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"November 2017
What a great book!
One of the best, if this is anything like Dawn of the Clans or Seekers, then I'm hooked!

I love the many different animals, the Erins did a great job portraying the many different cultures of the animals just like the many different cultures and countries in Africa.

My favorite character is probably Stinger. From the beginning I knew that he was going to be a villain. It happened when he made Mud fight Thorn. I knew that he wasn't a 'perfect' character and had my suspicions. Stinger loves his daughter and would do anything for her. I think, he even lets Thorn into his retinue for his daughter. He also is the smartest baboon in the troop and has a mix of morals.
He believes that the ends justify the means. He shows this when he goes against the Code to bring change the troop. In the Epilogue we realized that 'change' in the Bravelands is a 'bad thing' and that even though in some cases, change is a good thing, too much of a good thing could be disastrous.

Overall it's a great set up for an amazing new series! I hope this series isn't as *cough cough* bad as Survivors. Speaking of Survivors, in 2018 I'm going to read the whole series and give my thoughts and opinions on it!

May Starclan be with you!
" said.

"I'd heard of but never read Erin Hunter's Warriors series. But when I saw this book at the library, it reminded me so much of The Lion King that I had to pick it up. I am happy to report that I quite enjoyed myself.

Imagine a darker, more political Lion King and you've got something like Bravelands. After Fearless's father Gallant is defeated by the treacherous Titan (Scar/Mufasa, anyone?), Fearless flees and ends up being raised by a group of baboons called the Brightforest Troop. He meets faithful friends Thorn and Mud but must always contend with feeling like an outsider. Meanwhile, the young elephant Sky learns through a startling vision in the desert that she, like her ancestors, can read the bones of fallen animals; unlike her ancestors, she can not only see the past through these bones, but also the future.

Like many YA novels of the 21st century, don't read this expecting any powerful quotes or memorable lines; it's written purely for entertainment value and pace. And Hunter easily accomplishes both goals. It's cliche, but once you get into the story, you can't put it down. The writing is a little too obvious, but that's to be expected given the intended audience. I have to admit that Sky's story didn't quite fit, and that there were quite a few killing scenes for a kid's book (near the end, especially, when the novel threatens to become a soap opera). But as I mentioned before, I had a great time reading it and will definitely continue with the series. Just know that if you're a parent, read the book before giving it to your child to determine that he/she is ready for the intense moments therein.
" said.

"An early blurb for Bravelands described it as "The Erin Hunter series you've been waiting for." Well, that's certainly true for me. I tried to read the Warriors series, which is about cats, a long time ago, but I just couldn't get into it. You may know that I love the Survivors series, which is about dogs. And I've never even read the Seekers series, which is about bears.

One thing you should know about me is that I love lions. They are my favorite animals. For many years, I've wished that Erin Hunter would do a series about lions. So, imagine how happy I was when the Bravelands series was announced. I knew I had to read it at once.

This book centers around three young animals: A lion cub named Fearless, a baboon named Thorn and an elephant named Sky. I have no idea if they were intentional or not, but Fearless' story had definite similarities to The Lion King. (I should know-that's my favorite movie ever. And also the pictures at the beginning of each chapter reminded me of the masks from The Lion King Broadway Musical.) Within the first 21 pages, Fearless' father, Gallant, is killed by a rival lion named Titan. No, a wildebeest stampede wasn't involved in this book. Even so, Gallant's death upset me like Mufasa's has for the past 23 years. As a result, Fearless was banished from his pride, just like Simba was, and Titan takes over.

Shortly after his exile, Fearless and found and taken in the Brightforest baboon troop, which Thorn is a member of. Fearless, Thorn and another young baboon named Mud become the best of friends, as the lion cub is raised by baboons. Thorn has his own story line, which is about how he wants to advance through the ranks of his troop. Throughout the book, Thorn has a mentor in an older baboon named Stinger. He also has a clandestine romance with Stinger's daughter, Berry. In the end though, it's revealed that Stinger was a villain all along, and he masterminded the deaths of Brightforest troop's leaders, Bark Crownleaf, and her successor, Grub Crownleaf, himself becoming Crownleaf. This twist took me by complete surprise, because I really liked Stinger.

Fearless also has a mentor, in the form another lion named Loyal. I like him, too. I just hope he won't turn evil, or even worse, die in future books. If Gallant and Titan are the Mufasa and Scar to Fearless' Simba, then I'd call Loyal the Obi-Wan Kenobi or Yoda to Fearless' Luke Skywalker. (How's that for stretching an analogy?) Fearless's arc in this book ends with him joining Titan's pride, where his mother and sister still live. And this puts him one step closer to reclaiming the pride that is rightfully his.

Now, I'm going to talk about about Sky the elephant. She lives in a heard that is lead by her grandmother, Great Mother, who is not only the matriarch of her heard, Strider Family, but also the supreme wise being in all the Bravelands. Animals come from all over to seek her guidance and advice. She can read the bones of the dead. And Sky is just discovering this power within herself. But her life forever changes when Great Mother is murdered. In fact, this event sends the entire Bravelands into chaos. While Fearless and Thorn have a lot of scenes together because they are best friends, there's only one scene in this book where they meet Sky. It's hinted that the three of them will grow close in future books. They are the Golden Trio of this series. And like so many Golden Trios that came before them, such as Harry Potter, Hermione Granger Ron Weasly; Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa and Han Solo; and Rey, Finn and Poe Dameron, Fearless, Thorn and Sky's destines are all connected and entwined.

Broken Pride was a wonderful start to the Bravelands series. I look forward to reading the second book, Code of Honor, which will come out next year.

" said.

" Brave lion cub, clever Baboon, and oracle elephant - their stories form the basis of this quest book, the first in a new series.Lots of politics, uncertainty and change. " said.

" Why the freaking hell not. *jumps off cliff into valley of monsters* " said.

" This is the one Erin Hunter series so far that I will not be sticking out. Their books continually wane in quality, so I don't want to add another mediocre series to keep reading simply out of obligation. " said.

" I've been a fan of Erin Hunter's writing since the original Warriors series came out and I was so excited to hear about this book, lions have had a special place in my heart since I was a young girl. But this book was just the worst yet, for me anyway. I had gotten it from the library two times now and I could not get into either time. Maybe I'll pick it up again at a later point if I ever buy it but this wasn't one of their best. " said.

" I read this book to determine if my eight year old was mature enough for the content. I found that I enjoyed the read. The characters are engaging, and the action is well paced. I've decided that my child isn't quite ready for some of the violence in this book. There are some murders of the animals by other animals, which I think could be upsetting for a sensitive animal lover. I will recommend this for her when she gets older. " said.

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