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" This book tells a beautiful story of love and friendship between a young girl and a bonobo in war stricken Congo. I completely ate this book up! Found myself laughing and teary eyed towards the end. If you want an inspiring heartwarming read; definitely recommend Endangered. " said.

"I checked this novel out of the library solely because a group of people decided to petition a local school board to ban it. After reading the book, I am as convinced as ever that they are full of it. The story centers around a teenage girl caught up in a (fictitious) civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She travels hundreds of miles to find safety, alone except for a young bonobo. The objectionable part of the book was apparently a scene in which she finds herself trapped alone in the home of a young warlord who plans to sexually assault her. She uses bravery and her wits to escape the situation, but he calls her a "bitch" and obviously high school students could not possibly handle reading that word.

It was nice to read a critically acclaimed coming of age story featuring a young woman for a change. I was also intrigued by the setting, as the Democratic Republic of Congo is an area I know very little about.
" said.

"A confronting novel about protecting bonobos in the middle of war in the Congo. Schrefer pulls no punches in his descriptions of the violence and this is not a novel that every Middle School student will feel comfortable reading. There's nothing graphic but there are deaths and violence and suggestions of rape.

The violence is an important ingredient in building an understanding of the history and reality of war, poverty, exploitation and the issues faced by countries like the DRC - rich in resources and battered by a history of outside exploitation.

This is a book I hope many of my students will read. It will open their eyes a little further to the complexities and realities of exploitation and the reality of a world in which our prosperity is connected, whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, to the exploitation of others.
" said.

"This book was okay overall. I loved the different personalities of the bonobos (especially Otto) This book had me shipping Anastasia and Mushu even though they aren’t human " said.

" Fast-paced adventure story set in the Congo, amidst the background of revolution, violence, survival, and the love of a young orphan animal. Great for animal lovers and anyone wanting to learn more about Africa, or the great apes called bonobos. Wow. " said.

" The problem I had with this book is that the main protagonist is a stupid impulsive brat who brings everything bad that happens to her onto herself by being a complete idiot. I couldn't get past that. The writing isn't bad, exactly, but it's not good enough to make up for this flaw with the character. I wanted to punch her. " said.

" Excellent read-recommended by a student. It seemed as if this could have been a fact-based book, but it turns out to be fiction. The story is that of a girl who visits her mom in Conga right before a war breaks out. She essentially falls in love with a bonobo and goes out of her way to protect him, while putting herself in extreme danger. I was reminded of the Poisonwood Bible and other stories of Jane Goodall & Dian Fossey. It was an exciting read-I recommend it. " said.

"A heart wrenching, action packed novel
Sophie travels to the Congo, where her mother runs a sanctuary for bonobos. Along the way, she meets Otto, a baby bonobo, and instantly connects with the abused and starving creature. Her love for bonobos and the sanctuary blossoms as she becomes the adoptive mother to Otto. Then war strikes and Sophie must flee unprepared with her only friend deep into the jungle. She must not only survive, but protect Otto as well. As they trek across the Congo, surrounded by conflict and despair, Sophie and Otto, depend on each other for survival.
Amid the horrors of war, Sophie finds love, friendship, and compassion. Through the tragedy of conflict and the poverty of the Congo, Sophie’s character explores kindness and sacrifice, and the depths of emotion humankind can reach when forced to survive.
Well written and thoughtful, Endangered provides a heart wrenching and action packed novel that readers of any age will enjoy.
Recommended for readers age 12-17, Endangered is scheduled for release October 1, 2012, bust is currently available from Scholastic in select bookfairs.
Endangered- Eliot Schrefer
" said.

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