne, spoiled CeeCee, overachieving Jill, and total weirdo Wallis.

As the girls slog through the reading assignments for their AP English class, Adrienne starts to find that she has a real knack for literature and actually enjoys the books in spite of the opposition from the rest of the club. Her membership in the club is even beginning to afford her a newfound social life, though her late night rendezvous with flighty rich girl CeeCee get her into plenty of trouble.

The more they read and hang out together, Adrienne, CeeCee, Jill, and Wallis begin wading into more and more dangerous waters. By the end of the summer, Adrienne tells us in the very first chapter, someone will be dead. Who knew that a mother/daughter book club could cause so much turmoil?

Told in essay format by Adrienne, The Unbearable Book Club for Unsinkable Girls is a fast read filled with plenty of twists.

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" said.

"Story: This book was about Adrienne, whose mother organized a summer book club. This book club was only organized because Adrienne ended up with her knee in a brace. She was supposed to be spending the summer with her friend. Instead, her friend went without her. In the book club, there are 4 girls and 4 mothers. CeeCee is the popular girl in school, and Adrienne is quite surprised that she will even talk to her. Jill is always working, usually at the pool, to try to earn herself some money. Wallis is kind of lonely, and she joined the book club because it seemed "fun". Throughout the summer, they must all read many books. They also do some things that they probably shouldn't. Adrienne ends up sneaking out of the house by jumping out of a window in the middle of the night. She goes to the golf course after hours with CeeCee. They also end up going to the pool, and some bad things happen there as well.

Characters: Adrienne was my favorite character since I could relate to her in many ways. I've broken my ankle over the summer, so I definitely know what it feels like to not be able to do much besides sit around.
The only thing I didn't like was that she didn't seem to stand up for herself much. If CeeCee told her to do something, she usually did it without complaining. Who in their right mind would jump out of a window, nonetheless if you have a brace?

CeeCee was kind of annoying. I felt like she kind of did whatever she pleased and didn't even care if what she was doing was wrong. I did enjoy how we did actually see the real CeeCee at times, instead of the show that she puts on for others.

Jill was relatable as well. She always had her face in a book and was working non stop. She seemed like the kind of person who would get great grades in school.

Wallis was kind of a nerd. We never knew much about her until the very end. She didn't like to share much of her life with others. I can see why now.

All in All: I would definitely say that this is a great summer read. It was a very easy read and it was kind of enjoyable. The characters were fun since they all had very different personalities.
" said.

"I'm going to make this short. When I first saw this book I thought I was in for a very out of the ordinary novel. I mean, a book club. How many times do you see a book about something like that? I was definitely wrong on that one. It seemed to be about what every other teenage book is about. Peer pressure, an relationships with parents. BORING!! It seems like that's all young adult writers write about. The whole first half was just a recount of what was happening in Adrienne's life. There was no story. She went to the pool and read classics. That's it!!!
The other thing I didn't like was Adrienne's attitude. She was such a push over!! She did everything CeeCee said without a second thought. She even jumped out a window!!! Her leg was in a cast!!! Was she insane?
There were good things, though. I think the characters were described very well and the references to the classics were a nice touch. All in all I give it a 2/5.
" said.

"An entertaining look at mother-teen daughter relationships through the lens of literature. Great for teens who feel dragged into doing things by their parents (and what teen doesn't?)." said.

"The fact that it took 6 months to read this book pretty much says it all for me. I don't read a lot of YA, but I gave this one a shot because I thought it had a lot of promise. The delivery, however, was lacking.

Adrienne is a rising junior in high school when a freak accident changes her plans to go camping and, instead, she joins a bookstore with 3 girls from her school--popular CeCe, over-achiever Jill, and weirdo Wallis--and their moms. They pick 5 books from the AP English summer reading list, and meet to discuss them. Thrown together with these girls, Adrienne has adventures, deep discussions, and witnesses a death. Will she learn from the experiences?

This book could have been so awesome, but just did not deliver. Maybe it's the old person in me, but the characters were never really well-defined or likeable, they had vague problems, and didn't really grow and change. Jill's worst issue was that she grounded herself, Adrienne never really got closure on her issues about her dad, and CeCe was nasty.The only person I really cared about was Wallis, and her story was such a mystery, it was almost like her story was chopped for poor editing. There was vague discussion about the books, but not enough to make me seek out the books and read them. I know that life doesn't always have a clean neat ending, but that is not an attractive quality in a book.

Just skip this book. I wish I had.
" said.

"I read this because it was set in Delaware where I am from. I am a shame to have such a crappy book set in my state. It gives me hope though, because if somebody read this and thought it was worth publishing I might stand a chance someday." said.

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