Cucumber Quest: The Doughnut Kingdom Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-07-15 
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" I'm down with this trend of meta-stories. I'm down with the gender commentary. I'm down with taking tropes and norms of older stories and twisting and changing them. This was fun to look at and enjoyable to get lost in and felt too short! I'm looking forward to the next volume. " said.

"In league with Steven Universe, Cucumber Quest has a lot to love for both younger kids and older college-aged folks. The entire storyline pokes fun at those old Super Nintendo RPG storylines: get from A to B, but the way is blocked, so you have to go from A to C, yet while you're at C you have to get an item for D by fighting E. The roundabout nature of the quest, as well as how everything is put upon the lax and studious Cucumber (as opposed to his more adventure-savvy little sister), is firmly lampshaded. It's a knowing kind of humor, too. This is an appreciative roast of the genre, rather than a mean-hearted spoof of its tropes.

Recommended, everyone? Do you like video games, goofy self-referential dialogue, and/or gorgeous artwork? Then you'll like Cucumber Quest.
" said.

"(Thanks, NetGalley!)

I loved this - it's a very clever, cute and amusingly snarky graphic novel. Loved the pastel color schemes and all the food-based puns. Love it! It's a great parody of the hero's journey, featuring bunny-people. Poor Cucumber just wants to go to Magic School, but literally the day before he's supposed to go, he's strong-armed into going on an epic quest, something he'd really rather not be doing. His sister, Almond, is the up-and-coming hero type, not Cucumber. I really like the universe Gigi D.G. created here. Absolutely cannot wait for the second book - in fact, I need the whole series in an omnibus right now, please. If you like cute and funny with gorgeous illustrations, definitely read this.
" said.

"I was hooked from the description on the inside cover flap, and this did not disappoint. Things I loved: the varied personalities of each of the characters (sometimes in graphic novels I find myself forgetting who is who because they all blur together, but each character here is a true individual - it's great!); the attention to detail (I don't always bother to read everything tucked at the end - concept art, and the like - but in this one you MUST read everything! I loved the character cards, and the map, and it definitely made me go back and look at everyone's ears ;-) ); the eye-catching bold colors; the rapid pace (it was nearly impossible to put down!); the overall adorableness.

And that cliffhanger ending! Good thing I've already got the next installment from NetGalley...brb...
" said.

"Like The Dinner That Cooked Itself, this is a book that appealed to me largely because of its creative depictions of food. The food depictions in this work are much more fantastical, however, with a majority of the action taking place in environments that are food-themed and/or constructed out of food. My favorite was the Fondue Fountain.

This is a very silly, action-oriented book. The story and characters reference traditional fairy tales with enough irreverence to feel fresh, but with enough conformity to still seem comfortably familiar. The backgrounds and composition were my favorite parts. Animation backgrounds have always been a niche interest of mine, and I really enjoyed how expressive the environments in Cucumber Kingdom were.

Future installments of the webcomic regrettably appear to take place outside of the Doughnut Kingdom, and will therefore be presumably less food-oriented, but I'm excited to find out what places like the Space Kingdom and the Flower Kingdom look like.
" said.

"The artwork reminded me of a cross between old school comics and Japanese manga. That's actually what drew me to the book initially. I wish I could say that it was a great book and that everything from the illustrations to the story was fantastic, but that wouldn't be so. Not for me anyhow. From the very first pages I could tell I was not going to click with this graphic novel. The drawings were only able to carry it so far, and I just didn't feel the writing brought anything to the table. There wasn't much truly original about this story. Plus the way the characters communicated and the storyline developed seemed hokey, not to mention awkward. It felt to me like the author was trying too hard to be cute or funny, yet it just wasn't working out.

I apologize to the author, publisher, and NetGalley who gave me this ARC. I wish I could have offered better feedback; however, I thank you for the review opportunity all the same.
" said.

" The art is sugary-sweet enough to rot your teeth, but the dialogue and characters can be tart, spicy, and downright salty! " said.

" The concept was so ridiculous that it sucked me right in. Picking up the second one now. " said.

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