How They Croaked: The Awful Ends of the Awfully Famous Reviews

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"This was so good! I loved how it was really informative but also very exciting. The author had a really odd way of writing- she makes these weird jokes that are almost funny, but not enough to make you laugh. This book was very, very disgusting in some parts. The author describes how all of these people died in full detail and some parts are really nauseating to read. My least favorite was James A. Garfield because it was really horrible how he died and the author provides A LOT of detail. My favorites were Einstein and Marie Curie." said.

"A very humorous and quite informative non-fiction text about 19 famous figures from King Tut to Albert Einstein. "How They Croaked" takes the reader on a tour through history looking at a few key figures and how they met their fate. Some figures, such as Henry VIII, ate himself to death. Other figures, such as Cleopatra had a more tragic ending. Tough in a humorous and fun atmosphere, Bragg review some important historical facts and times.

The novel is well researched through a thorough index and bibliography. Bragg also provides a list of related texts and other books to read about each figure. I highly recommend this novel for everyone, especially middle schooler as discussing death in "How They Croaked" is quite fun! Moreover, the text is informative and could be a starting point for researching any of the 19 figures.
" said.

"Do you ever wonder, how some of our historys most important people died? I know I would wonder that at times! This is the book for you. It has the deaths of kings, queens, presidents, and so much more. Its gross, icky, and at parts makes you want to throw up.

The way the author described things, really made you want to throw up! I know at least 3 times during this book, i felt sick to my stomach. One of the really gross deaths that i think someone had was our first president George Washington! Did you know, he had almost every one of his teeth pulled out. His death was super nasty! Doctors and nurses bavck then had the craziest remedies. (obviously none of them worked) for example they thought if they crushed up beatles and put it on the wound it would make it feel better, but little did they know that it just made it worst.

When i first began to read the book, i thought to myself I bet this wont be scary at all! AS i went through the chapters, things got grosser, and grosser. Sometimes i couldnt even handle it and i would just stop reading because it was too much for me! I really did enjoy this book, it short, interesting, and takes you like 1 day to read.

i was never the kind of person to like gross, scary, death books. I honestly didnt think i would like the book as much as i did. At points there will be some funny moments! Making the book better! I would rate this book, a ten. I really recommend it to people who like books like this! It really is a good book!
" said.


Do you know how Edgar Allan Poe died? Well in this book it explains how he dies.Some say he died because he was a dunk. Scientist say he could have died of rabies.In the book it said "They put Poe in the hospital for 3 days. He didn't sober like he was sopose too." Rabies makes you feel drunk. Maybe that's why he didn't sober up it the hospital. This non-fiction book is great because it teaches the awful ends of the awfully famous(that means there deaths).

The author's purpose is to teach you about the famous people's deaths.
In the book Cleopatra's death was being poisoned. scientist found 2 prick marks on her arm. She died of a poisoned hair pin. Her babydaddy stabbed himself because he got a message saying shes dead.It turns out that she wasn't dead, so he came to her room sections before he dies.
King Tut was the most famous king that ever you want to know why. Because he was the first kid king. He died of an infected leg.It could be seen with the naked eye. One day he was shooting a sling shot & the next day *poof* he's dead just like that.Scientists say he was murdered because of the miss shaped skull. Who doesn't know our father of our country. It's gorge Washington.He had no teeth,because he didn't take care of them. At that time they didn't have tongue depressors. So they couldn't see was killing him at the back of his through. Some antibiotic could have have cured him.

An interesting thing I learned from this book was Edgar Allan Poe's death. He was a dunk (which could have killed him). Why did the author describe how one thing happens ,then the next thing. A theme of this book is death.

I liked the way the author added facts after you die, like when your eyes are all dried up it looks like you have nothing in your sockets. I couldn't understand why napoleon died of something growing behind his hand,("which is weird."). A another theme is faith..... my thoughts on this book was why did they die like this.why, how some people like Aaron
liked this book.

" said.

"This is a book written for younger teens, but with the "attitude" of mid-teens. It is about the deaths of 19 famous people, including: King Tut, Cleopatra, Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth, Pocahontas (ignorant author calls her "princess"...No Such Thing as a Native American "princess" in the 48), Mozart, George Washington, Beethoven, James a. Garfield, & Albert Einstein....
It amazing how many people died from lack of hygiene.... How uneducated "doctors" were, how many people were poisoned.....
The book actually had some funny but snide comments:
Henry VIII; "One gobblefest after another of supersized feasts and troughs of wine, and Henry VIII transformed himself from a beautiful young king into Humpty Dumpty. And he had a great fall."
Bloody Mary Tudor; "They didn't have family barbecues but, Mary did enjoy burning Protestants at the stake."
Christopher Columbus; "But by now it seemed as Christopher Columbus couldn't find anything. His eyes were bloody from strain & sun exposure. His sea legs were gone because of the shipboard diet of salted beef, pickled sardines, and wine had given him gout , which made his feet swell. He was a shipwreck himself."
Galileo; "When Galileo got to the trial, he was definitely the smartest in the room. But that wouldn't impress the Inquisitors, so he played dumb..... He was sentenced to death as a lesson to others. But Galileo was was smart enough to know that he didn't need to die to make the truth more true. so Galileo told them what hey wanted to hear: "Sorry, I take that back!"
Other interesting facts:
Cleopatra did not die from an asp bite.... She & Marc Antony died indirectly via miscommunication.... She died with her two main women of poison via a double pronged hair ornament.
George Washington suffered greatly from abscessed mouth & esophagus.
Julius Caesar's murderers were ALL murdered within a year after Caesar's death.
Galileo died from lead poisoning as did Beethoven.
Mozart was buried in a joint commoner's grave in a body bag.... Every 7 years the grave was excavated, cleaned out & reused.
Charles Dickens was "bipolar"?
Marie Curie contracted & died of Radium poisoning.
Henry VIII was originally buried next to Jane Seymour, but his vault was never finished, nor was his name inscribed on it.. In 1649 the chapel was partially dismantled and the stone sarcophagus was removed. In 1813, Queen Victoria refurbished the chapel and Henry was found quite by accident and his coffin was found partially opened.
King Tut had a broken leg and Carter (tombraider) had stolen various body parts from the mummy, before he left it in its tomb.
One questionable "fact": Napoleon died of stomach cancer? I read in another book that he died from arsenic poisoning.....
Eyeballs in mummies can be rehydrated and they return to normal size!
The book is easy to read and entertaining.... It took me less than two hours....
" said.

" It was a good book, it was kind of all over the place but enjoyable. " said.

" Fabulous. Both for kids, and for bored election judges on primary day. " said.

" This is a really cool book, borrowed from the library for a report my sister was doing. There are a few pages for every famous person and then at the end a list of facts and etc. Really interesting as well as humorous even when the death or life is more sad or tragic. " said.

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