Warriors Super Edition: Tigerheart's Shadow Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-07-14 
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" My least favorite super edition, but still very good. " said.

" Recommended for: readers that have continued with the series throughout the years and are already invested in the characters.Remarks: I picked up this book after dropping this series around ten years ago. I was interested in getting back into it, but this might not have been a good entry point, as I felt the hero and heroine of this novel weren't exactly likeable. I may try again in another decade when my child is old enough to be introduced to the series. " said.

" It was a thrill to read this book from Tigerheart's view and the adventures he and Dovewing went through together were great! I feel that there was a lot of love put into this book because the detail was on fleek and I enjoyed reading every single bit of this book! Thank you Erin Hunter for another awesome super edition!-I'm sorry that I didn't have much to say about this book like I usually do but that doesn't mean I didn't like it! " said.

"Of all the warrior cats books (there are a lot) this has to be one of my least favorites. The character development of Tigerheart is shallow, and wishy washy. I hate that they forced two characters together for plot development and that all of his mistakes end up being triumphs and he gets to have too many "I told you so" moments. He's trying to be a father and a leader when his character has the personality of a child. Cats are still entertaining and it generally follows the structure of the other warrior cats books. " said.

"I had pretty big hopes for this book as I love love the pairing Dovewing and Tigerheart (I'm a sucker for outside-of-clan illicit relationships), but there just wasn't enough actual conversation and cuteness between them? Oh, and don't even get me started on how whiny Tigerheart was when Dovewing decided to leave, and then he didn't go after her (at first). Literally for three + chapters straight he was all like, "Omg, what if I made the wrong decision????" (like, yes, dude, you did!) Also, in the first place, I felt like Dovewing being like, "I NEED to go" really just didn't have any basis... ANYWAY, 3 stars because, yes, I did still like it, and um, the new character of Spire was amazeballs! " said.

"Tigerheart struggles with trying to keep ShadowClan together after Darktail’s attack. Rowanstar doesn’t seem like the leader he used to be. Tigerheart struggles with his emotions between his Clan and Dovewing. Soon Dovewing is expecting his kits and it makes Tigerheart doubt so much about himself and his abilities. Eventually, he leaves the Clan in search of Dovewing since she didn’t want to be shamed by the Clans. Through dark and long journey’s Tigerheart must find his true self and his leadership abilities before ShadowClan is lost forever.

It was very exciting and terrifying to watch Tigerheart on his journey. I understand where his views come from and shake my head at the city cat’s lack of common sense sometimes. I enjoyed Tigerheart’s growth in his confidence and leadership skills he acquires and strengthens in his adventure.
" said.

"First of all, the middle suffered from a lot of lagging and repetition.

The ending however, was pretty unexpected and I'm curious to see how (view spoiler)" said.

"I don't believe this was a terrible book, but it wasn't good. I've been reading these books since they came out almost ten years ago, and all super editions seem to further the lore in one way or another but this book really didn't. In ways it did, showing how he became the leader, which truthfully he shouldn't have been. I feel like this whole book was just trying to get you to read Vision of Shadows just to understand what's going on.

My main problem was the fact of Dovewing, The Erin Hunters seem to erase every she-cats personality once they become a queen, and once again, they did that with her, which I can only guess they will also be doing with Ivypool. (I haven't had a chance to read Vision of Shadows yet myself.) Another thing is, I feel that Tawnypelt should've been the leader or at least deputy. They've overlooked her from the first day she was shown in the books. It's sexist, if you believe it or not.

It's an enjoyable read for fans of the series. I enjoyed the Guardian Cats, the new kits and seeing the late Shadowclan cats that had died to give Tigerheart his nine lives. It wasn't close to being my favorite but it was nice to read.
" said.

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