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" Why the freaking hell not. *jumps off cliff into valley of monsters* " said.

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" I read this book to determine if my eight year old was mature enough for the content. I found that I enjoyed the read. The characters are engaging, and the action is well paced. I've decided that my child isn't quite ready for some of the violence in this book. There are some murders of the animals by other animals, which I think could be upsetting for a sensitive animal lover. I will recommend this for her when she gets older. " said.

"A new animal adventure by Erin Hunter. This time in the African Savanna. Like her other book series, the animals also have a spirit world, and their own code. And their own way to break it. Like the other series, there are mysteries to solve, and rights to be wronged. Overall, a good read, and another welcome addition to the animal stories.

A few nitpicks -

Really, the hyenas are bad? Is there ever a story where the hyenas aren't bad?

The baboons have a shaman, gee I haven't seen that before, coughlionkingcough.

The elephants are wise, never forget, and talk to the spirits through bones. Been there done that.

Cover nitpick - the characters are not little cubs, calves or babies, their the equivalent of young teens. However, the book makes it look like they were just weaned.
" said.

" OMIGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODI can't believe this is coming...It's a great time to be alive...I CAN'T BELIEVE THERE'S JUST FUCKING FOUR DAAAAAAAAAAAAAYSI'm dead, bye " said.

"(This is an Advanced Reader Copy. It shouldn't affect my review because I don't use direct quotes, but I figured I should mention it.)

I accidentally read the entire book in one day and I kind of hate myself. But on the other hand the fact that I couldn't put it down is a good thing. I would definitely recommend this book to any fans of Warrior Cats or similar animal fantasy stories.

Book Theme Song: Panic Station by Muse (warning: one f-word)
Run Boy Run by Woodkid

Oh man, there's a lot to talk about so I think I'll have to break this into sections.

The Worldbuilding

Amazing, it's on par with Warrior Cats! Each species has their own culture, it's a diverse world and each character feels like they have a purpose.

The lions are a very honor-centered culture, as shown by their naming conventions; they name their kids after their mother ("Swiftcub") until they show their personality or do something noteable, then they get their name, which is usually an adjective (Fearless, Swift) but can be a noun (Valor, Titan). They don't follow the religious conventions of most other animals, but they do have their own code of ethics.

The baboons value intelligence and tradition. Because they're omnivores, they don't want for food as much as most other animals. This is also reflected in their names; many seem to be named by their favorite food (Berry, Stinger), but then there are Thorn and Mud, who I hope are not named by what they like to eat. They have a strict caste system, and baboons only have one chance in their lifetime to move up in ranks. The one criticism I have is that it's unclear what the differences are between the ranks; Deeproots are obviously the lowest, but beyond that there doesn't seem to be much difference in lifestyle beyond whether they're allowed to fight and whether or not bullies respect them.

The elephants have a very sagelike culture. Their names are all related to the sky; the POV character is actually named Sky. There's also Moon, Star, Comet, Twilight, etc. All elephants can read their own ancestors' bones, but only a select few can read the bones of other animals. The Great Parent, who is sometimes a Mother and sometimes a Father, is similar to how Egyptians view the Pharaoh. The Great Spirit is infused in a creature, and this Great Parent must be mediator and peacekeeper for all animals. Most animals honor the Great Mother, except for lions and crocodiles.

Not much is known about the vultures, but I like how they are used as framing devices since they seem to be the flies on the wall. I also like that the book has both a prologue and an epilogue. The prologue doesn't just feel tacked on, it feels like a part of the story when paired with an epilogue.

The Characters

Fearless - more like Stupid. But I can't hate him because he's fiercly loyal and protective of his family. He's stubborn and reckless and his friends often have to keep him in check, but he can be clever when he's part of a team.

The plot of the book could almost be described as
Literally everyone: Fearless no
Fearless: Fearless yes

Thorn - like Fearless, he is fiercely loyal and protective of his family and friends, especially Mud, who is the nerd of the troop. Unlike Fearless, he's intelligent, and he also struggles with loyalty to his troop and loyalty to its leader; sometimes they're the same thing, sometimes not.

Sky - very much a child who was thrown in over her head, but she tries to keep a positive view, especially around her little cousin Moon, who helps keep her spirits up.

There are lots and lots of other characters, which I will talk about in the spoiler section of this review.

The Plot (warning: spoilers)

There are a couple plot threads that are introduced: a revenge story, a murder mystery, a prophecy or omen, a forbidden romance, and several coming of age stories.

The revenge story is the weakest part because, to me, it's very very reminiscent of Lion King. Definitely not a rip-off, but it feels like a story I've read before. Of course, nothing's original, but this one feels a bit too by-the-numbers. However, because the characters are so well-written, I really feel for them, and I do feel some investment in this story. It also takes a few interesting twists at the end, with (view spoiler)" said.

"Erin Hunter does it again! this is the only author that has ever written animal fiction interesting enough for me to continue reading. I was obsessed with the Warriors series for years and consumed one book after another. Bravelands blew me away with how well written the scenes and landscape were and how well the characters were developed. I found myself connecting with all the characters almost instantly. Fearless is an amazing and truly noble character! There were plenty of twists and each chapter was ended in a way that kept me thirsting for more! Soon to become my favorite series? possibly! I may even end up liking it more than Warriors. I devoured this book in 1 day unable to pull myself from the characters world for more than 5 minutes!" said.

" The Erin Hunter Group definitely changed their styles of writing compared to the Warriors series. With more tension, humor, and imagination, Erin Hunter is back with a new series about African Animals, a lion separated from his tribe, an elephant who can predict the future, and a baboon who has a hard time going up the ranks of his troop due to unexpected mistakes. " said.

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